Chic Elegant Dresses
Mumbai, embroidery luxury catwalk

Arches and doors that characterize Indian architecture were recreated on the stage of one of the most anticipated events of fashion in Bombay. The armed structures on the long footbridge, illuminated with lights candy, gave an air of elegance to the night of Fashion Week, Mumbai, official English name Bombay, since 1995.

The imposing environment hosted famous designers with their summer collections for this 2016. The proposals, almost always in earthy colors and black, were a competition of sobriety and detail. The particularity of women's and menswear were the detailed embroidery, applications and smooth combination of genres and contrived.

In the presentation, the applause won the renowned Indian designer Amit Aggarwal, who opted for the sand tones for their dresses(semi formal dresses) and long skirts, jackets to the ankles; always showing the play of textures, a vaporous and other laden with ornaments.

Another proposal was Rimi Nayak, who opted for casual outfits. He joined simple black trousers or skirts with low-cut tops and ruffled or waisted dresses, but with gauzes who played with the movement of the female walk.

As is the norm of the big parades, the designer who closes an evening of fashion is responsible for presenting the most important collection and the recognition in this Fashion Week was to Rohit Bal.

The artist ended with a flourish when he presented at the gateway to the famous Bollywood actress (informal name popularly used for the film industry in Hindi), Kareena Kapoor (main photo) with one of the most acclaimed dresses(black lace dress ) night, creation in each centimeter showed majesty.

Flowers and geometric figures were dealt with elegance and grace on garments Bal. Without distinction, men and women wore black elegance contrasted with embroidery, a colorful and others in monochrome of the camel ranges. Thus he managed to evoke the fantasy tales, where luxury is the protagonist.