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"Peace and security" Rose quartz, fashion color Pantone 2016

Along with the blue serenity it has been named color of the year by the prestigious institute.

"It is a serene color dusk, blushing cheeks, a flower that has just been born."


Stylists and designers from around the world anxiously awaited the decision of the Pantone Institute on what would be the color of the new year. And Pantone has spoken: the number 13-1520, ie, rose quartz, is the key that will be in 2016.

But it is not the only voice that is present in their choice; first, the company has opted colors by mixing two colors (pink quartz Blue Serenity). The reason, according to Pantone, is that consumers are looking for "wellness as the antidote to the stress of today" and it was necessary to choose colors that produce a feeling of "peace and security". Comparing pink with a "warm embrace" and blue with "freshness". In the words of Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the institute, rose quartz "it is the color of a serene dusk, blushing cheeks, a flower that has just been born."

The major fashion houses and the most elegant celebrities have used this tonalidadad for their parades and put long. We have seen a dramatic Jennifer Lawrence collect an Oscar in 2013 with Dior dress(cocktail dresses online) in this tone, and Queen Letizia has used it for more than an official event.

The stylist Ana Capel reconone celebrities who use this color to red carpets in the coming months: "I especially like the rose quartz because it reminds me colred flowers, pink cheeks, definitely good vibes."

In the new era of fashion and trends pink it is no longer an exclusively female color: the prestigious British label E. Tautz opened his spring-summer 2016 collection with rose quartz as a banner for coats, shirts and belts for men, giving more sober delicacy in male outfits, playing with the concept of androgynous menswear that dominates European and American gateways.

The color of the red carpet

How and what to combine rose quartz? The answer is simple: almost everything. For fashion gurus, it is a color that works for any occasion for its luminosity. Sara Long stylist emphasizes that, in face of the spring, is well matched with white, beige tones and if you want to give more strength to a risky look with black. The gray days of this season are over thanks to these combinations: "It's a color that in the past two years leads tendency Famous as being frequently used in recent seasons for the red carpet or party dresses.".

Capel opts with a combination of red and pink with fuchsia pink, in addition to soft colors like pastels: "I like both women with lighter skin tones and brown skin María León or as Imma Cuesta" he says.

Long recognized as rose quartz has been used to "day celebrations" (the classic BBC: 'wedding-baptism-communion') but increasingly begins to wear for evening dresses(evening dresses online) and accessories such as handbags. It also warns that you can not wear this color with bright colors "like orange or yellow". At the end of the day, the rose has its limits in fashion.

Another strong point of this color is the makeup and cosmetics: skin combined with a clear and neutral colors can give birth to any face, but should not use too much not to fall into the styling Barbie.

Reactions to the announcement was not long in coming, and fast fashion brands of our country have been the batteries. Chains like Zara or H & M already have good clothes to dominate the sales prices have started yesterday.

A difficult decision

How do you choose which is the Pantone color of the year? Despite criticism of its arbitrariness, the company argues that the choice is the result of a heated debate among more than 40 experts from around the world that focus on social trends find time to hit the mark. Cinema, music and even serve as influence the economy.

Still, experts Pantone Institute may err in their predictions, and the color of the year is not transferred to the street. The marsala (whose name comes from a Tuscan wine) Color elected king last year, conquered part of trend scouts, but the radiant purple orchid of 2014 did not convince in parades or on the streets. We must wait until the end of the year to ensure that the precious mineral wears the clothes and accessories of this 2016.