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Necklaces for brides, yes or no?

Are you getting posing wearing necklace on your wedding? Traditionally, brides wore no necklaces as they related to them an image of sobriety and simplicity away from the glitz of jewelry. Today, more and more brides who choose the take. And you, what side are you on?

Against necklaces, we can say that detract attention to other elements like the dress(formal gowns) or earrings, not combined with all necklines and sometimes less is more and can overload the look of the bride.

On the other hand, for them, necklaces complete the look of the bride. Provide that touch of personality, do highlight that area of ​​the body marking a neckline and diverting attention from other parts and can be a memory and something borrowed some girlfriends.


If you can not resist and say yes to collars for brides, you want to know what is best combines with you and your dress? Keep reading!

fine pendant. A thin chain that holds a brilliant stone and is perfect for those who like necklaces but do not want to overload the look collar. It can be combined with any type of open neckline and brings elegance to simple and delicate girlfriends.

The choker. A classic for brides, highlights the neckline. It looks great with or without straps as the strapless necklines or heart naked men.

long necklace. One who can bring that bohemian touch you are looking for this type of collar, provides informality and defines the style of the bride.

Maxi necklace. If you are brides who are convinced to look at her wedding necklace can risk with one of this type. Ideal for modern brides personality and enhance simple dresses(white formal dress) with strapless neckline or a great cleavage. You can combine it with shoes and bouquet or have color.

Pearl. Although formerly said that the beads on necklaces bridal meant the tears shed during this marriage, there are many who choose pearl necklaces. It can be a choker or long you decide.

By the back. Something very trendy necklaces are back for brides, they are long and provide informality and sensuality.