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The best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City

If you're a fan of the American series Sex in New York you've been hypnotized more than once with any outfit of those who have worn the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw during the seasons, it's normal, it happens to all of us, so now Modalia make a review of the best looks.


Sex in New York is the fashion series and love par excellence, it has been accepted by the female sector. The series is about life, romantic relationships and friendship neoyorkinas four women who love to go out and have fun like his work and fashion. Are a treinteañeras girls with a modern life, who spend their days working on what they like, taking time to be with friends in the restaurant and to be told everything that has happened to their kids and they do not have missing their parades fashion Sunday, we ... the envy of any woman.

Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie Bradshaw journalist, dedicated over the years that elapses series to tell the amorous adventures of her and her three friends. The four are big fashionistas, who are up to date on new trends and lose no parade, but including the Bradshaw protagonist surprises us with its impossible dresses(formal dresses) and shoes unbeatable.


With all this, to which we are addicted to this American series and fashion, have we delighted many outfits that Caririe has paraded through the streets of Manhattan, and we have loved even more the different models of shoes Manolo Blahnik we have seen in the feet of the protagonist.

For addicted to Sex in the City, in Modalia make a selection of the best looks of Carrie Bradshaw.


White and gold dress with flower XXL worn by Carrie in the first film of Sex in New York. The elegance of white and gold with long blond hair conquered us all.


Dress with floral print. Spring in green dress(green formal dresses) with matching bolero jacket that gives a touch of elegance and delicacy even combined with studded belt breaks with classicism.


Certainly we can not fail to mention the dress dresses, the elegance of a girlfriend who could not be more amazing the day of her wedding with a dress in white crude Vivienne Westwood, adorned with a headdress oversize turquoise and brown tones.


We will always remember the look that has walked on the facades of the bus through the streets of Manhattan, this outfit is missing on tulle frilly white top and rosewood set in suspenders. When we think many Bradshaw comes to mind this outfit.


You do not know what to wear to walk through the souk? Carrie is very clear, midi skirt in llamtivo pomposa lilac, and a T Dior is the ideal set, yes, always accompanied by good heeled sandals.


Finally ... What about these Manolos? We were left breathless when he saw them in the locker room all dream of having in that perfect house and at the right time, and even wear them at our wedding. Hangisi model, beautiful heel klein blue with bright adornment.