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The 'Mr. McCartney' gets the boot

A Alasdhair Willis (Yorkshire, 1971) would never have dropped the rings recognize what almost everyone whispers in its path: owes much of his meteoric career as a fashion designer, if not all, his wife, designer Stella McCartney.Si the daughter of the legendary 'beatle' has amassed fame and fortune with his namesake and ultracara brand and showing its absolute rejection to the use of fur, her husband is getting boots as creative director of Hunter, the Scottish firm with 160 years of history that has transformed a humble katiuskas a luxury item that wows celebrities. But do not think the consort is willing to settle for so little booty.(cheap formal dresses)

The 'Mr. McCartney' as he is known in England, walks with ambition fired. His prolific activity as an artist, entrepreneur, publisher, cultural agitator and consultant just leaves you free time, but was feeling happy note influential. "What moves me is the imagination. Whether it is in magazine publishing and furniture manufacturing or design field techniques boots, "he told the magazine 'Elle'. The key to success lies in providing the "maximum attention" to detail and make emotional creativity a way of life. It is the mantra with which has worked the last 20 years. Why change when one is going so well things?

Alasdhair is among those who believe "at face value" that always have more options to succeed when they generate fresh ideas. "I've always been curious to explore other disciplines, to test my skills and enrich the opportunities arrive. Every morning I wake up with a mission: to offer the world a new "reflects.

El ‘señor McCartney’ se pone las botas

There is one aspect that plays in favor of this elegant achiever who came in suit drawing classes while studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Smart and pompous, he knows that their marriage has been the best safe passage to open doors that otherwise would have resisted him. Nor it has gone to his head success nor felt indispensable. If your vegetarian wife lived surrounded by all kinds of comforts and luxuries from birth, Willis gave him no nothing. Raised in an industrial suburb of Middlesbrough, he opted for the world of advertising because he needed money to pay rent and paid pints of beer.

He channeled his talent to the world of advertising and gave the pitch with the release of 'Wallpaper', a publication of trends that came up with Tyler Brûlé. "Nobody gave a hard for us and we are silent when we got many comments over a million pounds in advertising revenue each number" he boasts. The unexpected bestseller immediately linked him to the world of the beautiful and powerful people. So glad you took, that diversified its professional profile and dedicated to advising very powerful companies. Its curriculum has made him an experienced strategist. He advised Estee Lauder, lent a hand to David Beckham in creating its line of underwear, collaborated with Adidas ... But Roughness (professional and personal) came in the most unexpected moment. At breakfast which he called a designer who then tore his solo career after gain experience in Christian Lacroix and Chloé. Constella the meeting, who asked business councils emerged an instant crush. Fifteen years and four children later -Miller, Bailey, Beckett and Reiley-, form one of the best-matched marriage in a world where the breaks are on the agenda. "Everything I do in my life is my family. It is most important to me. Each day take the children to school before going to the office and try to get home before they go to sleep, "he says.(long formal dresses)

Makeup and perfume

It shows the same ease with extended family than business engaged in walking. "It's hard to have to get everything, but we do both Stella and I," has Alasdhair, the magazines tend to reserve privileged positions in the lists of best-dressed men and hairstyles. In times where image plays a crucial role, it is common to see him discreetly makeup for photo shoots and leave a trail of good perfume. Besides selling like hotcakes galoshes both madden celebrities have shoes She's from the late Lady Di to Kate Moss, Willis has expanded the range of the brand with all kinds of clothes and accessories. The same sells larger than small. Son of a Scottish, has never hidden his political preferences. otherwise declares the independence of Scotland because he believes the UK is stronger unfragmented and is in favor of the permanence of their country in the European Union. nothing 'Brexit'.

voracious reader - "read well is a good way to live better" - Alasdhair admires the style of the late actor Steve McQueen and is passionate about planting trees. Hunter lives not only as it continues as a member of the board of the company Stella McCartney, with whom he has created corporate identity. "We often talk about an adventure together, we do not rule out ideas and do something in the future, but for now everyone is focused on his own," he confesses about a woman who is still driving him crazy. "I fell in love with a person, Stella, not a apellido.De someone who is able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, to open your eyes to what's around you and, ultimately, to make you Plantées many of the you inherited customs to create a better world, "he argues.