Chic Elegant Dresses
A unique know-how. Maryse designs and manufactures wedding dresses in Ons-en-Bray

It is in a quiet studio near her home Maryse puts its expertise to contribute brides. At home, choosing everything from the fabric to the shape of the perfect dress.


It's in his small workshop next to her home, Maryse Stoj transforms princess wedding dresses fabrics. It answers the dreams of brides fully creating the dress for the big day. Expertise 25 years, it brings the benefit of women.

"I worked for Lolita Lempicka"

"I've always loved it since I was little I wanted to create wedding dresses" said Maryse. "I first made a sewing school in the North of France and then I worked at the chain in a sewing workshop in Beauvais." Gradually, Maryse will specialize in dresses. A Beauvais, her colleague the form at the seam. The dresses are sent to Paris and manufactured entirely by hand.

Maryse will evolve as a seamstress, she will work in the shop and receive training vendor.

"When I lost my job, I thought about what I wanted to do. I wanted to throw me a long time but I did not dare. I did not know if it would work. "

For 4 years, Maryse manufactures custom wedding dresses. "The hardest was to become known."

Inimitable mastery

Today, brides come knocking at his door. She arrived with pictures, details of dresses. "They show me what they like. I propose fabrics, models, samples, I make a sketch, a quotation and go. Bespoke does not cost more, it depends fabrics that are chosen, "said Maryse. In his studio, just Calais lace and tulle, silk, tissue Lyon. The dresses are designed according to the budget and the desire of the bride.