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Naked Cake EDIBLE gold

The wedding season is upon us! Bride, bridesmaid or witness or? Perhaps her best friend as someone helping in organizing the big day? If so, then you definitely need to know Stegner-kunos Niki, who I broke the desigenreként now unavoidable in the trendy wedding cake in charge! The 2016 wedding season shoo tortáiról work and talked with her hood look.

Nowadays, not only the clothes, décor, flowers and adapt to the latest trends, but also the cake, which is why we asked Niki help us navigate through the latest styles.(mermaid formal dresses)

"This year is a huge popularity to the naked, that is, the naked cakes, uncoated" - said Niki immediately the most important things to know. Despite the fact that the first home naked cake prepared by Niki in 2014, broadly in this wedding season captivates the prices. "Of course, abroad it has long been popular with the naked cake. I have made love because it's so different, yet pretty. "

Well, but what are these naked cakes? To imagine such a bride who just dig a wedding cake trends? "At home for some reason many people think that the cake naked, some in makeshift sponge cake, is not really! Already in the preparation of sponge cake it is very important to ensure not to damage the base and should be fine for almost straight, the whole pie ... "- drew attention to Niki.

In addition to the naked flowers decorated cakes this year, Niki was something really special for it. Nora Sármán a new collection of wedding gowns inspired by the poem rózsakvarcos cake. "Sármán one of Nora's dress was so inspired that I knew the collection I want a piece of the cake kreálni. Edible gold has been used several times, but the edible rose quartz planning and preparation was brand new. I did not know what will happen and how it will be painted live at all whether you will like me, and most importantly the others? "- Niki told me about the design and construction stages doubts. The preparation of rose quartz is not easy. This chemical crystallization of the sugar during long hours to prepare Niki décor created during long hours, even for days worked in several pounds of rózsakvarcon the workshop, and then to the demands of the most beautiful cake. It was worth it, because the cake is that represents everything you want my cake.(

Niki workshop would not otherwise be out two of the same pie, because the designer is not only dictated by international trends, but the couple's character, his style is dominant, everyone gets a piece you really say that, "My cake." "I consider the wedding sütikóstolókat, since these can personally meet with the couple. Not only is the flavor tora talk about it, but I have the opportunity to get to know them, talk about being designed esküvőjükről, megismerkedésükről. This is all important to them eventually create a personalized cake "- Niki told the kulisszatoktokat.