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Mother prepares crochet dress for 15 years Daughter

With little money and using the talent, the artisan Lucimar da Silva Medeiros Mayer just one crafting crochet dress for the 15th birthday of his daughter, Ludmila Mayer. Even before the party, she anticipated to The Journal TRIBUNE the result of his creation, showing how was the dress.


Lucimar Mayer explained to the entry which is artisan since the age of 7, but, professionally, has worked for about 20 years with crochet. She explains that as back in fashion productions crochet clothes thought to be worth it for the 15th birthday party dress(formal dresses) your daughter.

As the artisan, the Ludmila's birthday is on January 1, but the party will be on Saturday (19/12) in the city of Sonora (MS). However, he explains that they live on a farm in Itiquira, 120 kilometers from Rondonópolis, which come constantly.


The mother said that ended up making a dress in a style "Hollywood", inspired the "luxury doll" Audrey Hepburn. "My daughter really likes [Audrey]," he says. The dress was completed in 15 days and, according to her, without modesty, was divine. "My daughter loved!" He adds.

Lucimar estimates that production to daughter compensated economically, due to low cost, and professionally due to the optimal result. To disclose that crochet dress, outside that, despite ending surprise at the existing interest among acquaintances, would value the craftsmanship.

It also produces custom crochet pieces. "Just did not do wedding dress today," he says.