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Jerez recorded the highest number of divorces and separations since 2006

724 breaks in the city were handled during the past 2015, representing an increase of 10.5% over the previous year Most did consensually


Yes I want is becoming less for life, or so say the figures of the General Council of the Judiciary. In the city during 2015, there were 724 ruptures between divorces and separations. This fact is especially significant when compared with previous records, since a number of outcomes so remarkable is not pointing from the years before the crisis, particularly in 2006 when the number stood at 762. Specifically, compared to the previous year , ruptures have risen 10.5%. Interestingly, the number of outcomes declines as the year progresses, the highest being the first quarter (218), followed by the second (202), third (167) and fourth (137).

The balance of the General Council of the Judiciary difference also the type of break recorded at the Jerez judicial district. Thus, the number of divorces was consensual rose the most compared to 2014, standing at 350 compared to 317 the previous year, 10.4% more. We can say that is the largest number of divorces consensus around the historic retaining the judicial institution, which makes this study since 2004. In addition, also significantly raised the number of divorces without agreement, reaching 309 cases compared with 292 in 2015 .

Compared to the number of divorces, separations of both consensus and without agree- are very far from the first. As an example, in 2015 there were 38 separations without agreement in the city, 6 more than the previous year, while consensual separations were limited to 27, 7 more than throughout 2014.

As a significant fact, Jerez has not been a marriage annulment since last 2013. Specifically, in the historical published by the General Council of the Judiciary in the city alone there have been four, two in 2004, one in 2011 and the last 2013 .

Since last 2006, the trend in the city was down as to the couples breaks. So, it went from the figure of 762 divorces and breakups until 616 2012, since in 2013 there was a slight increase of 4 cases and in 2014 was increased by almost fifty. At the provincial level, divorces and separations of the city represent just over 17% of the territory. In total numbers, the province registered a total of 4,180 ruptures between divorces and separations in 2015.

Around the Andalusian region, the number of ruptures increased, although at a much lower than in the city, a scant 2.4% relationship. In total, divorces and breakups of the autonomous community went from 24,432 in 2014 to 25,021 last year. Failure to follow this trend the national data, which encrypts the breaks of the Spaniards during 2015 129,925 while the previous year were 133,441.