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Smolensk designers explained how they got to Paris

Alexei Mikhailov of Roslavl and Vasilisa Golubeva from Smolensk will travel to present their collections in a show of Pierre Cardin. The boys told our edition of his creative life.

In early April, Moscow hosted the show of young designers Art fashion day. The purpose of the event - to support young designers from the regions of Russia. The show was attended by designers from Ryazan, Smolensk and Moscow. The main prizes - cash certificates to participate in the show of Pierre Cardin in Paris - were students of the Smolensk Academy of Professional Education. Alexei Mikhailov presents a collection of "Military-R», and Vasilisa Golubev - a collection of "Tea Rose".(white formal dresses)

It all started with the fact that Vasilisa and Alexei won prizes at a Moscow competition of young designers Non stop. They were then invited to the Art fashion day.

- How long have you been preparing for the show? How did the idea to create and submit just such a collection?

Vasilisa: The idea to do with such a collection I was pregnant for a year! In early March, the competition was World skills. Of course I wanted to win, but to his luck, I won second place, and this spurred on the conquest of the next step in my career. In this collection I was inspired by my sister's wedding. When we are preparing for it, making decorations and these roses. At that moment I had the idea to create a collection with roses handmade.

Alex: Training held in tension and an accelerated rhythm since I sew only at night. During the day I can not work. Yes, and creative inspiration wakes up at night. Military themes - it's a good theme, good stuff, comfortable suites both in peacetime and in wartime. I created a collection of coarse linen and leather. Shoes I also created, so how to find the shoe that would fit in color and subject matter, is simply unrealistic. I do not draw sketches, all in my head. With the help of mannequins and by tattoos I have created the image. Scheele all over. I'm a size 54, so it was hard to find models to display.(black formal dresses)

- What do you do in life?


Vasilisa: My hobby is the same as my profession. Therefore, all the time I dedicate to creating collections, sew things themselves, loved ones, and to order, and complete their education last year and preparing for university entrance.

Alex: I work in the Smolensk Academy of vocational education. He organized a fashion house Fashion house. Each of my show - it is a small theatrical performances and mystery. I am working models of Slava Zaitsev, to create a collection of clothes and shoes.

In the capital of the French designers will go in September.