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For a good cause

Eight young, 19 to 24 years, seeking to obtain the title Miss Earth Yucatan, whose grand finale will be after May 28 at the Convention Center Siglo XXI.

The presentation of the candidates took place yesterday at Rosas & Xocolate hotel, where they paraded in evening gowns. Guillermo Sanchez Lopez, state coordinator of the event, said Miss Earth is an event with a cause, since applicants must submit a draft environmental care, sent to the national organization.(DressesMallAU.CO)

"Miss Earth seeks to protect and care for nature, is our little bit," he says.

Por una buena causa

The contest, which the entity is carried after 15 years, aims to raise awareness about caring for the environment, and that participants are encouraged to undertake various projects to help raise awareness .

It was recalled that at this time several Yucatecan have represented the country in the international stage, this time will be in August, venue still to be defined.

The applicants take the crown that will leave Monica Hernandez Reynaga, who these days is in Egypt to represent Mexico in Miss Earth International, is Alejandra Castilla Blanco, Adriana Castillo Martínez, Cristina Jarquín Delgadillo, Skandy pattern Palma, Ivon Canto Cabrera, Maria Davalos Hernandez, Elisa Perez Castellanos and Casandra Acevedo Vineyard.(formal dresses brisbane)

It was reported that there will be two semi-finals, one in Telchac Puerto, on Saturday 23, in which young people will be judged in swimsuit, and the other in Sucilá, May 7, in which the best recycled outfit will be evaluated, prepared by students of Fashion Design Model.

The presentation was also attended Cebada Irma Herrera, Jenni Puerto Fuentes, Mauricio Marin and designers Jose and Victor Franco.