Chic Elegant Dresses
Day dresses and evening Signature White


Anxiously await the arrival of good weather, as it will be when we can enjoy the best fashion garments. One of them dresses are being protagonists of the collections and that is why if you already wear them think of nothing better than discovering dresses day and night White offers us.

It seems that in the new season will enjoy a very different styles. Starting from the basic colors for the evening, we arrive at the asymmetric touches and degraded for the day effects. A perfect combination we have summarized for you and you can not lose.

Day dresses that marked trend

Options for day dresses that the company proposes, we have a wide variety of styles. Great idea for any of us run out your ideal model. On the one hand, you can enjoy short dresses(short formal dresses) and seasonal colors such as pink or blue, going through the basics.


One of the most popular styles is the right dress. Thanks to him we can have very different looks and combine it with accessories that we need at this time. Both the high heels and the dancers will be perfect for such a model. Of course, the prints will not wait and that is, when spring, floral prints are always the first is trendsetter.

While geometric always they come stomping. Something similar happens with asymmetric makings in our dresses. It is a way to break with traditional ideas, creating a new concept of fashion and looks. With short sleeves, sleeveless or strapless ... Which of them would you choose ?.


It's a pretty complicated decision because here we have another great selection of day dresses. Lace, but forms a very important role in some evening dresses, White also integrates with your choice of day in a very subtle way and staying with the white color. Midi and maxi dresses The are two great ideas for this new season.

Midi dresses, cover the knees and a straight workmanship, always will be perfect to delineate our silhouette. With maxi, we will feel the freshness of the most delicate fabrics, subtle and beautiful prints. Also, remember that the gradient effect is still very present in our womenswear.

Evening dresses, young and elegant

Elegance and begins to show thanks to one of the basic colors par excellence. The black color is always synonymous with sophistication and in these models, we checked it out clearly. In any wardrobe should be a simple black dress and we will leave many looks, simply combining it with different accessories.


A tube dress in black will be one of our great ideas for the wardrobe. In addition, at this time sensuality blooms again with the spring and hence the openings in skirts are another of the great ideas to wear leg. The somewhat retro style can also be seen in a belled sleeves accompanying a dress Flared cut.


As we see, the black color can perfectly cover the most elegant dresses(elegant formal dresses) and suits or, left accompanied by another hue that always marks the luxury. The gold will also be essential for this time and this fashion collection. On the one hand it appears as a decorative detail of a straight and tight dress, as we can see it as a dress belt flared skirt.

We can not forget the neckline and shoulders slumped transparencies on day dresses and especially in the evening. we can get an idea of ​​what awaits us go ahead and choosing the one that go with our style.