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So the wedding was Hanna, a member of Ha * Ash


After receiving the engagement ring a few months ago and in full interview, the time finally came. Hanna and Juan Carlos are now husband and wife! Yes, as you can see, the member of the duo Ha * Ash walked toward the altar to say yes, I agree in a ceremony by those present described as unique.


Well, there have been few details have been revealed, as the singer decided to hold the wedding(satin wedding dresses) in an intimate party held outside the capital on Saturday January 9, as reported by the broadcaster Sofia Sanchez, a special guest of the ceremony and great friend of the sisters.


Although the ceremony the press was not invited, were the faithful fans of the group who, through social networks revealed details of how the emotional moment of the ceremony was experienced. So much so that even the hashtag #CongratsMrAndMrsHerrera created on the occasion of the ceremony, managed to be placed as a trend for a few hours on Twitter.


The wedding made by surprise and outdoor (like Marimar Vega and Luis Ernesto Franco) began to be planned since last November when Juan Carlos Herrera, is declared as follows Hanna.


For now, the band has not offered further details, only one shot through his official account, where you look at Hanna in her wedding dress in the style for which it was decided reveals. A wedding dress draped body, halter style accompanied with a belt with gold. While the groom declined by a dark suit with silver.


It is known that Ashley was one of the bridesmaids, and according to rumors, was the interpreter next to Joy waltz with which the couple had their first dance as husband and wife.


Hopefully soon, the duo are encouraged to share details of the wedding. And for now, we leave the few details that have been shared.