Chic Elegant Dresses
The most beautiful fashion show was held for the elderly

Mersin, in order to finish all the donations with built Turkey's first Senior Life Center Republican Women 'themed held a beautiful show.

Turkey center commissioned by the Alzheimer's Association Mersin Branch, one of Turkey's most famous and popular fashion designer Barbaros Yildirim Mayruk full support and came Şansal. Completed the 50th year of the famous fashion designer Lightning Mayruk the Arts, 2023 story in Turkey Gala of the 25th episode of the series was announced that for the elderly. Fashion show that showcased the eye-catching outfit, Turkey, and in 2016 moved to write the story of the podium on mannequins. Income Elderly Living Center which will be donated to the construction of the tickets days before the discharged fashion, art and politics in the world met for the elderly. The mannequins on the podium almost breathtaking fashion show, appeared on the podium with the original design, the costumes from each other. Thumbs presented clothes while intense applause from the participants, particularly black-themed evening dress(sexy formal dresses) drew great attention. Write described as colorful clothing while full note of the invitation, deep chest and transparent low-cut outfit drew particularly as more natural appeal to young guests. The collection of 80 pieces from each end of the fashion show, where modern, and nicely presented a table with lightning Mayruk Barbaros Şansal certificate of appreciation.

En güzel defile yaşlılar için yapıldı

Senior Life Center is a first in Turkey, stating that the construction has been completed 90 percent of the Alzheimer's Association Branch President Aynur Libby, "Elder Living Center said they organized a fashion show on behalf of finish soon. Celebrity stylist Lightning Mayruk the 50th Gala of the 2016 Summer Turkey sewing art collection organized on the occasion of the year. Today we have a guest over 300. Lightning over an international names such as Alzheimer Mayruk We wanted to draw attention to the disease. Kerkez We are planning to open in a few months, "he said.


Commenting on Barbaros Şansal fashion show, "We are called to remember not one to be forgotten. 2023, the story we realize the Turkey premiere of the 25th episode. 13 manke 80-piece collection Say it and turns on the podium with Serenade Baðcan compositions. Type 2016, the Republic of Turkey, Turk tells the woman. 2023 stories to last until the 100th anniversary of the Republic of targeted projects. Each collection( of the country's environmental, social, a chain that carries the future by collecting cultural and political archives, "he said.

The doyen of fashion Mayruk, "we are very happy if we have the support of this. My heart is with you. I will always be with you "is heard being voiced support using express their happiness.

Great acclaimed fashion shows, supporting institutions and individuals were terminated by presenting documents thanks.