Chic Elegant Dresses
Evening dresses for plump women: 5 styling tips for the wow appearance


1. create the right proportions

Long dresses, which are stitched under the breast with an empire seam, emphasize your curves and lengthen your legs look.

2. diversion

Evening gowns with sequins, beads and other details Glitter look glamorous and distract from unloved fat pads.

3. Pull in the length

Plus Size- Women often complain that her torso and the neck acts somewhat stocky. By contrast, vertical stripes help as a pattern, a deep V-neck, a long chain or any other accessory that takes place in the length (like a hinunterbaumelndes belt end or a thin, long scarf).

4. problem Zoenchen cover

Sleeveless dresses(wedding dresses with sleeves) glamor draw attention to your upper arms. Those who do not want to, wears clothes with kimono sleeves. You wrap the arms beautiful fluffy.

5. On the Colour matters

A classic that's true: Black is slimming. Why? Because black swallows everything: bulges, dents, wrinkles. Black laminated and also matches any festive occasion (for weddings but you should combine colorful or patterned accessories thereto).