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How to choose a wedding dress for pregnant women?


Show pregnancy well advanced on her wedding day no longer shocks. Funky, motherhood even doing quite well and find a dress suitable forms of future mother is no longer mission impossible. So no question of camouflage your small can or arriving breathless, the edgy nerves and defeat mine.

1.An outfit for two


Without trying to hide your tummy at all costs, avoid certain forms unsuitable for your state: the marked sizes, ruffles, ribbons and frilly dresses Sissi. Prefer fluid shapes, sizes or high style dresses "Empire" marked below the chest. Graze without casting with light materials: organza, chiffon, cotton. Invest in a good bra to your new size and wide straps to prevent marks.


Question color even set: simplicity. Although the flowers are trendy, beware of taking too full effects. Rather Play with accessories: a hat or a pair of gloves.


Do not go perch on pumps or heels that accentuate pain in the kidneys. Your center of gravity has shifted and your ligaments are more flexible during pregnancy. Also avoid mules take the wrong foot. Light canvas shoes with kitten heels but not too flat, not the arch collapses, will suit perfectly.

2.Measures and customized


The main challenge is to anticipate the size and shape that will take your body during these months. Purchased as late as possible, by providing broad, you can treat yourself to a traditional flowing dress (chiffon or organza for example).

Custom made

Ideally, for a unique dress and perfectly fit your anatomy, is to provide the measure. Some designers propose a model "Special pregnant women" whose final assembly is done at the last moment. Others will realize all your dreams by adapting many of their models. It takes at least four fittings. Final adjustments take place one or two weeks before the big day

3.Forms and form

To get relaxed ...

Be Pampered. There are now courses of prenatal spa to unwind and stay fit (in Deauville, Oléron, La Baule and Saint-Malo ...). Closer to home, treat yourself to a massage in a salon, do water aerobics.

Even simpler, regularly perform some moves home after a hot bath:

- To soften the ligaments: put yourself legged on the floor, back straight, soles of feet in contact before you. Breathing deeply, slowly bring the legs toward the body by relaxing the hips and spine.

- To breathe well: an original Zulu exercise is to completely fill the lungs with three consecutive breaths and exhale in one long breath to expel negative thoughts.

- To alleviate legs: massage them as soon as the need is felt with a mixture of two drops of geranium oil and lemon oil mixed with sweet almond oil, or with a suitable product .

- For the back: do the crocodile! Lie on your back, spread your legs and bend your knees. Inhale then exhale knees down one side and the head of the other then reverse. The feet remain in contact with the ground.

Last minute

To aid sleep, take the night before the wedding a few drops of chamomile flower essence in water.

4.A beautiful future mom

For the big day, put your new assets worth: your neck, your arms and legs if they remained thin. Under the action of hormones, your hair has never been so beautiful, enjoy it. In Africa, pregnant women do not nattent their hair not to symbolically tie the cord!

If you are a little too round, nothing prevents you from cheating a bit with the hairstyle or makeup. Degraded or more wisps in a bun waterfall lengthen the face. A dull complexion and gold will make you look thinner. Finally, stretch your blush at the temples rather than the cheekbones, ask eyeshadow V, not a halo not eyebrows.


Perspiration increases during pregnancy. Always have on hand a fogger, prefer natural materials such as cotton or linen, and at the last moment, rub your hands camphor alcohol.