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Dealer roll out the red carpet

The changing weather made the car show to a changeable pleasure weekends. At least in the afternoon downtown but was well attended. Commenting on the traffic-free zone, cavorting in the Schön Geisinger and the main road and around thousands of visitors. Extra for the occasion had been designed on the streets and a red carpet, but this was rejected by many. He had quite soon waterlogged.

The car dealerships in Furstenfeldbruck showed their new vehicles. Whether two, three or four wheels, electric vehicle to terrain Jeep, all models were presented. Because you could sit in the car and to the sample, the faster carriage were in demand especially among the young. But moderate consumption values ​​are more desirable in this day and age of the customer, so the trend is toward electric vehicles. In a mixture of Piaggio Ape - a small, dreirädiger Transportation from Italy - and the known motor scooters with roof there was a battery-operated "E-car", which in his description also like a smartphone could have passed. Most important indication here: Recharge time: three and a half hours.(semi formal dresses)

When repeatedly aufreißender clouds - sometimes showed some sun, but often fell drops - appropriated the new-model of an old VW bus with additional storage and sleeping space under the roof in a dry place to play for children. Although the selection was huge at the auto show with more than 100 different models, the organizers the attention of visitors often hinged to the numerous entertainment acts that have been offered on the two stages.

After several youth dance groups had occurred, the biggest crowd gathered at onlookers to a fashion show on the main stage. Radio presenter Natasha Zillner therefore attempted to lighten the mood and spoke of a touch of Milan or Paris, before it started to rain in time for the start of the show. While not as strong as that one would interrupt the show must, but the continuous rain made it the model not just the catwalk. Thus it was noted that they with her high heels had to the substrate, a fully gesogener carpet adjust once. Since the fashion came to meet the weather trend, since it is for the summer clothes flat shoes before, so the models gained security. The wide range of show performances, singing or dancing between Walks, and the many different types of presentation made the first of three fashion shows worth seeing.(dresses for wedding guests)

A more straightforward appearance with running and posturing was the more experienced subject, the young models but knew to inspire innovations. They could not be deterred from rain that fell though not strong, but throughout the unroofed catwalk. Again and again cheered sketch similar demonstrations, live singing or dance duet to the public under the umbrellas. The models showed that they could also have a good time. Overall featured nine fashion shops from Fuerstenfeldbruck and environment from their collections, the selection could have been no different. presentation was held summer fashion with the trend for sunglasses and moderate colors, traditional costume fashion and underwear in "Victoria's Secret" style with angel wings. Especially the lingerie called among the spectators in the face of the many free skin constantly produces a murmur.