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Spring begins: Five trends for the new season

On March 20 he came at last spring Although Easter holidays are still a little wet in Spain and not too warm, changing wardrobe is just around the corner. So, we bring strong trends that will stick in this new season that you may be the queen of spring.

1. Denim

This iconic fabric jumps typical pants to invade all items: from dresses to shirts going even boots. Your comfort and versatility make the idonea denim texture to any outfit. Fear not join several denim in the same 'outfit', the t'otal denim look 'is one of the star combinations.

2. Pink Color

We have been uploaded to the gateway of the hand of many designers( formal dress stores ) like Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. The color of spring reaches our wardrobes stronger than ever. A cake and flattering tone that colors all kinds of garments, especially coats present.

La ropa vaquera está de moda.

3. lencero Style

The draper style jumps out of bed directly into the street. Nightgowns and pajamas inspired clothing will be your greatest allies. Lace and fabrics like satin and silk are present in sexy dresses( black formal dresses ) and tops Calvin Klein style, whose spring-summer fashion show looked like a pajama party.

4. White Sports

Since even Chanel heels for sports change in their haute-couture, the 'sneakers' are the star shoe for any occasion. In spring sports stained white and promise not to abandon neither day nor night, they are ideal to combine with jeans during a workday or for a touch 'trendy' and casual to your dress more sexy footwear.

5. Tunic 'boho'

The style 'boho-chic' is one of the trends that returns each spring, this year in the form of lace tunic and transparencies, ideal for a romantic walk on the beach.