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Hadid, the name of fashion

No doubt. Hadid is the name of fashion and Gigi and Bella are the sisters of the moment. Not that they are everywhere, that too, but appear where they should and where large contracts are signed. Bella, the last to join the luxury fashion carousel, it's no movie star, but gave the big blow in the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival with wide openings of their daring models and necklines. With only 19 years, he left the French city turned into the new ambassador of Dior makeup line.

Suddenly, everyone speaks of the daughters of Yolanda van den Herik, a Dutch former model rampaging six years in the reality show 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', and Mohamed Hadid, a Palestinian real estate developer specializing in the building mansions of luxury and possessing a fortune of over 200 million euros. It seems as if there were no more dummies than them. Even her father admits: "There will be thousands of prettiest girls Gigi and Bella, but none works so hard ... Also, have earned their success."(DressesMall AU)

It can blind you love father, but truths loose fists. All manufacturers, designers and magazines jostle to the Hadid sisters from Balmain, signing for which have posed together, to Tom Ford, Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana ... They are the 'instamodels' most revered. Gigi alone has over 16 million followers on Instagram. Sparks to fly to social networks, but not only to boost their careers, but to torpedo the work of the paparazzi who chase them all the time. Hang pictures of them and their respective boyfriends -Zayn Malik, the Gigi, and The Weeknd, that of Bella before they reach newsrooms to bust exclusive.

Gigi, a la izquierda, y Bella Hadid son hijas de una exmodelo holandesa que arrasa desde hace años con un reality sobre Beverly Hills. :: E. C.

But what do these young people to outshine the other tops? For starters, many hobbies. In the fraternal posados, which usually sneak his brother Anwar, Gigi always on the left, extending his left arm around Bella's back in a gesture of enormous complicity, as if to tuck. He knows what he's talking older sister, although only two years separate them, because Gigi have fallen sticks to give and take as has triumphed on the catwalks.

They have thrown up all your measurements (86-63-89), which have nothing to do with tops as Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge, and attitudes. In addition to posing as any, Gigi has silenced all kinds of mouths to vindicate women with curves. "I represent a type of body that was not present before in fashion and I feel lucky to be supported by designers, stylists and editors. If you are not of those people, do not explotéis your rage against me. Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have ass, I have thighs, but I'm not asking for special treatment "respond to critics of his figure. "I have the same body type than the rest of the models in parades and do not consider myself the best, but I do want to have a way of parading unique. I am not the first nor the last model of my kind in the industry, but I have confidence that began while I felt the industry was ready for a change, "he reflects.

criminal psychology

Gigi is the largest top moment. His fame soared in May last year when the British edition of Vogue brought her to the cover with the suggestive title 'Who's that Girl?' (Who's that Girl?). And that's what began to wonder major fashion editors. Criminal psychology student, has starred in a meteoric career. Pulling the thread, it was learned that at 2 years made his first steps by participating in a campaign for Guess. Then, next to Bella, she participated sporadically in the reality of his mother, until it became the new Victoria's Secret Angel. After the divorce, her mother took the three brothers moved to a ranch in Santa Barbara to be focus on studies. The strategy failed. It was the influence of fashion.(semi formal dresses)

Gigi Hadid was that cut the cod until it appeared on the scene Bella, a girl who never dreamed of catwalks. The small thought a career as a rider, but the rich also cry. Not everything is happiness in this family. Like her mother and brother, Bella suffers chronic Lyme disease, an infection transmitted ticks and whose symptoms are similar to malaria. Nor it resemblance to other models. He confesses that he never would stop eating pizzas down the catwalks and welcomes the fashion world is open to different standards of beauty. "Every woman should be free to hold your body no matter your size." Perhaps that courage is what has led them to turn Hadid in the name of fashion.