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Make-up artist, stylist Harystaana: The true beauty of man - this is the beauty of the soul

- "A talented person is talented in everything" - is an apt expression can be applied unreservedly to you. You are stunning designer, creative artist, makeup artist, hair stylist claimed. How did you come to this? This childhood dream? How do you manage to combine all?

- Being a makeup artist - this is my dream since childhood. Even at age 12, I am pleased to apply makeup to her friends, classmates before the discos. Now I remember it with a smile, but I already liked to make people beautiful. I was really happy by the fact that the girls were transformed before my eyes. It seems to me, with my make-up changed even their outlook, attitude towards life. And then I realized: this is exactly what I want to do in life. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the basics, learn to craft drawing. The result has been Yakut art school on a specialty "artist - a painter."

I am a very happy person, because I'm going to work with a positive attitude, full of new ideas and images. And the artist, and designer, and, finally, make-up artist - creative profession, associated with changes in the world. I am therefore not difficult to combine them, it's nice to start each morning with your favorite things.(red formal dresses australia)

- Your stage name Harystaana. Why?

- I was born on 30 October and by the Yakut calendar should be named Harystaana (Protector). I want to believe that with the help of make-up, I not only do girls more beautiful and more attractive, but also protects them from damage and the aura of the evil eye.

- Recently you have been trained by the world-famous make-up artist, stylist Gohar Avetisyan. Share Your impressions. What is the beauty industry in Moscow? Was it challenging learning? What did you learn for yourself?

- Beauty in Moscow - it is the most demanded a "product", take care and take care of themselves a lot of people, because they believe that investment in the exterior bring success. Therefore, it is in the capital, in my view, a large number of well-known make-up artists. Successful people need to be attractive and beautiful.

Education Gohar Avetisyan have been simple, but require substantial financial investment. I really admire her. She's a makeup artist who can see in every girl unique beauty, her beauty-transformation keep up with the fashion trends and amaze even skeptical people. At 21, she has already achieved a lot, it knows and loves the whole world. The communication is very simple and cheerful girl has a special magnetism. Gohar treats his students with respect and tenderness. Learning from her, I got confidence. She opened the little secrets of make-up, not only, but also imposition of makeup.

- If you have a special beauty secrets? What distinguishes your makeup style?

- My style is different from the others in that as an artist I can see the inner beauty of people and try to discover their true form. My Beauty Secrets - a smile, beautiful hair and the correct shape of the eyebrows. That's what has to "wear" every girl, and the rest - the work of a good make-up artist.

I use only professional cosmetics from MAC, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have a few key rules to adhere to. It is important to make consistent with age, the main thing is to comply with the appropriate make-up overlay technique. Always guided by a simple rule - the emphasis should be on either the eyes or the lips. Before applying make-up be sure to use a moisturizer for your skin type and give it time to soak.

I hold another canon of beauty - every season has its own peculiar color palette. This spring will be relevant bright eye makeup with convex relief elements (shade of orange, blue, green, pink shades). For those who prefer the lightness and freshness, I can advise minimalist makeup «Nude» style.(formal long dresses)

- Who for you is a role model in the beauty industry? What make-up artists, stylists?

- I watch the art of makeup different foreign and Russian beauty - masters. Undoubtedly, most of all I am impressed by the creativity Gohar Avetisyan. I like also the work of Olga Romanova.

- Do you have a huge number of paintings capture the imagination, fantasy canvases with sketches, lots of lovely hand-made knick-knacks made by your skilled hands. Where do you get your inspiration?

- As a creative person, I get inspiration from the beauty of the world: nature, people, music, books. I see inspiration in the most seemingly ordinary things. After all, life itself - is an inspiration.

- Congratulations on the big step - opening her own beauty studio! How long did you go to that? What is radically new and interesting things will be offering your studio?

- Thank you! This idea matured for a long time, and the path to it was difficult, arduous. Last year I participated in the national contest "Lena shore," where was the winner in two categories, it met with a great make-up artist, stylist Tatiana Koryakina. We immediately found a common language. We combined the dream of opening his own studio. It is our joint business, "flower", which we cultivate.

I want to make people beautiful and happy. Give them joy. Now I dream that every girl, mother and grandmother came out of our salon and winged catch yourself admiring glances.

- Do you think that a make-up suits girls with Asian appearance?

- The girl with Asian appearance may suit all kinds of make-up - from subtle to glamorous arrow Smoky eyes. At the moment, I prefer to work with the popular Hollywood makeup.

- Harystaana tell what make and style of clothing will be in fashion this spring?

- The trend - be bright and self-confident. I like the statement: "give confidence heels and red lipstick." I am convinced that it is fashionable that you are. Now the fashion is very democratic. Emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of small grant to us.