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Oscar red carpet delos 2016, battle of necklines


Again Charlize Theron was the most spectacular of the actresses who have walked the red carpet at the Oscars 2016. Not the most elegant, but the one that has attracted most attention with the bold dress of the French house Dior.


Daring the neckline and color, a deep red that we are not used to seeing because white tones, from the radiant to the broken and dusty, which promise to be re trend, tend to dominate these events.


Luckily it seems that the fashion of wearing designs undressing women, instead of wearing them, is lagging behind. At least in this edition of the Oscars we have seen less transparency but the proudest of his anatomy, such as Charlize Theron, they have opted for risk at the neckline.


Among them, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lawrence who was TT (Trending Topic) before arriving. So perhaps it is expected, which invites us to think that has had a mishap with the dress or had to change at the last minute.


And the actress, who has a contract with Dior, has surprised with a style that is not doing much. Lawrence has worn a black dress(Black Evening dresses) with lace and transparencies and stale air lencero. A style that alienates usually take in these events and is somewhat passé.


And we keep talking about necklines. Sofia Vergara and Olivia Wilde, in two very different styles, have also wanted to put all eggs in one basket and have been generous 'balconies' that made the delight of photographers.


Excess Charlize Theron and her companions low-cut contrasts with the quiet, serene and mature elegance of Charlotte Rampling, one of the best dressed of the night. The actress has chosen a design by Giorgio Armani, a firm that has also dressed Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts.


The Italian gave luck to actress Carol two years ago when he won the Oscar for Blue Jasmine, and perhaps that has opted again for him. The dress, fey style, wearing V-shaped neckline and a cascade of applied flowers in shades of green and emerald water.


Somewhat cheesy. Or perhaps too much for a woman who is usually perfect with powerful designs of Givenchy, McQueen or Spanish house DelPozo

Naomi Watts has taken a very tight dress in colorful paillettes couture collection winter 2015/16, we saw a dress on the catwalk and emphasized the pallor and thinness of the actress.


This year it seems that Italian firms are favorites. Gucci has dressed Brie larson, with an elegant and jovial dressed in blue lapis lazuli and Olivia Wilde has resorted to Valentino and has led an original couture dress we saw on the catwalk.

Emily Blunt, pregnant has chosen a creation of Prada in pink tone with glass applications and Patricia Arquette has taken a blue dress with neckline tie Marina Rinaldi.


But there have been French labels. Louis Vuitton has dressed, and rightly Alicia Vikander. The actress wore a simple dress in a quiet yellow decorated with silver pieces. He wears strapless neckline and skirt is slightly puffed.

Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett as, repeated on a firm that gives it good reviews and awards: Chanel. The actress wore a dress of French couture house, a black design that Kendall Jenner wore in the Parisian catwalk.


Rooney Mara has also bet on the winning horse and has retold with Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy. Actress Carol always departs style 'Hollywood' and often leads firms with personality such as that French house or Alexander McQueen.


Kate Winslet sinking like the Titanic, with a dress that does not favor anything but quiet because the list of the worst dressed the heads Heidi Klum with her dress or costume fairy, Marchesa, a firm that has also dressed the exhuberante Sofia Vergara.


Lady Gaga has not convinced the design of trousers made by stylist and designer Brandon Maxwell. Olivia Munn, with an orange design inappropriate Stella McCartney, has not been well received. It is a difficult color, like purple. A tone that have chosen Tina Fey and Reese Witherspoon.


Among them has it has become distinguished by their originality, Jared Leto. Paco Delgado, costume designer Danish She has worn a tuxedo vintage black velvet Cornejo home. A similiar look has led Eddie Redmayne has not wanted to get away from the more classic style.