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Naked Cake EDIBLE gold

The wedding season is upon us! Bride, bridesmaid or witness or? Perhaps her best friend as someone helping in organizing the big day? If so, then you definitely need to know Stegner-kunos Niki, who I broke the desigenreként now unavoidable in the trendy wedding cake in charge! The 2016 wedding season shoo tortáiról work and talked with her hood look.

Nowadays, not only the clothes, décor, flowers and adapt to the latest trends, but also the cake, which is why we asked Niki help us navigate through the latest styles.(mermaid formal dresses)

"This year is a huge popularity to the naked, that is, the naked cakes, uncoated" - said Niki immediately the most important things to know. Despite the fact that the first home naked cake prepared by Niki in 2014, broadly in this wedding season captivates the prices. "Of course, abroad it has long been popular with the naked cake. I have made love because it's so different, yet pretty. "

Well, but what are these naked cakes? To imagine such a bride who just dig a wedding cake trends? "At home for some reason many people think that the cake naked, some in makeshift sponge cake, is not really! Already in the preparation of sponge cake it is very important to ensure not to damage the base and should be fine for almost straight, the whole pie ... "- drew attention to Niki.

In addition to the naked flowers decorated cakes this year, Niki was something really special for it. Nora Sármán a new collection of wedding gowns inspired by the poem rózsakvarcos cake. "Sármán one of Nora's dress was so inspired that I knew the collection I want a piece of the cake kreálni. Edible gold has been used several times, but the edible rose quartz planning and preparation was brand new. I did not know what will happen and how it will be painted live at all whether you will like me, and most importantly the others? "- Niki told me about the design and construction stages doubts. The preparation of rose quartz is not easy. This chemical crystallization of the sugar during long hours to prepare Niki décor created during long hours, even for days worked in several pounds of rózsakvarcon the workshop, and then to the demands of the most beautiful cake. It was worth it, because the cake is that represents everything you want my cake.(

Niki workshop would not otherwise be out two of the same pie, because the designer is not only dictated by international trends, but the couple's character, his style is dominant, everyone gets a piece you really say that, "My cake." "I consider the wedding sütikóstolókat, since these can personally meet with the couple. Not only is the flavor tora talk about it, but I have the opportunity to get to know them, talk about being designed esküvőjükről, megismerkedésükről. This is all important to them eventually create a personalized cake "- Niki told the kulisszatoktokat.

Vindicating sequined

Now that is what takes authenticity, is not so much in fashion dress parades. In the first row there are more Vans with ripped jeans to suits. It is the sign of the times and the influence of artists such as Gosha Rubchinskiy: presentation last week at the fair Pitti in Florence, shows the sweet moment living the aesthetics of youthful rebellion. So it funny that man parades Fashion Week in Milan, for now, are still rather frivolous proudly.

Dsquared take several seasons vindicating their ability to reinvent any piece of male wardrobe, no matter if they are suits, shirts or jeans began, and those who have built an empire that just turned twenty. This time the inspiration was skin from the waist up and glam from the waist down. belted plaid shirts and jackets with military checkerboard pattern and foot, heel boots platform that would have made a happy man Marc Bolan.(formal dress)

As the parade progressed the thing grew. The Fates mods were covered with sequins (an unexpected trend for next season) and boots, glitter; in the end, Dan and Dean Caten, identical twins who founded the brand, came out to greet arm, parading with individual platforms and strips with gay flag waving in the wind: a celebration of difference and hedonism in the mourning after Orlando bombing.

Dan y Dean Caten, fundadores de Dsquared, saludaron con sendas plataformas y tiras con la bandera gay que ondeaban al viento.

Donatella Versace, who also knows a thing or two about fashion as evasion, knew how to put the audience to tone before its parade with a video of his friend Bruce Weber: Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and casting well-fed models nourished, filmed with the usual joie de vivre photographer and filmmaker. The clothes were also worth celebrating: smooth, sometimes elegant and sometimes sporty, colorful discreet but sometimes semitransparent. When they are rarities Prince (one, with a chorus that said: versace), Donatella proved that theirs is not the chaotic family business that once was, and that their discipline has yielded results at all levels.

A little earlier in the day yesterday, Dolce & Gabbana had submitted their fantasy of every season, this time inspired by a vision of jazz in Palermo. Among gold art deco lamps, there were prints saxophone and piano keys, tailoring for everyone, big guy gangster coats and sequined tuxedos (you see what he said?).

The starting point was some similarity with inspiration Forties Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta, only baggy pants German or delicate jackets patchwork fur, might seem luxurious second hand, and nothing in the race Dolce & Gabbana has never seemed even remotely used.(semi formal dresses)

Bottega Veneta has not paraded this season (shown clothes in private appointments in offices) because it will make a joint show next September, to celebrate 15 years of Tomas Maier aboard the house. Since the firm says it is a blip, but his absence in the calendar is added to the Zegna (which just changed designer) or Calvin Klein (who still does not have). This is an atypical season, so parades as above, or as the conceptual beauty, but friendly, we saw at Marni, comforting. Each does what it deserves. In Milan, everything changes, but everything is still in place.

Italian flair in Ratingen "Kö"

From Valeska von Dolega ratingen perfection and crazy ideas in combination with a pinch of snobbery, so grandiose fashion for fashionistas - so may be summarized perhaps what the different Italian fashion designers have in common.

How far-ranging the spectrum Italian designs, women experience at Coprissimo. Why designers from the Fashion Italy permanently hearts fashion avid fly women, answered Sylvia Ortmann so ". Design is among Italians simply unique" You should know, since February 2015 it leads along with Monika Croll the boutique on Lintorfer road. Specializing in Italian collections, they draw customers to all ages.(

Serie Modestadt Ratingen: Italienisches Flair an Ratingens

"We want to offer something that stands out from the crowd that" the two say. Your customers are looking for the complete look, ranging from silk to leather to coarse knitting. Understatement, so deliberately withdrawn and almost a bit random direction, denotes the style, not be neglected in the sex appeal and rock attitude. Incidentally, not only in standard sizes, "we carry pants up to size 48". Pants, tunics, dresses, shirts, shoes and scarves are also in the range as necklaces and bracelets as accessories. "Our goods have in the lives of the customers fit", but very particularly the selection remarkable bags.

Opulent, unusual and lying outside the mainstream fashion highlights order the two boutique operators regularly. And although it takes in small quantities. "Every 14 days we present new collection pieces. In small quantities", so that the individual pieces are almost unique in Ratingen streets. "Now life is also there to be surprised every now and again," the Coprissimos describe their own enthusiasm for discovering new things. According to the shop with the inviting window front is also there, by watching the actual ranges and to be inspired. "Many know exactly what they are looking to complete their outfits in other professional advice is required" to know with tact and Martina Buske and Sybille Gastis, the staff of the team, when advice is desired.(

Events such as dresses week, Special Day, "Not for elves" or the Midnight shopping are very popular with customers. Of course the first birthday was celebrated with a party, to participate in the fish market on June 26 is fixed, and currently a fashion show is planned.

Hadid, the name of fashion

No doubt. Hadid is the name of fashion and Gigi and Bella are the sisters of the moment. Not that they are everywhere, that too, but appear where they should and where large contracts are signed. Bella, the last to join the luxury fashion carousel, it's no movie star, but gave the big blow in the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival with wide openings of their daring models and necklines. With only 19 years, he left the French city turned into the new ambassador of Dior makeup line.

Suddenly, everyone speaks of the daughters of Yolanda van den Herik, a Dutch former model rampaging six years in the reality show 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', and Mohamed Hadid, a Palestinian real estate developer specializing in the building mansions of luxury and possessing a fortune of over 200 million euros. It seems as if there were no more dummies than them. Even her father admits: "There will be thousands of prettiest girls Gigi and Bella, but none works so hard ... Also, have earned their success."(DressesMall AU)

It can blind you love father, but truths loose fists. All manufacturers, designers and magazines jostle to the Hadid sisters from Balmain, signing for which have posed together, to Tom Ford, Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana ... They are the 'instamodels' most revered. Gigi alone has over 16 million followers on Instagram. Sparks to fly to social networks, but not only to boost their careers, but to torpedo the work of the paparazzi who chase them all the time. Hang pictures of them and their respective boyfriends -Zayn Malik, the Gigi, and The Weeknd, that of Bella before they reach newsrooms to bust exclusive.

Gigi, a la izquierda, y Bella Hadid son hijas de una exmodelo holandesa que arrasa desde hace años con un reality sobre Beverly Hills. :: E. C.

But what do these young people to outshine the other tops? For starters, many hobbies. In the fraternal posados, which usually sneak his brother Anwar, Gigi always on the left, extending his left arm around Bella's back in a gesture of enormous complicity, as if to tuck. He knows what he's talking older sister, although only two years separate them, because Gigi have fallen sticks to give and take as has triumphed on the catwalks.

They have thrown up all your measurements (86-63-89), which have nothing to do with tops as Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge, and attitudes. In addition to posing as any, Gigi has silenced all kinds of mouths to vindicate women with curves. "I represent a type of body that was not present before in fashion and I feel lucky to be supported by designers, stylists and editors. If you are not of those people, do not explotéis your rage against me. Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have ass, I have thighs, but I'm not asking for special treatment "respond to critics of his figure. "I have the same body type than the rest of the models in parades and do not consider myself the best, but I do want to have a way of parading unique. I am not the first nor the last model of my kind in the industry, but I have confidence that began while I felt the industry was ready for a change, "he reflects.

criminal psychology

Gigi is the largest top moment. His fame soared in May last year when the British edition of Vogue brought her to the cover with the suggestive title 'Who's that Girl?' (Who's that Girl?). And that's what began to wonder major fashion editors. Criminal psychology student, has starred in a meteoric career. Pulling the thread, it was learned that at 2 years made his first steps by participating in a campaign for Guess. Then, next to Bella, she participated sporadically in the reality of his mother, until it became the new Victoria's Secret Angel. After the divorce, her mother took the three brothers moved to a ranch in Santa Barbara to be focus on studies. The strategy failed. It was the influence of fashion.(semi formal dresses)

Gigi Hadid was that cut the cod until it appeared on the scene Bella, a girl who never dreamed of catwalks. The small thought a career as a rider, but the rich also cry. Not everything is happiness in this family. Like her mother and brother, Bella suffers chronic Lyme disease, an infection transmitted ticks and whose symptoms are similar to malaria. Nor it resemblance to other models. He confesses that he never would stop eating pizzas down the catwalks and welcomes the fashion world is open to different standards of beauty. "Every woman should be free to hold your body no matter your size." Perhaps that courage is what has led them to turn Hadid in the name of fashion.

Dealer roll out the red carpet

The changing weather made the car show to a changeable pleasure weekends. At least in the afternoon downtown but was well attended. Commenting on the traffic-free zone, cavorting in the Schön Geisinger and the main road and around thousands of visitors. Extra for the occasion had been designed on the streets and a red carpet, but this was rejected by many. He had quite soon waterlogged.

The car dealerships in Furstenfeldbruck showed their new vehicles. Whether two, three or four wheels, electric vehicle to terrain Jeep, all models were presented. Because you could sit in the car and to the sample, the faster carriage were in demand especially among the young. But moderate consumption values ​​are more desirable in this day and age of the customer, so the trend is toward electric vehicles. In a mixture of Piaggio Ape - a small, dreirädiger Transportation from Italy - and the known motor scooters with roof there was a battery-operated "E-car", which in his description also like a smartphone could have passed. Most important indication here: Recharge time: three and a half hours.(semi formal dresses)

When repeatedly aufreißender clouds - sometimes showed some sun, but often fell drops - appropriated the new-model of an old VW bus with additional storage and sleeping space under the roof in a dry place to play for children. Although the selection was huge at the auto show with more than 100 different models, the organizers the attention of visitors often hinged to the numerous entertainment acts that have been offered on the two stages.

After several youth dance groups had occurred, the biggest crowd gathered at onlookers to a fashion show on the main stage. Radio presenter Natasha Zillner therefore attempted to lighten the mood and spoke of a touch of Milan or Paris, before it started to rain in time for the start of the show. While not as strong as that one would interrupt the show must, but the continuous rain made it the model not just the catwalk. Thus it was noted that they with her high heels had to the substrate, a fully gesogener carpet adjust once. Since the fashion came to meet the weather trend, since it is for the summer clothes flat shoes before, so the models gained security. The wide range of show performances, singing or dancing between Walks, and the many different types of presentation made the first of three fashion shows worth seeing.(dresses for wedding guests)

A more straightforward appearance with running and posturing was the more experienced subject, the young models but knew to inspire innovations. They could not be deterred from rain that fell though not strong, but throughout the unroofed catwalk. Again and again cheered sketch similar demonstrations, live singing or dance duet to the public under the umbrellas. The models showed that they could also have a good time. Overall featured nine fashion shops from Fuerstenfeldbruck and environment from their collections, the selection could have been no different. presentation was held summer fashion with the trend for sunglasses and moderate colors, traditional costume fashion and underwear in "Victoria's Secret" style with angel wings. Especially the lingerie called among the spectators in the face of the many free skin constantly produces a murmur.


Among the fashionable colors for spring / summer 2016 peeps also orange, vitamin extremely solid but not easy to wear. Yes, it is a set of colors that is not going well at all, and that it is difficult to combine with other shades. Much depends on the fact that in the field of fashion is increasingly widely used, since it is considered a purely summer color and not always in vogue. Moreover, it is not comfortable to all. Yet in this hot season the Orange back to bite and has been proposed by many designers and brand of clothing and also on different accessories. Let's see what are the must-have declined in this shade and try to figure out how to wear the orange with style.(cheap formal dresses australia)

Who made especially use of this color scheme was Jeremy Scott for Moschino. On his catwalk, characterized by the 'work in progress' moods, alternated clothes reminiscent of the uniforms of workers who operate emergency interventions in the street and in yards. Of course, views this way this fashion trend is anything but chic.

Arancione, tendenza colore Primavera-Estate 2016

To change totally opinion, just take a look at the proposals signed couture Giambattista Valli, who presented a series of tulle dress adorned with flowers just declined in orange. More chic than this there is none! Also very beautiful maxi dress style caftans made in this rather dark hue by Alberta Ferretti for his spring / summer collection 2016. From designer can also admire a way to wear this color, or to opt for a plain dress together to make even neatest using wrought gold jewelry; in this way we get an ethno-chic look.

Yes, the orange can be a highly elegant and refined nuances, so that Elisabetta Polignano has used it for some of his dresses, always playing on jewelry items in gold. Even within the collection Rosa Clara ceremony for 2016 we find some clothes orange, with lace bodices and skirts in chiffon, while Stella McCartney has preferred to focus on proposals enriched by wave and mesh inserts machining.(bridesmaid dresses adelaide)

We told you about Orange Accessories Spring / Summer 2016, and among them we suggest you do not miss out on the first Balenciaga scarf, minimal style, but also sunglasses sun with wooden mirrored and colored lenses. Definitely very unique Basque Gucci, made of natural raffia with orange stripes, while decidedly orange bags abound, from Chloé Tom Ford, to the clutch in the shape of Valentino pineapple. Also amazing colored shoes in this shade, especially the pump Jimmy Choo and Sergio Rossi.