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I choose what material for my wedding dress?

Your wedding dress is not just a garment. She is the symbol of new life. Hence the importance of the choice of fabric. And when you think of style and form, you must not forget to give utmost importance to the choice of material. This is often through her that passes elegance.


What matters for a summer wedding dress?

Dress lightly bride, punctuated by pristine white or colored buttons, fabrics are the summer air. Become bare shoulders, necklines are a bit more pronounced this season. We find essential materials like silk.

A wild silk wedding dress

Raw silk or silk taffeta to wear summer and winter. With timeless materials, it is the shape of the dress that sets the tone. In winter, add accessories like a small court mantle, a light shawl to warm but covering most cautious.

A cotton wedding dress

Worked dive or honeycomb or by how rumpled taffeta, cotton still inspires designers. It is fresh, young and pure, a very romantic simplicity. Even the shawl can be crafted in cotton if it is particularly light.

Linen wedding dress

Used much like cotton, it has a natural wrinkled. If you like linen but less comfort the inevitable wrinkling, prefer it mixed with a small percentage of synthetic material that will give it a little more body. It is a very fashionable material, which will be accompanied by a country wedding or country. Indeed, less often white as cotton, it has a very natural connotation.

Which material for a winter wedding dress?

Crafted in rich fabrics you wear winter outfits with as much pleasure as the summer wedding dresses. The designers play with fabrics to match the season without turning them heavy and uncomfortable outfits. Freedom of movement is as always their concern.

A velvet wedding dress

Some designers put in the spotlight this material which bears only the coldest season. Extremely rich and sweet, it will give a very couture look to your wedding dress. Often available in deaf and warm colors like plum or simply used for a shawl or small coat, it is ideal for outfits a day. Also very refined on the wrists to finish a long run.

A damask wedding dress

Often reserved for winter dresses for its rich appearance, it brings elegance and keeping to simple dresses. The choice of Damask is essential because the grounds are very visible and play with contrasts. Bright, damask does not appear in the same light by time. It may also choose for a wedding season back in September when autumn is not far off.

And the others…

Organza, lace, lace, organza, gazar, satin and beautiful embroidery are unavoidable summer and winter. At each of varying shapes and accessories to do rather lean towards one or the other of the seasons!