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Ponytail, perfect for parties

A ponytail solves every problem, you choose a casual or chic. A classic that never sets, word of Kérastase


The only rule is that you'll have to abide by the length of the hair: the hair must be long, even the medium-long, but better long. Because of ponytail or ponytail, there is an infinite variety, for all occasions and for all ages. Just knowing how to choose and place: on top of the head, in the middle or low on the nape, perhaps carried on the shoulder as he likes to do Victoria Beckham, isnt the ponytail to make figure of his style.

Everywhere on the red carpet, it is a compelling alternative and indeed preferable to the more classic and dare we say discounted chignon for the holidays. Perfect for every look, we said, so that the brand Kérastase has decreed iconic hairstyle in the collection Vision of Style, in luxury version, couture, high on the head and broad, voluminous and consistent to take strictly with an evening dress or cocktail dress. Material almost thanks to the spray-powder V.I.P. Volume Powder Line Styling Couture Kérastase, which cotona the hair at the roots and gives body to the rest of the foliage.


But not only he lives volume ponytail, as shown by the stars that show off the catwalk and hair stylist who made it parades on the catwalk autumn and winter 2015-16. Even Gwyneth Paltrow who does not like much of the crops, much less change the look too often, it has recently raised a style very good taste with lots of black ribbon to halt the node. Same style, the Audrey Hepburn short, but high on the head to Dakota Johnson and saucy fringe for Olga Kurylenko.

Equally sophisticated but more the classic ponytail Rosie Huntungton Withley, based liscissima, low on the nape and the center line or the more messy Diane Kruger, and move slightly with two long strands framing the face. Rock stars, however, apparently prefer high on the head: Beyoncé, Cat Deeley and Fergie take the fact that, from a smooth move. Inelegant, indeed example of what you should do, is the ponytail of dreadlocks Miley Cyrus: clear example of how you want to impress at all costs, almost never pays!