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Short party dresses with big discounts


Although they have already passed key day of this time, we still have Kings Day and every night they desire us to wear short dresses for a party like that Asos shows. It is true that as day one that is sure you will be tired of so many parties, so it's a good time to rest and have a look at what follows.

Although the sales period still has not started itself, there are many shops that already have large discounts. Thus, as we can get that dress that you had his eye or perhaps make a nice gift. Anyway ... the best short dresses are here to party !.

Prom dresses with pencil skirt

When we think short dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is the shape thereof. Surely there is one of which we can not escape so easily and it always sets the trend. This is called skirt tube or pencil. A skirt that has a style close to the body and gird your curves so that you look more feminine yet. Are you thinking ?, As prices blue will be yours for 20.59 euros and 11.76 euros for mustard.


It is a kind of skirt that always tends to favor, because it will have more cuts to fit all body types. For one, you can choose the stretch fabrics that adapt as a glove. Of course, if you prefer a little hide certain details of your body, then let it be a slightly thicker fabric who complete your dress.

The surround effect will also leave us the originality and the special touch to our look at 33 euros. Something that also bring us closely necklines. The peak neckline helps us hide this upper area, but we can also opt for the classic year just ended and stoop-shouldered neckline. For the most simple and discrete parties, nothing like letting us fooled by a dress-shirt.


Which they carry the style and craftsmanship are all those short dresses that come up to the knee, but also have a perfect place to lengthen the silhouette and is about those with a slightly longer skirt model. A more sophisticated style of around 50 euros and they are perfect to accompany with high heels and a small bag or purse.

Short dresses with flared skirt

The flight volume is the protagonist of this series of short dresses for party(evening dresses). This flared skirt or skate refers to a short skirt is not attached to the body, but takes its volume starting from the waist area. With a flick or a series of folds, we can see in Asos dresses.


Yes, always they will be well accompanied by the details that will make some dresses like them more special. On one side are those who transparencies as an embroidery and lace, grant us good taste, although we can not forget the back necklines. You would not know live without them !. A subtle way to add more sensuality to every garment for about 23 and 26 euros.


For this type of clothing, fabrics like chiffon usually have more prominence. It is a very simple tissue and that lends itself to seize this volume that we mentioned earlier. Again you can choose all kinds of necklines, from the most subtle and simple to the more daring. We can not forget that besides all makes and colors, these dresses come with a great price. A perfect way to bring the best clothes at the same time we saved a few euros.