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Divorced, she wrote a letter to the bride she was


"He loves you and you love him and you vow to stay with him forever."

Amy Johnson married thirteen years ago. On the Huffington Post website, this mother of two children, divorced now, has published an open letter to herself on her wedding day(a-line wedding dresses). "Oh Amy, so look at your smile!" Writes Amy. "Today, directing you to the altar, at no time, you're saying you do not get the best decision of your life. He loves you and you love him and you vow to stay with him forever. I know you do not like surprises. But thirteen years later, I can assure you it has not really changed. Well, almost. You are divorced. "

Divorce Amy took place after nine years of marriage. "For a while, you will be paralyzed by guilt and shame of not loving your husband. You start to observe other married couples and you realize that most of them pretend to be happy together. So you mention your husband, "says the editor. "This conversation is the most difficult of your life but also the best. After that, you feel relieved of a great weight."

Amy and her husband decided they did not want to stay married just for the "good" of their two children. "All your friends will tell you that this is an absurd decision and you're making a big mistake. But as the day of your wedding(bridesmaid dresses), you know yourself it's the right decision." Amy says she gets along very well with the father of her two boys. "Our son will grow up knowing what it is like true love."

"Life has not evolved as you hoped," says Amy again. "But I think you did not imagine how your life could be better. You kept your mind open to the idea of ​​romantic love, and want to find what is perfect for you. You fell in love of yourself. You have learned to live alone but not isolated. And you will not believe me but today you frequent dating sites and you know how to replace a door handle without help from anyone. "