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Organize your marriage in 2016

The show dedicated to marriage took place in November in Geneva. It was you and deciphers wedding trends. No. 2: The organization of marriage


The Wedding Fair was held in Geneva in November 2015. The program includes a bridal procession on Latin tunes to tango and salsa interludes and a worthy final show of the Rio Carnival with Brazilian dancers costumes and to the support. But that's not all, exhibitors of all kinds were on hand to ensure a top wedding colors.

Wedding trends

For you, it was paraded from one stand to the other in order to know all the news Wedding level. Here is the information we have unearthed:

No. 2: The organization of marriage

In our saga dedicated to the wedding fair, our first episode was dedicated to wedding dresses. Let us now to all organizational characteristics of marriage (and we can say that there is a job!)

The guests

At present, there is very intimate weddings: the couple prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. So the guest list tends to decline to receive less but better.

A wedding planer

This concept came straight from the United States begins to attract more and more in Europe. The reason? Married wish above all enjoy their marriage and prefer to delegate the organization to avoid head shots. Mary's Wedding Farjon Riviera is one of those fairy marriage. With his wand, it can even organize a wedding abroad. But that's not all: thanks to it, you can get special rates with certain providers. But to afford the services of a wedding planer is it a luxury? Mary's response Farjon: "Many people think that this is an unnecessary expense, but in reality it saves time and money."

The animation

Increasingly, to offer its guests a memorable union, it uses animation services. For example, cocktails stalls with bartenders who juggle with fire or magicians. The company "Switch Vibration Night Concept" is the guarantor of this type of service that extends from the artistic lighting and the sound of space to dine and dance floor. They even offer equipment available such as spotlights. Their advice: if we did not really budget Aboard few bright spots which can customize light with a mobile app and voila!

What people ask them the most: live orchestras for cocktails and a DJ for dancing.

The period

While weddings are accustomed to bloom in spring and summer, the trend might be reversed. Many married now decide to get married in winter under the spell of snowflakes. This time of year is less constrained in terms of dates and is also more advantageous financially.


The new trend on the honeymoon is not so much in the choice of destination. But in the special wedding list honeymoon that married make available to guests. The travel agency "Stohler Tour 'we met such offers to married to open a wedding list at home. Thus, guests contact the agency directly and married do not have to do it. The agency even offers 5% of the amounts collected to married. Among the destinations offered by this agency, Polynesia comes top of the list but the general trend is to authorize a trip that we can not afford in normal times. So we flew to paradisiacal places such as Mauritius, Seychelles or the Maldives.