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Dress for a wedding: 5 rules you should know


Dress for a wedding is for many a difficult choice to make. With the heat comes, as swallows that pierce the sky spring weddings of friends(bridesmaid dresses), colleagues and runners who have the pleasure of spending, along with the people they deem appropriate, the most important day of their romance. From the delivery of the invitation, up to the date of the celebration, is a question that echoes in my head of every woman: what to wear?

Well, with small and simple tips, almost basic, you can show off a perfect look and, above all, can not look too humble or too excessive.

Here are 5 basic rules to learn to dress for a wedding.

The first priority when is the color: if the bride wears white, no guest will have to wear it. The second rule is: whatever the color that the bride wore, the choice of the dress will have to fall back on a different color.

That said, it must be clear on the role that plays in marriage: the witness or close relatives have the strictest rules of elegance to follow to honor the bride and groom. In this case, it is important to remember that the charm of a woman does not depend on how many trinkets wearing, but by being able to dry as much as possible the look to make it essential and pleasantly surprising. In this case, a pastel dress tailoring, combined with jewels beady and a stiletto (no plateau, please) may be the best solution. If guests without family ties of first instance or not witnesses, the choice can be a leader elegant and refined, but not too eccentric, such as a sheath. Color can be pastel or neutral and imagination can indulge themselves on accessories.

One important thing to remember are the shoes: to meet the couple, it is important not to pour the focus on footwear vulgar or provocative; the ideal solution, bearing in mind also the place where you hold the reception and ceremony, the shoes are simple and open, with a manicure (mandatory), that highlights the shape of your foot.

The jacket or scarf is a must if the dress(formal dresses online) is very low-cut or if the double function is held in a sacred place: this not only to meet the couple, but in reverence for the location in which you are located.

Finally, it is important to remember the outside temperature: if it is so hot, it is important to opt for a dress soft, voluminous, able to make the skin breathe.