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A simple way to help you conquer jeans girl tassels

Jeans pipe tassels - sounds were not at all easy to wear. Especially when you do not have slender legs nà swallowing, and even if you did long legs as a model. But wait, who said nothing to the long legs can wear beautiful?

You can read a series of ultra-small girl, she had not even as high as 1.6m but still seductive aura and not deadly? So, there are items that can not be dressed, just depending on how you view them like it.(red formal dress)

With tassels tube jeans, dressed easiest way is probably to mix simple map. Oversize shirts, T-shirts and sneakers are enough. Because this type of pants with elegant style or tone momentum, so do not try to force them into the framework with offices shirt and high heels, and do not present them to the office even if you have the confidence to set How your map.

Who knows if that day is the day you are the boss' favor, "called into the room to remind the dress problem - that no precedent with a girl dressed celebrity before?

Cách đơn giản chinh phục quần jeans tua rua - 4

Even simple with T-shirts and sneakers

Still simple items, but likely with every item, every figure and every style.

Do not wear too long

Whether shirt or jacket Oversize tone, do not let your hooded 3. Because when you're committed to this area of ​​style pants, then to Highway 3 by selecting short blouses or "plug barrel" is the way to your legs look longer, and your body more balanced, especially with the kind of clothes Flake pipe jeans tassels.(formal wear sydney)

Style "dirt cake"? Entirely possible!

Choose a pair of fancy shoes, several accessories such as earrings gifts to the ring choker and a little attention to a part of makeup and okay, you're ready for the street. Note that a mix of jeans flared tube bundle tassels super long coat covered with butt would contraindicated the thigh to her because she will make you become a super-plump potato. If you are in shape to thighs and toned, tassels pipe jeans with wide designs will be more preferable.