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Naomi and Luke, convict was a romantic "blackmail"


Noemi De Bonis, 23, works in the commercial sector of a private radio station. Born under the sign of Cancer, is defined precise, methodical and determined, "maybe too much" as noted by her husband Luke. She likes to keep fit by going to spinning class and shop.

Soggia Luca, 27, is an insurance with a passion for manga; like any good Taurus has a strong character and with his better half is thoughtful and romantic. The only reproach that makes Noemi is its chaotic disorder and a faith that her Roma player from Lazio supporter, just can not swallow!


In 6344 amanoDSC weekend to go out and organize parties with friends but during the quiet nights of the week prefer to enjoy the total relaxation cuddled on the couch watching a good movie. As good cooks and love to experiment with new recipes from their travels around the world never forget to bring gifts? That now count among their beautiful house modern style.

Naomi and Luke, newlyweds Marcellina, have chosen in the prime of their youth and with absolute conviction of swearing eternal love with the ancient sacrament of marriage(wedding dresses sydney). A decision which nowadays is almost considered news that more and more Italians who prefer to live (de facto unions have more than doubled since 2008, over one million in 2013-2014 ed). This beautiful love story born in the corridors of the High School Ettore Maiorana Guidonia: Naomi had just 14 and Luke was about to graduate. On June 20 they were married in the church of Christ the King Marcellina, after an engagement that lasted nine years since that first kiss, stolen with a romantic "blackmail" ...

Fewer and fewer Italian couples who decide to marry, for more below the threshold of thirty years. You, before the fateful yes, you have never considered the opportunity to live together?

L. Mai. When you truly love a person I do not think I need to do before a "test" of coexistence, if we talk about it even as a final choice we do not support the union as a de facto standard.

No. It 'a shame to know that many young people today associate with marriage the idea of ​​putting their relationship "caged". The important thing is to take the plunge only if you are really convinced.

In your case this conviction has matured during a long engagement. It all began nine years ago, you told us what happened?

N: We went to the same high school and although I did understand him in every way that I was interested in him, Luke could not bring himself to ask me out because he thought I was too small. So one day, after school, I took courage and said, "if tomorrow when I go out I find you here, I will need to take you home."

Your answer was a romantic blackmail, right Luca?

And now, after an awkward moment I replied: "I'll walk home only on condition of receiving a kiss as a reward!"

Promise kept ?

N: Oh no! At least not at that time ...

L: Did I steal that kiss the next day ... that's when I felt a shiver down my spine, a clear signal of a strong feeling that I later called Love, the one with a capital letter.

Noemi, after this poetic description imagine that your husband has given his best even in its proposal of marriage!

N: Actually began with a serious tone, telling me on the phone: "I have to talk," the classic phrase that usually in a couple promises the well served! I was almost certain that he was preparing to leave the speech ... He started making me the third degree with questions like, "But you're okay with me? You're sure of our relationship? ".

L: Do not look at me in the face, he was black pissed! (Smiles)

And then the proposal?

L: We were already in the car. A little 'to give her time to cool off and a little' because basically I'm a shy guy.

N: The tension broke up when he gave me the velvet box telling me, like a movie of love: "Noemi De Bonis, will you marry me?" For the joy I cried all the way home!

As tradition could not miss serenade the bride ...

L: Of course, I sang for her three songs: "To me it's forever" Ramazzotti, "Nothing but us" of 883 and our song "Sweet Child o 'Mine" by Guns N' Roses. And modestly I have proven to have a male voice ...

N: Stonata you mean ... I ran down to the last song before the neighbors tirassero the tomatoes!

In the wedding day you were agitated?

N: Not at all, we lived every moment of the day peacefully without any agitation. Is it because we wanted so much to that moment ...

Next to you, Naomi, were four bridesmaids: you choose the American way?

N: No, it was a classic wedding in which the choice of bridesmaids(bridesmaid dresses online) allowed me to have at my side my four best friends (Daria, Laura, Francesca and Karen) saw that I could have five witnesses .. They were beautiful and smiling in their clothes salmon, main color of my marriage ...!

The icing on the cake, your honeymoon ..

L. We have been in Thailand: Bangkok before then Phuket, Singapore and finally Bali. What a blast! Has

organized everything Naomi, was very good.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

L: Always happy and maybe with 5 children ...

N: What about you, even with a baby cat around the house? (Asks the husband)

Luke looks at her with eyes full of love and nods: "How can I say no to the woman of my life?".