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The Christmas campaign Tommy Hilfiger


And it is so close to Christmas could not stop reporting the new campaign signature Tommy Hilfiger for Christmas "Happy Holidays from The Hilfigers" and its Holiday 2015 Collection.

The new signature campaign has been photographed in one of the cities of trend of the moment: New York, bringing together familiar faces from previous campaigns such as models Julia Hafstrom, Cora Emmanuel, RJ King, Bernard Fouquet, Mirte Maas and Miles McMillan, with the additions of new ones like Nathan Owens, DJ Howard Doe and the bulldog.


For this holiday season American family goes to their favorite winter destinations transmitting their distinctive style to an essential selection of clothing for these dates.

In the words of the founder of the brand Tommy Hilfiger "Holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. I love to bring family and friends to celebrate(ball gowns online) in true festive style. " "Our Holiday 2015 collection features classic holiday updated with new settings, and luxurious fabrics. Designed for all occasions, from family gatherings to cocktails, the commitment to look more authentic and relaxed glamor. "


The festive collection of Tommy Hilfiger Women is composed of a cocktail dress and a pencil skirt, both navy blue lace, trendy woven signature for the Holidays, a blue sweater and white sequined sleeveless dress with neck sequins and metallic belt. Men American fashion firm commitment to a marine point cardigan, a white poplin shirt with buttons, Chinese gray, blue pants, a mottled burgundy sweater vest and dark blue feathers.

As for more formal and classic proposals for them, the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored collection includes a tartan-patterned suit, a navy blue blazer with satin lapels, a white classic shirt and a navy blue bow tie, we always liked the bow!