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The most popular wedding dress types


Whether sumptuous ball gown or a simple shift dress - Wedding dresses come in all shapes and styles. Since it may be difficult to find the right thing. FOCUS Online presents the most popular wedding dress types.

The Vintage Wedding Dresses A-line shape

Dresses in A-line shape, the classic among the wedding dresses. The upper part of the dress is cut slim and figure-hugging and usually sleeveless. The rock, however, is issued from the waist or hips and drops it like a A. The transition from top to rock runs seamlessly in these wedding dresses, so long, vertical cut lines are formed which make the bride look taller and slimmer. This wedding dress type can be made versatile with different corsets, skirts, materials, fabrics and embellishments.

Wedding dresses in the Empire style: pure elegance

The mark of a wedding dress in the Empire style is its high waistline directly below the bust. The skirt is slightly flared, falls in narrow and light wrinkles. This is particularly lighter fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, the stress down the river from the waist are. The sleeves of these dresses can be of different lengths, and bell sleeves or a sleeveless design fit for this fashion line. Wedding dresses in the Empire style are especially good for pregnant brides.

Duchesse Bridal Gowns for the fairytale wedding


Wedding dresses in duchess-section are essential for a true fairytale wedding. This kind of wedding dress is reminiscent of a typical princess ball gown, as for example the Austrian Empress Sissi has worn. Similarly to wedding dresses A-line shape(a-line wedding dresses), the upper part is cut narrow and close to the body, the skirt is from the waist or hips. However, He is sweeping and runs from bell-shaped. A worn underneath crinoline provides the necessary volume, a train completes the overall picture. For a little less pomp the princess dress, a less pronounced form of the Duchesse Bridal Dress is recommended. Here the rock vibrates not as bell-shaped.

Dresses with A-Line: simple and beautiful

Dresses with A-Line are based on short sheath dresses of the 60s. In the bridal wear but do not end up like her predecessor as a short dress at the height of the thigh, but simply fall or issued to the floor. The shape of this skirt dresses varies between A-line, Empire or bell shape. The upper part of the case-bride dress is tight and form-fitting and is sleeveless generally. Due to its simple elegance, the shift dress is particularly well suited for a civil ceremony.

Mermaid: wedding dress for sensual curves

The wedding dress of the flamboyant style is the dress in Merjungfrau style. In this section torso, hips and thighs are formed tightly and so emphasize the curves of the bride. The rock fans out from the knees or even lower by the body and is issued to the typical "Fishtail". This feminine wedding dress model is well suited for a very feminine figure. A similar dress type is the Godet wedding dress, which is also known as a trumpet. As with the mermaid it is cut tightly over his chest, waist and hip, but the skirt is issued as early as mid-thigh.

Delicate and dainty with slim-fitting wedding dresses

Slim wedding dresses, also called H-line, extending from the top to the skirt in a straight line. Similar to the shift dress, this kind of wedding dress is cut figure-hugging and narrow. The top has a deep-seated, rather loose waist seam, which can be additionally emphasized with a belt, the skirt is not issued and falls flowing down. Slim wedding dresses have a touch of style and can be worn with or without train. The H-line is well suited for beach or summer weddings.

For Creative: two-piece dresses

A wedding dress type that is gaining in popularity, is the two-parter. Such dresses are made up of an upper and lower part which are stand-alone pieces of clothing. Classically, it is in the bridal fashion to Corsage consisting of corset and skirt. Alternatively, the shell can also be combined with an elegant pants. Dresses which consist of two parts, also allow color combinations, for example, pastel shades. Here the imagination knows no boundaries.