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Fontainebleau: rediscover the creations of Joubert sisters wedding fair


"We are very moved to participate in the wedding fair of Fontainebleau. For we are going to present our first collection of dresses 2015-2016, since the creation of our new company, the workshop Emelia 'trust in choir Monique, Chantal and Evelyne Joubert-Delaroche. The three sisters are none other than the creators of Cymbeline, the famous brand of wedding dress based in Nemours since early 2015 and bought by an investor.

Before the show, it's the excitement in their workshop mill Récollets, Nemours. Between tables cutting or sewing, models show off the latest creations of the trio, very motivated. "We are preparing beautiful creations for the 2016-2017 season," says Chantal. At Fontainebleau, the Joubert sisters unveil a collection of a dozen wedding dresses(bridal gowns), the Romantic tulle embroidered in silk Mikado Vintage.

Other events are planned at the show, held this Saturday and Sunday at the municipal theater. Some forty exhibitors will be available to the public on 900 m2, to inform the future newlyweds hire reception rooms or the organization of the wedding. Do not miss the fashion shows on Saturday at 13 hours and 17 hours with demonstrations of Latin dances. This Sunday, there will still be the same hours parades with pole dance shows. Dance workshops couple, floral art or dance couple, are also scheduled.