Chic Elegant Dresses
For the love of fashion. Here is dominated by Polish designers

The minimalist interior décor boutique projects find 13 Polish artists, including Klaudyny Cerklewicz, whose handmade skirts with cock feathers hit the headlines Treats! Magazine.

Among the hangers spotted dresses(semi formal dresses) brand Harmnni, which are the hallmark of colorful patterns. Popular this season type jacket bomber were sewn with jacquard fabrics, creating a pattern of multicolored rectangles interspersed with gold motif. All kept in a rather cool palette of garnet, pink and gray.

In SeeYou there were also additives, eg. Bags made of Italian leather of Milat, which quickly won the hearts of lovers of fashion and celebrity. Skin saffiano compared with the camo pattern treated unusual, because in the red release. Suede models decorated with long fringes, and simple boxed forms are characterized by lush colors.

Why zdecydowałyście to open a shop project Polish artists?

Ewelina Jabłońska: The decision was made spontaneously, and even faster turned out to be the realization of this idea. It was very intense, but also an extremely positive period. We're the same klientkami, we missed a place where we can try on, touch, to assess the size and verifiable fashion, which is not always suited for every body. It has long been in our closets collecting clothes Polish designers. Outstanding quality, precision, performance, form.

Marta Tomczyńska: Polish designers attach great importance to the quality of fabrics, often they come from producers who supply many of the biggest fashion designers. They stand a good cut, original print, attention to detail. These clothes make the first sight.

Collections of young designers usually buy through numerous online platforms. Not obawiałyście that devotees Polish design are already accustomed to catching original designs in the network?

E.J .: The large number of designers is an even greater number of sizes, styles, colors. Photographs on websites often do not reflect reality. We identify with a model that presents clothes, and yet not every one of us has perfect proportions. Waiting for delivery, dissatisfaction with the purchase or change of concept, the formalities associated with returns, all this ultimately discourages the virtual shopping.

What is fashion for you and what style you like?

E.J .: Fashion is primarily a way to express themselves - their passions, ideas and creativity. We do not want to dress, we dress! Each lady has its own individual style that we want to emphasize. Do not we rush blindly trends and try to match them women. We put on minimalism and good quality.

M -T .: Of course we follow trade shows and industry events. A good place to get to know personally designers see their collections, fabrics they use. We are looking for projects that enchant us.

In How do you select collections that will be in the boutique? How do you know what will appeal to to clients?

M -T .: We direct your opinion. We measure things, evaluate them because of the comfort, somehow the material functionality.

E.J .: We love all of our brands. The woman is a variable, so the same we do not have one favorite. Also because we decided on a multibrand, because wardrobe choose often on impulse, depending on your mood. In our closets reign dress(Formal Dresses Perth) - we focus on femininity.

What are your plans for the coming weeks?

M -T .: In May, we plan for all the ladies unusual evening with fashion. Soon we will tell about it on our profile. Shortly after the picnic will come to our boutique collection Pick & Chick.