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High season in the sewing workshop

Tuesday. Twelve of mid day. There 'overbooking' in the sewing workshop Fidela Fragoso, Fide for friends and clients, runs on the street Roso de Luna. A girl makes local a print dress(formal gowns) that will go up bass. It will premiere at the christening of his son, planned for early June. Meanwhile, another client waiting in the tester with the suit just bought at a nearby store. You can spare a few centimeters more. He will wear during the procession of Corpus, representing a brotherhood.

The sewing workshop is at full capacity. It is high season. The coincidence in the calendar of weddings, baptisms and communions do May, with June and July, the month increased workload for these businesses, focusing on clothing arrangements. Here comes new clothes and other taken from the closet to which they are seeking new life.

"We have a month of madness: communions, graduations, weddings, seasonal changes ..." he lists the owner of the shop behind the small counter at the entrance there. In the background, sewing machines do not stop. No time to waste. orders accumulate. "The other day a girl came with a dress that was her mother. It was very nice and had not gone out of fashion. It managed to finessed because he was a big bit. Is it going to be for a wedding "illustrates Fide.

Take the hem, adjust the armhole sleeves up ... usually some of the most common tasks in these workshops. However, it is not easy to find seamstresses who can perform them. Hence Fide have trouble recruiting candidates whenever it arises catch a reinforcement. "The problem is that no one knows how to sew," she laments.

Aspecto del taller que Carmen Canelo regenta en el pasaje comercial del Paseo de Cánovas. :: armando méndez

At present, the local street Roso Moon three people work: Fide, her pink companion and a student of practices from the cycle Patronage and Fashion taught at the IES Universidad Laboral, the only institute in the region where offer this teaching and Caceres each year attracts young people who dream of becoming designers.

Fashion design lived for a quarter century Sebastián Navarro. Born in Jaen and formed in Barcelona. He decided to open a sewing workshop in Caceres because here, he says, he found a good place to see their children grow.

In your local street Moñino Professor Rodriguez also growing activity on these dates. The peak season lasts until July. In this case, arrangements are made not only in clothing, but are made from the source: from design to the final result, through the pattern and cutting. A party dress(white formal dresses) custom made with the cloth included, costs from 500 euros. Six people are currently working in his workshop.

It is defined as a designer, stylist and fashion designer. Although it is in these months when a higher concentration of events occurs, he explains that in recent years the celebrations have opened new dates. "We started in February and March with the season of weddings and communions, but now is not like before and events are more evenly distributed throughout the year. When I started in Caceres, focused weddings in June, July and August, "he says.

During the last 25 years the fashion industry has changed. The emergence of chains like Inditex has changed consumer habits and has reduced the price of clothing. Clients who knock on the door of Sebastian Navarro seeking exclusivity, custom clothes, and avoid at all costs that the dress she will wear at the wedding of her sister, her cousin or niece may be repeated.

"Everyone has a personal taste and personal needs. The only way to achieve this is the design. That's the difference between what I offer and what trade offers. With a garment made to your needs, all details are meant for you: sizes, colors, shapes ..., "says the designer. "People increasingly know more what you want," he insists.

The emergence of blogs

Some of the clients that are put in the hands of Navarro, younger, often asking the couturier dresses taken from fashion blogs. "As illustrated they come with their ideas. Although many times, in the end, we modified the model to bring in the head, "he says. Sebastian always gives advice to women who go about their business: they feel comfortable with the clothing they wear. Recycling is also carried in this sector. The couturier fashion speaks of the 'vintage': take old clothes and update them without losing their essence.

Carmen Canelo takes a lifetime dedicated to the needle and thimble. First she sewed at home. Now it does from local who runs on the first floor of the shopping mall of Paseo de Canovas. Are custom made and, above all, he makes arrangements. Sharing space and time with three other companions. Here, he says, the work never fails. Especially now. "It buys a lot again, though people throw a little of what you have. They are garments that are arranged and perfectly serve again, "illustrates this dressmaker Llopis Ivorra. Become a dress for a celebration as this workshop costs about 250 euros (price does not include the fabric). They go here women, children and men. The latter, says Carmen, are the most reluctant to visit them. "Men are bad to come to prove," he concludes with a laugh.

In another commercial gallery, the Discovery, is El Extremeño Thimble. It was, says its owner, one of the first workshops arrangements which opened in Caceres. "We are very high season, especially communions. And now they add weddings. The months of May, June and July we have a lot of work, "summarizes Antonio Avila. At this time interrupt making garments to devote himself with the arrangements. "Every time managed more communion suits second-hand," he says. And the workforce grows. At five regular employees it has added one more to meet demand.

"We have a month of madness: communions, graduations, weddings, seasonal change ...".

"We started in February and March with the season of weddings and communions."

"We have hired more people and during this time we only arrangements."