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All the secret thoughts of wedding photographers


"It will not last ..."

It is the privileged witness of the most beautiful day of your life. A wedding photographer has a great responsibility to capture the magic and intimacy of a momentous event for couples who want to remember forever. But what really think watching you alongside your dear husband? The Daily Mail interviewed several photographers and asked them to reveal their innermost thoughts.

"I'm starving"

Committed to the day, photographers can work up to twelve hours straight, married but sometimes forget to feed them in good conditions. A photographer explains that she already had a wedding(princess wedding dresses) so hungry that everything seemed painful and she could not even sit with the guests during the meal.

"It will not last ..."

"Yes, it happened to me to think that, and yes, the couple then broken," said one photographer. According to the Daily Mail, most wedding photographers locate fairly easily if a couple is truly in love or not.

"Respect me a bit '

Gradually, as the evening progresses, guests, increasingly drunk, can be rather invasive, ditto for stressed married and too authoritarian.

"And if you rangiez your phone?"

It's a big frustration for photographers to see dozens of iPhones that hide the faces of the guests.

"I hope it will rain"

Married generally prefer a big blue sky with the sun, but wedding photographers dream of a gloomy weather, the more photogenic.

"They do not look happy"

A photographer remembers a bride who was so stressed that it showed on the pictures. "It is possible to smile?", Has he asked. "This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life!" Another advises couples to let the bridesmaids(bridesmaid dresses online) choose their witnesses and held, otherwise you quickly notice when they are not comfortable.

"Trust me"

Needless to tell them how to do their job. And wedding photographers also like to be consulted before the big day to know all stages of planning and make suggestions.