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The 'Mr. McCartney' gets the boot

A Alasdhair Willis (Yorkshire, 1971) would never have dropped the rings recognize what almost everyone whispers in its path: owes much of his meteoric career as a fashion designer, if not all, his wife, designer Stella McCartney.Si the daughter of the legendary 'beatle' has amassed fame and fortune with his namesake and ultracara brand and showing its absolute rejection to the use of fur, her husband is getting boots as creative director of Hunter, the Scottish firm with 160 years of history that has transformed a humble katiuskas a luxury item that wows celebrities. But do not think the consort is willing to settle for so little booty.(cheap formal dresses)

The 'Mr. McCartney' as he is known in England, walks with ambition fired. His prolific activity as an artist, entrepreneur, publisher, cultural agitator and consultant just leaves you free time, but was feeling happy note influential. "What moves me is the imagination. Whether it is in magazine publishing and furniture manufacturing or design field techniques boots, "he told the magazine 'Elle'. The key to success lies in providing the "maximum attention" to detail and make emotional creativity a way of life. It is the mantra with which has worked the last 20 years. Why change when one is going so well things?

Alasdhair is among those who believe "at face value" that always have more options to succeed when they generate fresh ideas. "I've always been curious to explore other disciplines, to test my skills and enrich the opportunities arrive. Every morning I wake up with a mission: to offer the world a new "reflects.

El ‘señor McCartney’ se pone las botas

There is one aspect that plays in favor of this elegant achiever who came in suit drawing classes while studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Smart and pompous, he knows that their marriage has been the best safe passage to open doors that otherwise would have resisted him. Nor it has gone to his head success nor felt indispensable. If your vegetarian wife lived surrounded by all kinds of comforts and luxuries from birth, Willis gave him no nothing. Raised in an industrial suburb of Middlesbrough, he opted for the world of advertising because he needed money to pay rent and paid pints of beer.

He channeled his talent to the world of advertising and gave the pitch with the release of 'Wallpaper', a publication of trends that came up with Tyler Brûlé. "Nobody gave a hard for us and we are silent when we got many comments over a million pounds in advertising revenue each number" he boasts. The unexpected bestseller immediately linked him to the world of the beautiful and powerful people. So glad you took, that diversified its professional profile and dedicated to advising very powerful companies. Its curriculum has made him an experienced strategist. He advised Estee Lauder, lent a hand to David Beckham in creating its line of underwear, collaborated with Adidas ... But Roughness (professional and personal) came in the most unexpected moment. At breakfast which he called a designer who then tore his solo career after gain experience in Christian Lacroix and Chloé. Constella the meeting, who asked business councils emerged an instant crush. Fifteen years and four children later -Miller, Bailey, Beckett and Reiley-, form one of the best-matched marriage in a world where the breaks are on the agenda. "Everything I do in my life is my family. It is most important to me. Each day take the children to school before going to the office and try to get home before they go to sleep, "he says.(long formal dresses)

Makeup and perfume

It shows the same ease with extended family than business engaged in walking. "It's hard to have to get everything, but we do both Stella and I," has Alasdhair, the magazines tend to reserve privileged positions in the lists of best-dressed men and hairstyles. In times where image plays a crucial role, it is common to see him discreetly makeup for photo shoots and leave a trail of good perfume. Besides selling like hotcakes galoshes both madden celebrities have shoes She's from the late Lady Di to Kate Moss, Willis has expanded the range of the brand with all kinds of clothes and accessories. The same sells larger than small. Son of a Scottish, has never hidden his political preferences. otherwise declares the independence of Scotland because he believes the UK is stronger unfragmented and is in favor of the permanence of their country in the European Union. nothing 'Brexit'.

voracious reader - "read well is a good way to live better" - Alasdhair admires the style of the late actor Steve McQueen and is passionate about planting trees. Hunter lives not only as it continues as a member of the board of the company Stella McCartney, with whom he has created corporate identity. "We often talk about an adventure together, we do not rule out ideas and do something in the future, but for now everyone is focused on his own," he confesses about a woman who is still driving him crazy. "I fell in love with a person, Stella, not a apellido.De someone who is able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, to open your eyes to what's around you and, ultimately, to make you Plantées many of the you inherited customs to create a better world, "he argues.

A simple way to help you conquer jeans girl tassels

Jeans pipe tassels - sounds were not at all easy to wear. Especially when you do not have slender legs nà swallowing, and even if you did long legs as a model. But wait, who said nothing to the long legs can wear beautiful?

You can read a series of ultra-small girl, she had not even as high as 1.6m but still seductive aura and not deadly? So, there are items that can not be dressed, just depending on how you view them like it.(red formal dress)

With tassels tube jeans, dressed easiest way is probably to mix simple map. Oversize shirts, T-shirts and sneakers are enough. Because this type of pants with elegant style or tone momentum, so do not try to force them into the framework with offices shirt and high heels, and do not present them to the office even if you have the confidence to set How your map.

Who knows if that day is the day you are the boss' favor, "called into the room to remind the dress problem - that no precedent with a girl dressed celebrity before?

Cách đơn giản chinh phục quần jeans tua rua - 4

Even simple with T-shirts and sneakers

Still simple items, but likely with every item, every figure and every style.

Do not wear too long

Whether shirt or jacket Oversize tone, do not let your hooded 3. Because when you're committed to this area of ​​style pants, then to Highway 3 by selecting short blouses or "plug barrel" is the way to your legs look longer, and your body more balanced, especially with the kind of clothes Flake pipe jeans tassels.(formal wear sydney)

Style "dirt cake"? Entirely possible!

Choose a pair of fancy shoes, several accessories such as earrings gifts to the ring choker and a little attention to a part of makeup and okay, you're ready for the street. Note that a mix of jeans flared tube bundle tassels super long coat covered with butt would contraindicated the thigh to her because she will make you become a super-plump potato. If you are in shape to thighs and toned, tassels pipe jeans with wide designs will be more preferable.

High season in the sewing workshop

Tuesday. Twelve of mid day. There 'overbooking' in the sewing workshop Fidela Fragoso, Fide for friends and clients, runs on the street Roso de Luna. A girl makes local a print dress(formal gowns) that will go up bass. It will premiere at the christening of his son, planned for early June. Meanwhile, another client waiting in the tester with the suit just bought at a nearby store. You can spare a few centimeters more. He will wear during the procession of Corpus, representing a brotherhood.

The sewing workshop is at full capacity. It is high season. The coincidence in the calendar of weddings, baptisms and communions do May, with June and July, the month increased workload for these businesses, focusing on clothing arrangements. Here comes new clothes and other taken from the closet to which they are seeking new life.

"We have a month of madness: communions, graduations, weddings, seasonal changes ..." he lists the owner of the shop behind the small counter at the entrance there. In the background, sewing machines do not stop. No time to waste. orders accumulate. "The other day a girl came with a dress that was her mother. It was very nice and had not gone out of fashion. It managed to finessed because he was a big bit. Is it going to be for a wedding "illustrates Fide.

Take the hem, adjust the armhole sleeves up ... usually some of the most common tasks in these workshops. However, it is not easy to find seamstresses who can perform them. Hence Fide have trouble recruiting candidates whenever it arises catch a reinforcement. "The problem is that no one knows how to sew," she laments.

Aspecto del taller que Carmen Canelo regenta en el pasaje comercial del Paseo de Cánovas. :: armando méndez

At present, the local street Roso Moon three people work: Fide, her pink companion and a student of practices from the cycle Patronage and Fashion taught at the IES Universidad Laboral, the only institute in the region where offer this teaching and Caceres each year attracts young people who dream of becoming designers.

Fashion design lived for a quarter century Sebastián Navarro. Born in Jaen and formed in Barcelona. He decided to open a sewing workshop in Caceres because here, he says, he found a good place to see their children grow.

In your local street Moñino Professor Rodriguez also growing activity on these dates. The peak season lasts until July. In this case, arrangements are made not only in clothing, but are made from the source: from design to the final result, through the pattern and cutting. A party dress(white formal dresses) custom made with the cloth included, costs from 500 euros. Six people are currently working in his workshop.

It is defined as a designer, stylist and fashion designer. Although it is in these months when a higher concentration of events occurs, he explains that in recent years the celebrations have opened new dates. "We started in February and March with the season of weddings and communions, but now is not like before and events are more evenly distributed throughout the year. When I started in Caceres, focused weddings in June, July and August, "he says.

During the last 25 years the fashion industry has changed. The emergence of chains like Inditex has changed consumer habits and has reduced the price of clothing. Clients who knock on the door of Sebastian Navarro seeking exclusivity, custom clothes, and avoid at all costs that the dress she will wear at the wedding of her sister, her cousin or niece may be repeated.

"Everyone has a personal taste and personal needs. The only way to achieve this is the design. That's the difference between what I offer and what trade offers. With a garment made to your needs, all details are meant for you: sizes, colors, shapes ..., "says the designer. "People increasingly know more what you want," he insists.

The emergence of blogs

Some of the clients that are put in the hands of Navarro, younger, often asking the couturier dresses taken from fashion blogs. "As illustrated they come with their ideas. Although many times, in the end, we modified the model to bring in the head, "he says. Sebastian always gives advice to women who go about their business: they feel comfortable with the clothing they wear. Recycling is also carried in this sector. The couturier fashion speaks of the 'vintage': take old clothes and update them without losing their essence.

Carmen Canelo takes a lifetime dedicated to the needle and thimble. First she sewed at home. Now it does from local who runs on the first floor of the shopping mall of Paseo de Canovas. Are custom made and, above all, he makes arrangements. Sharing space and time with three other companions. Here, he says, the work never fails. Especially now. "It buys a lot again, though people throw a little of what you have. They are garments that are arranged and perfectly serve again, "illustrates this dressmaker Llopis Ivorra. Become a dress for a celebration as this workshop costs about 250 euros (price does not include the fabric). They go here women, children and men. The latter, says Carmen, are the most reluctant to visit them. "Men are bad to come to prove," he concludes with a laugh.

In another commercial gallery, the Discovery, is El Extremeño Thimble. It was, says its owner, one of the first workshops arrangements which opened in Caceres. "We are very high season, especially communions. And now they add weddings. The months of May, June and July we have a lot of work, "summarizes Antonio Avila. At this time interrupt making garments to devote himself with the arrangements. "Every time managed more communion suits second-hand," he says. And the workforce grows. At five regular employees it has added one more to meet demand.

"We have a month of madness: communions, graduations, weddings, seasonal change ...".

"We started in February and March with the season of weddings and communions."

"We have hired more people and during this time we only arrangements."

Futuristic Fashion Designer Carves a Different Kind of Couture

Iris van Herpen is a Dutch designer best known for her innovative use of technology, specifically for her work with 3-D-printed clothing going back to 2010. Now, she is a gently escalating fashion force, beloved of couture wearers in the art world. Aged 27, she became the youngest designer to show on the official calendar at the Chambre de la Syndicale de la Haute Couture’s Fashion Week. Recently, her work has been featured in no less than three exhibitions: one in Atlanta, Georgia’s High Museum in an exhibition called Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion, and two of which are currently open to the public in New York City at Cooper Hewitt’s Beauty Triennial and the Met’s Costume Institute’s Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.(womens formal dresses)

Most designers begin with an idea or a concept—like Bali at sunset, or tribal semiotics—that they build their collection around. But Ms. van Herpen begins with material research, looking for fabrics and unique materials that interest her with their texture or malleability. She doesn’t like defining the direction of her collection in the beginning, often preferring to wait until she begins moulaging (draping on the mannequin] to develop the collection’s concept. But even then, she “wants to keep her freedom in [defining the collection],” and avoids sketching out her designs.

Iris van Herpen

As Ms. van Herpen explains, “It gives me a very free way of giving my own interpretation to them.”

Ms. van Herpen didn’t always want to go into fashion. At an early age, she dreamed of becoming a dancer, spending her youth at dance studios learning the art of ballet. But there were signs of her future career path embedded in her childhood. Her first memory of fashion was through her grandmother. Her grandmother collected clothing, costumes, shoes, jewelry and wigs and stored them up in her large attic. “She had a beautiful collection,” Ms. van Herpen told me. Once a week, when she went to visit her grandmother, she would climb up to the attic and play dress(Formal Dresses Perth) up, the too-big swaths of fabric drowning her tiny body. But it was the first time she felt the power clothes had in transforming oneself, in transforming the body.

After completing high school, Ms. van Herpen attended the Netherland’s famed ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, located in Arnhem, a large, bustling city, near Netherlands’ eastern border with Germany. While there, she worked in nearly every artistic discipline: sculpture, drawing, painting and fashion. It was in the fashion department that Ms. van Herpen found her calling. “I knew I could combine my vision in fashion best. It’s a way where I could be able to work with the body like I used to with dance and to still be thinking about the transformation of that body and the movement but in a more material [way]…[Dance] is only there when you do it. And what I really like about working with fashion is that I can create something for someone that is still there when I’m not there. That I can sort of create this dialogue with the body.”

Iris van Herpen, fall 2014

Ms. van Herpen’s focus on creating fashion that communicates, that makes the wearer and the people around her think, is what brings her work out of the realm of futurism and science fiction. Futuristic fashion is depicted as this cold, robotic prototype that is more about the gadgetry and the circuitry than it is about form and aesthetic ideals. But Ms. van Herpen’s work has a humanity about it—her clothes often looking as if they were biomorphic forms with a sense of self, a sort of sartorial AI. The reason for this is simple: for her, craftsmanship and handwork are equal to that of technology.

An integrated approach allows Ms. van Herpen’s work to avoid the common pitfalls of a technology-centered approach to fashion, like a lack of aesthetic appeal. Architectural shapes, stunning metallic, textured colors and skilled proportions have made Ms. van Herpen’s looks wantable for an upscale client, happy to make a bold statement and turn even the most artistically inclined heads.

France, the book by the former model against anorexia: "I wanted to regain my brain"

At seventeen, Victoire Maçon Dauxerre, has caught the eye while walking down the street by the talent of a modeling agency. Like many girls her age is still undecided on what to do with his life. He studied to pass the entrance competition at Sciences Po but not passing the examination, it is in crisis. "You'll become famous, the world'll shoot" the promises his mentor.

Victoire makes his book, enters the world of fashion. In less than six months has participated in over twenty-two fashion shows from Paris to Milan to New York. Thus begins a long descent to hell, weigh up to 47 kilograms for 1.78 meters, two apples as lunch and dinner before the shows, the first signs of anorexia, the constant humiliation of the body, up to the suicide attempt. "Everything in order to have a size 32" explains during a meeting to promote his book Jamais maigre axis, never thin enough.(red formal dresses)

And 'the diary of his ordeal five years ago, but also of his salvation: it is now a young twenties happy and healthy, bestselling author. The book published by the Arenes has sold over fifty thousand copies. The complaint of Maçon Dauxerre also inspired the law to force the mannequin agencies to do medical examinations and put a limit to body mass.


On the catwalks was his dream?

"Absolutely not. I wanted to do anything but have been recruited randomly. I was in a moment of weakness, as happens to many girls. And they promised me trips in the most beautiful places in the world, easy money. I told myself that it was worth a try. "

The first impact was what?

"I went into a violent mechanism, which can steely, kill you. Many designers say they want to 'sublimate women, but they are misogynistic. We abuse. We are objects, numbers, we come in shows no calls even with our name. Not I felt more like a woman, but a crutch. There are a whole series of constant humiliation to which we are subjected to the story in the book. Then obviously the most serious aspect is the incentive to lose weight. "

The problem of anorexia among the mannequin is so widespread?

"I do not say that all are anorexic. But all know they can not eat as much as they want, and especially before the shows. In earlier days, many take laxatives, vomit, drugs that prevent hunger and fatigue. And 'forbidden even to play sports, not to have too much muscle. Even if it's for limited periods is easy to slip into the disease. Fortunately, there are some exceptions such as Gisele Bundchen is wearing a size 36 but can afford it because it's already a star. like the mannequin of the nineties, as Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell, were much less rickety today. It was an ideal of beauty much healthier. "(white cocktail dresses)

Yet no one has ever said: 'Stop eating'.

"It 'a subtle speech. The agencies ask you only to enter in the clothes. And then you know that you have no choice: if you want to work, you have to lose weight. After a few months I had lost half my hair, I suffered from osteoporosis. There a lot of hypocrisy in the environment. Everything is done so that no one can be accused of incitement to anorexia. "

What do you think of the law passed in France in December to limit the thinness of the mannequin?

"It 'a first step, but I do not think that is sufficient as the sole criterion the body mass index is not less than 18.5. It' important that there is also the requirement for a regular medical examination. The problem now is to see if the law will be applied. Even when I signed a mannequin contract provided a medical examination which I never did. And then, the battle must not only French. Spain, Israel approved similar legislation, but the theme of ' excessive thinness in fashion should be addressed at the European level, the world. it is not only bad for the models but for society: many girls and women try to look at himself in this, more or less consciously. "

E 'was difficult to testify?

"There is a great conspiracy of silence. I can speak freely just because I stopped being mannequin. Between us girls do not talk about. I remember when during a parade, a mannequin felt sick backstage. None of us made comments. To Fortunately, the book has instead made me meet a lot of girls with which I opened a dialogue. the fashion makes you dream, I understand that. But we must make a cultural battle to put back on the catwalks of normal women with healthy bodies. "

Now what will you do?

"I took a degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne because I wanted to regain my brain, no longer feel a body. Then I went to London where I did a master's degree in acting. I love theater and cinema. And 'the career that I want to do. also in the show it is no competition but at least other variables come into play: the leanness is not everything. "

For the love of fashion. Here is dominated by Polish designers

The minimalist interior décor boutique projects find 13 Polish artists, including Klaudyny Cerklewicz, whose handmade skirts with cock feathers hit the headlines Treats! Magazine.

Among the hangers spotted dresses(semi formal dresses) brand Harmnni, which are the hallmark of colorful patterns. Popular this season type jacket bomber were sewn with jacquard fabrics, creating a pattern of multicolored rectangles interspersed with gold motif. All kept in a rather cool palette of garnet, pink and gray.

In SeeYou there were also additives, eg. Bags made of Italian leather of Milat, which quickly won the hearts of lovers of fashion and celebrity. Skin saffiano compared with the camo pattern treated unusual, because in the red release. Suede models decorated with long fringes, and simple boxed forms are characterized by lush colors.

Why zdecydowałyście to open a shop project Polish artists?

Ewelina Jabłońska: The decision was made spontaneously, and even faster turned out to be the realization of this idea. It was very intense, but also an extremely positive period. We're the same klientkami, we missed a place where we can try on, touch, to assess the size and verifiable fashion, which is not always suited for every body. It has long been in our closets collecting clothes Polish designers. Outstanding quality, precision, performance, form.

Marta Tomczyńska: Polish designers attach great importance to the quality of fabrics, often they come from producers who supply many of the biggest fashion designers. They stand a good cut, original print, attention to detail. These clothes make the first sight.

Collections of young designers usually buy through numerous online platforms. Not obawiałyście that devotees Polish design are already accustomed to catching original designs in the network?

E.J .: The large number of designers is an even greater number of sizes, styles, colors. Photographs on websites often do not reflect reality. We identify with a model that presents clothes, and yet not every one of us has perfect proportions. Waiting for delivery, dissatisfaction with the purchase or change of concept, the formalities associated with returns, all this ultimately discourages the virtual shopping.

What is fashion for you and what style you like?

E.J .: Fashion is primarily a way to express themselves - their passions, ideas and creativity. We do not want to dress, we dress! Each lady has its own individual style that we want to emphasize. Do not we rush blindly trends and try to match them women. We put on minimalism and good quality.

M -T .: Of course we follow trade shows and industry events. A good place to get to know personally designers see their collections, fabrics they use. We are looking for projects that enchant us.

In How do you select collections that will be in the boutique? How do you know what will appeal to to clients?

M -T .: We direct your opinion. We measure things, evaluate them because of the comfort, somehow the material functionality.

E.J .: We love all of our brands. The woman is a variable, so the same we do not have one favorite. Also because we decided on a multibrand, because wardrobe choose often on impulse, depending on your mood. In our closets reign dress(Formal Dresses Perth) - we focus on femininity.

What are your plans for the coming weeks?

M -T .: In May, we plan for all the ladies unusual evening with fashion. Soon we will tell about it on our profile. Shortly after the picnic will come to our boutique collection Pick & Chick.

Celebrity Stylist Launches Showroom to Help Fashion Designers Flourish on the International Scene

Kanayo Ebi, a celebrity stylist and image consultant with a bold sporty-chic style, recently launched the ‘Kach Me If You Can‘ showroom in the thriving arts community of Long Island City. Through the use of public relations, branding, and styling, Ebi hopes to bridge the gap between new and emerging designers with industry vets interested in groundbreaking fashion designs.(short formal dresses)

Ebi, well known for her fashion credits for celebs like Angela Simmons, has been tapped to style some other notable names in entertainment by publications and celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Adrienne Bailon, Bridget Kelly, Leona Lewis, Mack Wilds, Rocsi Diaz and Tika Sumpter, as well as Jet, Hype Hair, and the Saturday Telegraph magazine, plus campaigns for Coca-Cola, the BET Awards, Bikini hair extensions and the clothing line Foofi.

Image File: Innocente Messy

But beyond her passion for styling everything from looks on the red carpet to TV commercials and print ads, Ebi has expanded her talents to the design world. “Doing what I love to do every day, and being able to grow and be successful at it, is one of my greatest accomplishments,” said Ebi. “I recently partnered up with Thandos shoes and designed my own foldable flats called ‘kachmeifyoucan.’ It did so well that I was asked to create a second edition called ‘kachmeifyoucan-midnight.’ I’m also working on my own fashion line as we speak.”

With plans to help designers flourish on the international scene, the Kach Me If You Can showroom, features a collection of one-of-a-kind designers from different parts of the globe, exhibiting an array of fashion conscious trends from classic ready-to-wear attire to avant-garde pieces including footwear, jewelry, and accessories. “I get a thrill from discovering and developing new brands and watching it blossom from something good into something great,” said Ebi. During a recent trip to London, I met two incredibly talented UK based designers —- Innocente Messy, a London College of Fashion graduate, and Raaah (by Rahima Mohamed, an emerging cutting edge vintage-enthused designer) —- and I was absolutely blown away by their designs, detail and story. When I got back (to New York), I set up the showroom and immediately signed them.(school formal dresses)

While experience is a critical ingredient for Kanayo’s success, social media has also helped her turn vision into reality. “Instagram and my blog are my top tools to connect with an audience,” said Ebi. With Instagram, it allows you to share many different aspects of your life and work through pictures, in addition to connecting and keeping up with other like-minded professionals. It’s a great platform for me to discover and connect with new and emerging designers worldwide, including stylists and publications/sites. My blog is a window to share things that I love and find in my travels, work, and life. It’s like my little lifestyle diary for my readers to get to know me.”

Wearable technology and biomimetics a second skin

By nature you never stop learning, is shown by the latest trends in the field of fashion and wearable technologies. The notion of the body is changing, new technologies and data analysis tools increase the body's capacity will expand functionality, become almost a second skin, an extension of the real one, they interact with the environment around us.

So much so that the Ciid (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) in Copenhagen, Denmark, there are courses and workshops on fashion related to interactive design, they call professionals and students from around the world, with different backgroud and disparate skills. In this challenging environment, by working groups who experiment and learn by doing, ideas are born of innovative, connected, design, useful to society and the environment.(prom dresses online)

Among them they come to life even clothing and accessories to wear. The fashion is for all purposes an area where the traditional disciplines of design combine to social and technological trends, including insights, new materials, software and services. The technology is the means to get to create something new. Playing with the "limits" and with the great potential of the human body, to Ciid explore the frontiers of biomimetics.


biological and biomechanical processes of nature become a source of inspiration for the improvement of the technology business. The wearable become increasingly "integrated" to the human body, they are almost physical continuation, with the latest generation interfaces. In short, the wearable devices will wear more and more natural, exploring new sensory modalities and out a bit 'from the concept of "gadgets" that have now.

From Denmark to New York catwalks

The line that separates our bodies from wearable is getting thinner and thinner. At the center of this evolution is the fashion, which, with its parades, from the catwalks of the world, influences the forms of wearable devices and this new second skin evolving. Is convinced Karlina Cengija, Innovation Engineer at Intel, which helps fashion designers to create garments of adaptive clothing that change color or shape and communicate the changing physical or emotional state of the wearer. He works with technologies and materials to infuse new capabilities to the models, doing so at the same time that these technologies clothed and perform a fluid and natural, they are wearable, appealing, in line with the trend of the moment.

Recently, Cengija supported the avant-garde fashion designer Becca McCharen in creating Adrenaline Dress, a winged suit, and responsive bra Aero Sports Bra for the spring-summer collection of the New York Fashion Week 2016. These dresses, fitted of processing technology and sensors, they are adapted individually to the heartbeat and perspiration levels of the body of the wearer.

The Adrenaline Dress has two 3D printed wings that open or contract depending on the level of adrenaline, stress and body temperature. He responds to stimuli of the body explaining and portraying the rear wings to express emotions. The sports bra instead is designed with a special material that reacts to commands from the computer to open the holes when it senses changes in perspiration, breathing and body temperature. It opens slightly to offer a comfortable ventilation.

Cengija stressed that the realization of these dresses(formal dresses melbourne) are not the purpose of selling it to experimentation, to demonstrate the possibilities of wearable technology. "We were quite influenced by the animal kingdom," he said. "We considered living things such as plants, trees and everything with which we have had the opportunity to interact."

The realization of biomimetic prototypes of women's clothing began in 2013 when Cengija, with the Dutch avant-garde fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, Dress created Synapse, a sensible dress to mood changes. With the ability to read physiological signals such as heart rate, brain activity and levels of inattention, Wipprecht described Synapse as a habit that "sometimes knows you better than yourself."

The easily accessible and programmable electronics allows you to give life to the collaborative ideas of this new generation of designers. The Intel and Intel Curie Edison processing modules, for example, connect to the body sensors. These calculation modules elaborate algorithms that move the microcontroller or reactive materials.

Fashion Designers recommend: these are the most trendy end of spring dresses

While graduates tuubivad exams, they must also choose the dress-kõigema to their leaving certificate or diploma, up to go - we asked the well-known Estonian fashion designers you prefer. Moenõuandeid share Liina Stein, Melissa Farmer and Hanna Haring.

Melissa Farmer says koolilõpetamiste time always brings a lot of fashion studios, editing, and increasingly it is seen that it is preferred to transfer the Estonian design: "It is clear that the disainerrõivast wear a badge of honor, and it is very heartening. This spring, the most sought luminous shades and pleated dresses are especially popular. Rather, it is preferred to the knee dresses(long formal dresses) and special favorites are expanding bottom line sections. "Tiina Talumehe arrive fashion studio closures in a number of newly-couture collection presented in" Gardenia "dresses.

Among graduates are highly valued for years Liina Stein fashion house creations - this year, according to a fashion designer fashion houses in his final dresses found 50 graduates. "We have a great variety of dress patterns - there sädelevatest lace cocktail dresses made from handcrafted, classic party dress, silk dresses and crisp monochrome, lihtsalõikelisi summer dresses", presents the fashion designer. "We are at a very important creative personality - that's why we make the same little dresses. After all, everyone wants to feel unique and special in a sense, and nothing will spoil it for more than a second woman, who graduated the school, at a party or the closing date for the exact same dress on a walk, "he emphasizes. Fashion houses are also considered as part of this review, which the school will reach Ceremony dresses.

Is the end of the dress might be the one and only, or should be doing, rather than the choice to make a practical choice? The domestic fashion brand Monton designer Hanna Haring leaves the choice of (young) women to himself: "End the meaning of the dress can be very different, and those who want to preserve it, and the only one, I do not condemn. Still not a wedding dress, and the more we own high quality and beautiful surface for investment instruction we give, the better our way of thinking and the environment is changing. "

Liina thinks that since leaving school is a special moment for any young woman's life that can be experienced only once, be sure to dress for a special occasion. "Singularity does not exclude, of course, short formal dresses, what to wear later on other occasion. Makes special dress to its suitability for each individual character, and the knowledge that you will not dress like the end of the day and probably later, at a party, theater, cafe or stroll on the promenade is not on. "

What to wear?

"To a large extent, the spreading pattern is that primary school graduation ceremony is a choice rather striking and moving in the direction of graduation, dresses become more moderate," says Hanna. "The ceremony must be sure to pay attention to how you appear to others - your clothes should not infringe upon the occupants of the other events, such as extreme revelations is certainly not the right choices. Rather, it would emphasize its specificity värvivalikutega bold and playful details such as embroidery or fun dolceandgabbanalik strong floral pattern. Delicate nature can experiment with pastels and airy fabrics, but it certainly could be avoided rannakleidile referring choices, "he explains. Also, if the girl does not like to wear dresses, you will not have to do the finishing school. "Current Mood offers many feminine and youthful pükskostüümide solutions - combined with pants tied belt bleiseriga or modern costume fabric blouse. Also, high heels can here change the chic leather men's shoe foot touches the shadow vastum, "says the designer.

Melissa thinks that primary school graduates in the form of kits have gone over the years more and more daring - dresses scarce, heels taller. "Considering the age of the graduates of the courage, however, to be careful. Memorable and body showing the dress can be solved in a very tasteful and media appropriately. High School Graduates could dare to experiment with a combination of simple paragraphs and beautiful, high-quality fabric. The university teacher is simply that he is older and more can be tested. It is important for all graduates are not looking over the offer, "he says, and if necessary, also encourages women professionals feel free to ask for advice.

Not only the full dress

All designers emphasize the look of the case is the most important to the full, which is born when put together apparel, accessories, and also add makeup and hairstyle. Liina says that in recent years, graduates also attach themselves to more and more attention. "We are giving all school leavers who outsource the dress from us, including individual advice on where Kleidas suitable shoes and jewelry, and miline makeup and hairstyle to choose."

Melissa recommends a dress to judge what it would need to - if the dress is bulky and / or expressive pattern could remain subdued in other respects. 'Dresses should be made based on the styling option and select the colors you use make-up. In addition to flat-progress is always the classic smoky eye and spotted dress(, the lipstick, for example, repeat any dress shade of representation. Caution should be very complex and large braid soengutega, it certainly does not fit all. It is important to emphasize instead the young person's own beauty. Everything stacked do not pay. "

Hanna will advise that if your chosen dress is modest, it can be considered a canvas on which to add eye-catching shoes, or some talented jewelry designer Estonia more special creations. Particular attention is paid to the newspapers, he suggests: "The whole appearance must be in harmony and where the event will take place outdoors, you should definitely think about it in advance. As these events are costs very much, then indoor party needed takes certainly already in his personal wardrobe suitable - for example in a sectional basis toned jacket works very well for a more special dress supporter. "If you have discovered, however, that the event will take place outdoors and warmer clothing for the need for a firm, then one would overdress rather be in focus. "The selection can be lowered, for example, a flower patterned or žakardist A sectional dress coats in favor."