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Jorge Juan Jewellers specializing in earrings bridal shop


Bride earrings are an indispensable accessory to complement and reinforce the look of a bride. Jorge Juan Jewellers, jewelery located on Calle Fernando el Santo in Madrid, specializes in creating jewelry designed so unique for that day.

Bride earrings are a very unique gem and although thinking of buying a single day last and can be used for special occasions throughout life. Long earrings models are the most sought after when it comes to girlfriends, and all designs have Jorge Juan Jewellers jewelry of the highest quality.

These long earrings for brides come in different models, all of them wear bright, although not the central gem, since diamonds highlight the light of each jewel. This is the case of long earrings with sapphires or long coral earrings. Other models instead are designed entirely in gold with diamonds, and range from avant-garde models, such as earrings with bright modern to more classic, as long diamond earrings designs for brides.

Bridal earrings with pearls are also a classic in great demand at weddings because it fit perfectly with the white dress of the bride(formal dresses au). Jorge Juan designs Jewellers are mounted with sophisticated Australian pearls, which have a silvery white, with bright, giving it light and perfect whiteness to this piece of jewelry.

In such a special as your wedding day, where the details make the difference, earrings can be the icing to complement your wedding dress. So Jorge Juan Jewellers offers the most exclusive collection of earrings for brides crimped with diamonds, to shine like a diamond on that special day.