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Clothes for New Year 2016: color and fashion trends

How will the fashion for New Year 2016? What will be the look that we can show off to be glamorous and trendy at every opportunity? Introducing a number of tips to be elegant on the last day of the year.


We have not passed Christmas already think about New Year? It is part of human nature, or rather the feminine nature. Fortunately, solutions to celebrate in a fashion on the last day of the year, by welcoming the new twelve months, are endless. Moreover, if we play cunning, many outfits you can then reuse.

The long dresses(long formal dresses) for New Year are a classic for parties and gatherings chic and elegant, ideal for a dinner at a restaurant or in a location that requires a certain dress code. They are to be avoided, however, in more casual dining, maybe a friend's house, when in fact short dresses or leaning knee are preferred.

If you do not like the skirt, do not worry because a pair of pants blacks or even a pair of jeans, maybe to match a top bustier dress with tuxedo jacket, can help us to achieve a stylish and sought for New Year. If, then, you will spend the last day of the year in the mountains, so the convenience, but with style: roll neck maxi Norwegian style, with sequins and luccichini, paired with leather leggings and boots with faux fur and you will be top.

Finally, the colors: black is the main color of clothes for New Year, along with the red, shades celebrating the festive season. This year, do they enjoy even midnight blue, considered the new black, as well as the deep purple. Lace inserts in matching tones and transparencies can then complete the look with a glamorous and sensual.