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Italian flair in Ratingen "Kö"

From Valeska von Dolega ratingen perfection and crazy ideas in combination with a pinch of snobbery, so grandiose fashion for fashionistas - so may be summarized perhaps what the different Italian fashion designers have in common.

How far-ranging the spectrum Italian designs, women experience at Coprissimo. Why designers from the Fashion Italy permanently hearts fashion avid fly women, answered Sylvia Ortmann so ". Design is among Italians simply unique" You should know, since February 2015 it leads along with Monika Croll the boutique on Lintorfer road. Specializing in Italian collections, they draw customers to all ages.(

Serie Modestadt Ratingen: Italienisches Flair an Ratingens

"We want to offer something that stands out from the crowd that" the two say. Your customers are looking for the complete look, ranging from silk to leather to coarse knitting. Understatement, so deliberately withdrawn and almost a bit random direction, denotes the style, not be neglected in the sex appeal and rock attitude. Incidentally, not only in standard sizes, "we carry pants up to size 48". Pants, tunics, dresses, shirts, shoes and scarves are also in the range as necklaces and bracelets as accessories. "Our goods have in the lives of the customers fit", but very particularly the selection remarkable bags.

Opulent, unusual and lying outside the mainstream fashion highlights order the two boutique operators regularly. And although it takes in small quantities. "Every 14 days we present new collection pieces. In small quantities", so that the individual pieces are almost unique in Ratingen streets. "Now life is also there to be surprised every now and again," the Coprissimos describe their own enthusiasm for discovering new things. According to the shop with the inviting window front is also there, by watching the actual ranges and to be inspired. "Many know exactly what they are looking to complete their outfits in other professional advice is required" to know with tact and Martina Buske and Sybille Gastis, the staff of the team, when advice is desired.(

Events such as dresses week, Special Day, "Not for elves" or the Midnight shopping are very popular with customers. Of course the first birthday was celebrated with a party, to participate in the fish market on June 26 is fixed, and currently a fashion show is planned.