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The bridesmaids: the perfect outfit for a perfect wedding procession!

Dreaming of a wedding where you want to be accompanied to the altar by one or more bridesmaids? We suggest you the perfect outfit for a perfect wedding procession!

The charm of the bridesmaids.


The you have seen so many times on TV, maybe in a good movie. The bridesmaids gliding elegantly down the aisle, dressed impeccably. It 'just a scene and if you have chosen to involve friends, sisters and cousins, nothing should be left to chance. You have to create the atmosphere, a perfect setting around the altar. To succeed in this endeavor is important that escorts are dressed impeccably but above all they are harmonious with the environment.

You brides have the most difficult task. Once you have chosen the theme of the wedding and your dream dress, you'll have to think about the outfit of your bridesmaids.

Let's see what are the rules to follow:

Choose a dress model that values ​​each of your escorts.

The difficulty lies in recruiting all bridesmaids(bridesmaid dresses) with the same physicality and choose a color and fabric type and then create an outfit for each of them.

There must always be a touch of elegance

So avoid too low-cut dress and / or too short; opt for knee length dresses, if the ceremony will take place during the day, or long dresses, in the case of marriage celebrated in the evening.


Do not forget to cover your shoulders to your bridesmaids if you celebrate the church wedding. Choose among stoles, jackets and shrugs that fit their clothes.

The color of the dress of your bridesmaids will have to tune in to that of the bride


Tradition has it that the bride's dress is white and the colors that match are those pastel. We do not recommend white clothes, blacks or red (with rare exceptions) because the protagonist is still the bride.

Among the most popular colors are coral, yellow, powder pink and mint green.


Sometimes though, there are ladies who do not want to wear a certain type of suit or color. In this case, if you leave them the freedom of choice, remember to include at least one accessory that unites all the girls. For example: a flower tied to the wrist, a pendant, a shawl.


What matters is to recognize them visibly.