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7 ladies skirts should immediately right in closet shopping spring summer 2016

Spring summer season or time of delivery is very appropriate time for women boast comfortable fashion style richness of ourselves. The weather is not cold nor hot, cool as autumn breeze with extremely comfortable for fashion followers.

And These days would be perfect for you down the street with fashion dresses(formal wear) made of cozy fabrics or delicate, bright bold colors or playful ... Here are 7 stylish outfits that you can wear during this time of season

Dark skirt

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Autumn winter has passed, does not mean you can not wear dark skirts. We still are great for parties, special events take place in the evening. For daytime you can opt for dark colors are integrated in the normal texture style polka dots and stripes with soft neutral colors like white.

floral skirt

Spring Summer is the time when the great time to view the skirts lovely flower motifs. There are many types of different floral dresses you can choose from. These girls can choose elegant floral silk dress with flowers gently on a dark background, the girl likes modern beauty can choose dark floral motifs, brighter ... make sure you have a dress flowers suit your own style

dress guys

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Vignette who is definitely a big trend in the spring of last year, and this year the skirts still favored men. Young guys motifs and polka dots are never out of fashion items. These guys for spring style summer dresses(school formal dresses) will be very suitable for picnics and down the street with friends offline.

Classic black and white guys

These guys motifs, geometric ... black and white classic is also the favorite fashionistas. To stand out more with this type of dress you should mix with accessories in bright colors like pink, red, orange, green, or sweet pastel shades.

lace skirt

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Material lace soft, gentle and feminine spring also crowned this summer. With lace skirt you can choose the sweet pastel colors offline. Choosing accessories and feminine elegance.

Late shoulder dress

Late shoulder dress is one of the booming trend in this summer. With a simple design with a modern design is extremely stylish item for girly girls. Another thing is that the shoulder late skirt suit every body shape.

Skirt cute motifs

Basically, anything cute and energetic as items required for the spring wardrobe hecua you. But if you want, you can also choose the type of luxurious textures skirt, noble like patterned dress Kate Middleton's Princess.