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The most beautiful fashion color for spring / summer 2016, according to the greatest designers in the world, is the brilliant yellow nuance that has dominated in several collections of clothing and accessories. It is clear or intense, it's pastel or on, this color scheme is one of the great protagonists of summer. It reminds us of the summer, sunny days and undoubtedly puts us all in a good mood, but what are the bright yellow clothes can not miss? How to match and there are matching accessories? Obviously yes, and we just have to reveal which are not the must-have of the moment so that we can bring help to follow one of the latest trends and lively, using just one of the spring fashion colors / summer 2016 coolest.(semi formal dresses australia)

Giallo, tendenza colore Primavera-Estate 2016

The yellow buttercup is one of fashion colors spring / summer according to Pantone and this shade is quite intense, so remember the mustard. This shade was certainly one of the most-used this season, just think of the suit by Gucci and Aquazzura, the shirt dress clothes Marissa Webb, the long dresses of Valentino dress or jumpsuit sleeveless Emilia Wickstead. Obviously, it is a very beautiful hue but is certainly not the only one. Touch lighter or more intense brush strokes follow one another within the new collections of the moment and between them is impossible not to be charmed by Max Mara collection 2016, which in its interior boasts a large number of stolen complements sailor fashion and has carried out using strongly just the yellow, combined with the white light and red coral.

Those who like something lighter, certainly will not resist the macramé lace trapeze dresses(white formal dresses) of Parosh as also particularly appreciate tunics Pennyblack and sheath dresses Luisa Spagnoli and Patrizia Pepe. If you can not resist the lines, the clothes longuette holiday style of Dolce & Gabbana with appliqué embroideries will literally make you fall in love, but if you prefer something that is more romantic and delicate, then you will be electrocuted by maxi couture dress with yellow base and covered with pastel petals signed by Ralph & Russo. In addition, there are also many formal dresses 2016 yellow, like those of Pronovias, the empire silhouette, and Jenny Packham, the drier and cleaner cut.

Of course, no shortage of bright yellow accessories, such as Chloé handbags and Tod's, the Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps and even sunglasses declined in this nuance by Celine and Pinko. In short, there are so many stylish and sensational accessories to wear this season. In our gallery you will see the most beautiful pictures of clothes and bright yellow accessories, fashion color for spring / summer 2016.

7 ladies skirts should immediately right in closet shopping spring summer 2016

Spring summer season or time of delivery is very appropriate time for women boast comfortable fashion style richness of ourselves. The weather is not cold nor hot, cool as autumn breeze with extremely comfortable for fashion followers.

And These days would be perfect for you down the street with fashion dresses(formal wear) made of cozy fabrics or delicate, bright bold colors or playful ... Here are 7 stylish outfits that you can wear during this time of season

Dark skirt

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Autumn winter has passed, does not mean you can not wear dark skirts. We still are great for parties, special events take place in the evening. For daytime you can opt for dark colors are integrated in the normal texture style polka dots and stripes with soft neutral colors like white.

floral skirt

Spring Summer is the time when the great time to view the skirts lovely flower motifs. There are many types of different floral dresses you can choose from. These girls can choose elegant floral silk dress with flowers gently on a dark background, the girl likes modern beauty can choose dark floral motifs, brighter ... make sure you have a dress flowers suit your own style

dress guys

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Vignette who is definitely a big trend in the spring of last year, and this year the skirts still favored men. Young guys motifs and polka dots are never out of fashion items. These guys for spring style summer dresses(school formal dresses) will be very suitable for picnics and down the street with friends offline.

Classic black and white guys

These guys motifs, geometric ... black and white classic is also the favorite fashionistas. To stand out more with this type of dress you should mix with accessories in bright colors like pink, red, orange, green, or sweet pastel shades.

lace skirt

7 kiểu váy liền phái đẹp nên sắm ngay trong tủ đồ xuân hè 2016

Material lace soft, gentle and feminine spring also crowned this summer. With lace skirt you can choose the sweet pastel colors offline. Choosing accessories and feminine elegance.

Late shoulder dress

Late shoulder dress is one of the booming trend in this summer. With a simple design with a modern design is extremely stylish item for girly girls. Another thing is that the shoulder late skirt suit every body shape.

Skirt cute motifs

Basically, anything cute and energetic as items required for the spring wardrobe hecua you. But if you want, you can also choose the type of luxurious textures skirt, noble like patterned dress Kate Middleton's Princess.

Mumbai, embroidery luxury catwalk

Arches and doors that characterize Indian architecture were recreated on the stage of one of the most anticipated events of fashion in Bombay. The armed structures on the long footbridge, illuminated with lights candy, gave an air of elegance to the night of Fashion Week, Mumbai, official English name Bombay, since 1995.

The imposing environment hosted famous designers with their summer collections for this 2016. The proposals, almost always in earthy colors and black, were a competition of sobriety and detail. The particularity of women's and menswear were the detailed embroidery, applications and smooth combination of genres and contrived.

In the presentation, the applause won the renowned Indian designer Amit Aggarwal, who opted for the sand tones for their dresses(semi formal dresses) and long skirts, jackets to the ankles; always showing the play of textures, a vaporous and other laden with ornaments.

Another proposal was Rimi Nayak, who opted for casual outfits. He joined simple black trousers or skirts with low-cut tops and ruffled or waisted dresses, but with gauzes who played with the movement of the female walk.

As is the norm of the big parades, the designer who closes an evening of fashion is responsible for presenting the most important collection and the recognition in this Fashion Week was to Rohit Bal.

The artist ended with a flourish when he presented at the gateway to the famous Bollywood actress (informal name popularly used for the film industry in Hindi), Kareena Kapoor (main photo) with one of the most acclaimed dresses(black lace dress ) night, creation in each centimeter showed majesty.

Flowers and geometric figures were dealt with elegance and grace on garments Bal. Without distinction, men and women wore black elegance contrasted with embroidery, a colorful and others in monochrome of the camel ranges. Thus he managed to evoke the fantasy tales, where luxury is the protagonist.

Smolensk designers explained how they got to Paris

Alexei Mikhailov of Roslavl and Vasilisa Golubeva from Smolensk will travel to present their collections in a show of Pierre Cardin. The boys told our edition of his creative life.

In early April, Moscow hosted the show of young designers Art fashion day. The purpose of the event - to support young designers from the regions of Russia. The show was attended by designers from Ryazan, Smolensk and Moscow. The main prizes - cash certificates to participate in the show of Pierre Cardin in Paris - were students of the Smolensk Academy of Professional Education. Alexei Mikhailov presents a collection of "Military-R», and Vasilisa Golubev - a collection of "Tea Rose".(white formal dresses)

It all started with the fact that Vasilisa and Alexei won prizes at a Moscow competition of young designers Non stop. They were then invited to the Art fashion day.

- How long have you been preparing for the show? How did the idea to create and submit just such a collection?

Vasilisa: The idea to do with such a collection I was pregnant for a year! In early March, the competition was World skills. Of course I wanted to win, but to his luck, I won second place, and this spurred on the conquest of the next step in my career. In this collection I was inspired by my sister's wedding. When we are preparing for it, making decorations and these roses. At that moment I had the idea to create a collection with roses handmade.

Alex: Training held in tension and an accelerated rhythm since I sew only at night. During the day I can not work. Yes, and creative inspiration wakes up at night. Military themes - it's a good theme, good stuff, comfortable suites both in peacetime and in wartime. I created a collection of coarse linen and leather. Shoes I also created, so how to find the shoe that would fit in color and subject matter, is simply unrealistic. I do not draw sketches, all in my head. With the help of mannequins and by tattoos I have created the image. Scheele all over. I'm a size 54, so it was hard to find models to display.(black formal dresses)

- What do you do in life?


Vasilisa: My hobby is the same as my profession. Therefore, all the time I dedicate to creating collections, sew things themselves, loved ones, and to order, and complete their education last year and preparing for university entrance.

Alex: I work in the Smolensk Academy of vocational education. He organized a fashion house Fashion house. Each of my show - it is a small theatrical performances and mystery. I am working models of Slava Zaitsev, to create a collection of clothes and shoes.

In the capital of the French designers will go in September.

Necklaces for brides, yes or no?

Are you getting posing wearing necklace on your wedding? Traditionally, brides wore no necklaces as they related to them an image of sobriety and simplicity away from the glitz of jewelry. Today, more and more brides who choose the take. And you, what side are you on?

Against necklaces, we can say that detract attention to other elements like the dress(formal gowns) or earrings, not combined with all necklines and sometimes less is more and can overload the look of the bride.

On the other hand, for them, necklaces complete the look of the bride. Provide that touch of personality, do highlight that area of ​​the body marking a neckline and diverting attention from other parts and can be a memory and something borrowed some girlfriends.


If you can not resist and say yes to collars for brides, you want to know what is best combines with you and your dress? Keep reading!

fine pendant. A thin chain that holds a brilliant stone and is perfect for those who like necklaces but do not want to overload the look collar. It can be combined with any type of open neckline and brings elegance to simple and delicate girlfriends.

The choker. A classic for brides, highlights the neckline. It looks great with or without straps as the strapless necklines or heart naked men.

long necklace. One who can bring that bohemian touch you are looking for this type of collar, provides informality and defines the style of the bride.

Maxi necklace. If you are brides who are convinced to look at her wedding necklace can risk with one of this type. Ideal for modern brides personality and enhance simple dresses(white formal dress) with strapless neckline or a great cleavage. You can combine it with shoes and bouquet or have color.

Pearl. Although formerly said that the beads on necklaces bridal meant the tears shed during this marriage, there are many who choose pearl necklaces. It can be a choker or long you decide.

By the back. Something very trendy necklaces are back for brides, they are long and provide informality and sensuality.

Jews dressed the whole world

Fashion Collection Fall 2016 make it clear that we return to the preppy wardrobe - emerged in the US in the late 40s subculture uniting college students who prepared the "golden youth" for admission to prestigious colleges. But in fact, the history of this style preppy - a long but fascinating story of how the descendants of Jewish immigrants to the United States were able to make a basic wardrobe "cream of society", BASPA (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), a truly national and relevant to this day . The latest illustration of this story can serve as an exhibition of designer Isaac Mizrahi An Unruly History, which opened at the Jewish Museum in New York in late March. Although the fashion industry in the United States created the majority of the Jews, it is the first exposition of designer clothing for the whole history of the museum. It is paradoxical, but true.(formal dresses australia)

But back to the beginning. In the middle of the XIX century, the Lower East Side have been actively to colonize Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, many of whom were tailors and seamstresses. Incidentally, among the first wave of immigrants were also legendary Levi Strauss and Lane Bryant (aka Lena Himmelstein), who founded the empires of readymade garments, still thriving.

At the time, workers sewing workshops receive meager salaries and worked from dawn to dusk in inhuman conditions. As is often the case, to change something radically could only tragedy. Horrible fire on the "Triangle" factory in 1911, which became the largest industrial disaster at the time, forced manufacturers to revise the conditions of work and approach to the arrangement of sewing workshops. In the 20's and 30's workshops for tailoring were modernized, become more professional, and the production itself has moved beyond the center - in the industrial buildings on 7th Avenue, constructed taking into account the requirements of fire, with comfortable showroom.

Only now own fashion-industry in the United States still did not exist. Prior to World War II, most American women her fashion guide in the world believed in Paris, and the manufacturers had no choice but to pay the French fashion houses for permission to copy the model. But when the Parisian fashion industry paralyzed the war, New York was finally able to get rid of the dictatorship of foreign and local new generation of designers were able to create a style exactly the way they saw it.

"Europe of the old brands make a real fetish, - writes fashion historian Valerie Steele works in the catalog of the exhibition Mizrahi. - In America, everybody wanted to look to the future, craved the next round. " Rather than look for the Europeans to shoulder, American designers began to draw inspiration from what is called the place - from the comfortable, informal and practical sportswear. And this is typical American style quickly spread around the world. Mizrahi sure that if you look at the work of all the top European designers even today, you can feel the influence of this "American Standard".

Initially, the American style is synonymous with culture BASPA - it is based was preppy wardrobe, as well as the shape of the members of the yacht and golf clubs where Jews traditionally entry was ordered. "For me, preppy clothes never had to do with religion or the level of material prosperity, - noted author and designer Susanna Salk in his book" The Privileged Life: preppy style. " - If a man dressed like a preppy, it indicated only that he knows what a "perfect combination of intelligence, grace and joy of life." No matter what it is on you, it is important - how you wear it. But this style is still had several defining purely prepsterskih things. "

One day, Ralph Lauren admitted: "People often ask me how Jewish kid from the Bronx manages to do things preppy. But is money and social status are important? The main thing - the dream. " Ruben Ralph Lifshitz was born in a family of Ashkenazi Jews who had emigrated to the United States from Belarus. He studied at the yeshiva, and his mother dreamed that one day the son would become a rabbi. But it did not work out. By Ralph Jewish scholars he did not show much interest, but loved sketching costumes and dresses(black tie dresses) that are seen on actors in Hollywood films. I love for fashion Ralph served as an imaginary shield that eclipsed him from the realities of the poor emigrant childhood.

In 25 years, Ralph Lauren was arranged by the seller in the Brooks Brothers store where you could learn prepsterov in their "natural habitat." And although the formal design and especially the marketing of education in Lorena was not, he quickly realized that it is best to sell not just clothes and style, and in 1967 released a polo shirt, named in honor of the legendary sport from England. At one point, it became clear that now anyone can buy what is considered elite and accessible only to the elite. Now, in the first place it was not the thing itself, but how it is worn. What motivated Lauren, it soon became a philosophy for a whole generation of not only the energetic yuppies 80s and Jewish emigrants of the second wave, that "thought in Yiddish, and dressed the British way", but also nostalgic BASPA, familiar life which crackled under the pressure of "antielitarnogo" end of movement 60's and early 70's.

Isaac Mizrahi, like Lauren, was a Jewish boy from Brooklyn, who seduced Hollywood. He was born in 1961 and became acquainted with fashion as a child, through pop culture. Mary Tyler Moore and Jackie Kennedy "... formed a taste of America," he said Isaac dedicated to him in the documentary Unzipped ( "unbuttoned"). Mizrachi grew up in a family that was part of a close-knit community of Sephardic Jews. A study at the yeshiva he did not like, and my father, who was also engaged in tailoring, bought a 10-year-old Isaac first sewing machine. At age 13, when most of his classmates were celebrating a bar mitzvah, Mizrahi has created clothing - in this year of the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, he sewed Mom excellent woolen skirt. School teachers have noticed a teenage love of theater and advised him to go to the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan. And so he did - learned not there, and then graduated yet and Parsons School of Design.

While still a student Mizrahi received an invitation to do an internship at the designer Perry Ellis. New York Magazine named Ellis' famous BASPA, that there was no need to create the image of a wealthy heir, and so he had been. " Unlike its competitor Lauren Perry almost from childhood, he wore a shirt of oxford fabric, khaki pants and topsaydery, slept on the linen sheets and posed for publicity shots "on the pier near his house on Water Island. His long black hair fluttered in the wind, he was thoughtful and introspective - a real Hamlet with Seventh Avenue, who suddenly has to find answers to complex questions of existence - to sell or not to sell designer jeans. " As designers Bill Blass and Lily Pullittser, Ellis was a true American aristocrat who one day walked the golf course and accidentally wandered into the grounds of the fashion world.

Internship Mizrahi in Perry Ellis was as important for the formation of preppy style, as well as in the work of Lauren Brooks Brothers. His Mark Ellis created on the basis of the classic images that seemed just stepped from the pages of the almanac "Seven Sisters" - Association of the seven oldest and most prestigious women's colleges on the East Coast. The first show of Perry Ellis in 1978, it was decided to style a student football match: were there and the stands with spectators, and Princeton cheerleaders and football players, which adorned among other Bryn Mawr-coat (so named by analogy with the Bryn Mawr College ) and Vassar suit (also received its name in honor of the college). In a review of this show is the newspaper The New York Times wrote that "the clothes look as if it is not bought at the store, and took to vilify the older brother or friend." And it was not a criticism but a compliment.

Ellis was more than sure that his brand buy things only people in his circle - the representatives of high society. And what was his surprise when the director of a department store Bonwit Teller Ruttenshteyn Cal said, "wait a minute on Saturday at the entrance to the Temple Emanu-El, and see how the Jews at Perry Ellis, Bulgari jewelry out there, with the Gucci bags." And when Lauren has successfully sold his dream, Ellis has just realized that his reality - it is past, and it lacks the very "look outside". Jewish view.

Alice died in 1986. By that time, Mizrachi has already launched its own brand, and his classmate at Parsons, a 25-year-old Marc Jacobs, Perry took the place in the company. "Today, Jacobs was the young preppy what he was Ralph Lauren for her generation in 1980», - Vogue wrote in 2001. Jacobs was Jewish and, of course, to the preppy world did not belong. He was given carte blanche, and he took advantage of a pure heart discretion, jokingly adding a classic and aged preppy style a little sensuality. But humor is not understood everything. In 1993, Mark decided to go a step further and experiment with grunge, but crossed the line, and it still fired from Perry Ellis.

Mizrachi also absorbed the design style of his teacher. "With cheerful colors, elegant soft lines and gentle materials preppy style will be relevant always, like a box of crayons" - wrote Salk. According to her, Mizrahi's trademark was the use of tissue collections in bright cell and strip, belted with wide skirts tucked button-down shirt, jacquard sweaters, baggy coats and jackets with graphic silhouette.

Unlike their predecessors, the Mizrahi always very ironic attitude toward preppy style: one of his shows a model in a bright pink dress took on a podium with a poodle, painted in the same color is incredible. In 1991 he made a return kitsch lunge toward Lorena, who in his collection is absolutely seriously and without a trace of childishness used Navajo ornaments and leather fringe, joining the Wild West with the American Jewish immigration. The ability to combine elegant Mizrahi with coarse (eg, evening dress and soldier boots) reflected the paradoxical essence BASPA culture where moderation is adjacent to the style. When, in 1998, the fashion house was closed Isaac Mizrahi, the designer gave his paradoxical nature run wild on the full to create collections for both Target supermarket chain, and luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman.

According to Isaac Mizrahi, in terms of culture it - an absolute Jew, though nonobservant, and in his work he likes to make subtle references to Judaism and Jewish works of such legendary designers as NOREL and Sonia Delaunay. At the same time in its collections clearly shows the influence of other cultures. Thus, An Unruly History exhibition belts with buckles in the shape of a Star of David adorn near kilts, jackets and shirts with rounded collars.

Although preppy style long ceased to be the prerogative of only BASPA (if it ever was), the fashion world was, to put it mildly, at a loss, when in 2014 the company Brooks Brothers made their creative director Zac Posen. All were surprised not so much because he was a Jew (it is not someone else may surprise?), But because Posen has earned a name for itself by creating a delicate and exquisite, ultrazhenstvennye and evening gowns. The young designer and favorite stars all seemed to not be the most appropriate option for brands with established traditions and sufficiently conservative buyers.

But Posen turned to shake the classic American style bourgeois and infuse it with youth mischief. "The last thing you can imagine Zac Posen on the show - it's a free silk suit with a tropical print - Vogue wrote about the first collection for Zach Brooks Brothers. - In fact, it was a story about the island of Nantucket, models only Mr. Posen. " So, if you want to find a clue to the American style, you need to dig where intersect Hollywood and Nantucket.

"Barockissimo" creative fantasy of Les Arts Florissants is exposed to Moulins

"Barockissimo" which opens Saturday until September 18, brings together nearly 150 costumes and many iconographic reproductions of different productions of the course, among the most famous in the world.

"Power to the imagination"

Founded in 1979 and led by Franco-American harpsichordist and conductor William Christie, all named after an opera by French composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier, has sought to rediscover with a wide public the french and European repertoire from the early 17th to the mid 18th century in limbo.(prom dresses online)

Les Arts Florissants, "is 30 years of rediscovery of Baroque opera through re-creations of all genres of the time, from old manuscripts and books, sometimes incomplete. It is imagination in power, "says musicologist and curator of the exhibition, Catherine Massip. This creativity is not limited to musical dimension, rather it flourishes on stage by the staging, sets and costumes ....

Costumes de Marina Draghici pour

On time or contemporary, but still creative

The Centre National du Costume de Scene (CNCS), in a former cavalry barracks historic monument and which this year celebrates its ten years of existence, costumes follow but do not look at the image of the party took different stagings, period or resolutely contemporary.

For "Atys" tragedy of Jean-Baptiste Lully, who was nicknamed "opera King" Louis XIV and whose representation in 1986 marked the revival of Baroque music, sumptuous costumes Patrice Cauchetier blend lamé velvet, tulle, pleated ribbons and lace. Custom wigs of white powder lengthen in a bawdy abundant curls and a little crazy.

One dress, three meters long, three goddesses

In "Hippolyte et Aricie" by Jean-Philippe Rameau, the costume of the Fates, these mistresses deities of the fate of men, as one dress( three meters long, taffeta purple and adorned with silver embroidery and fringes, "one of kind".

"The costumes are used to embody the characters, many in the baroque. Singers and dancers opera should be easily identified by the audience through their shrouds and other symbols," says the curator of the exhibition.

Les costumes pour

Like the characters of "gallant Indies" also Rameau, who were taking the court of Louis XV in the distant and exotic travel. On the stage of the gay and festive opera-ballet cross female flowers whimsical dresses made up of colorful petals, god of the Inca Sun wearing a feather fan and an Ottoman pasha wearing a huge silk caftan decorated with croissants stylized moon.


But Les Arts Florissants costumes also often pay in modernity, as in "Theodora" by Georg Friedrich Handel, where some characters wear military uniforms; or for "Boréades" Rameau, whose black and feminine costumes are inspired by the figure "New Look" of fashion designer Christian Dior, who revolutionized fashion in the 1950s; or finally for "Plataea", brilliantly staged by Robert Carsen, making it a very personal tribute, with great humor, the world of fashion.

For a good cause

Eight young, 19 to 24 years, seeking to obtain the title Miss Earth Yucatan, whose grand finale will be after May 28 at the Convention Center Siglo XXI.

The presentation of the candidates took place yesterday at Rosas & Xocolate hotel, where they paraded in evening gowns. Guillermo Sanchez Lopez, state coordinator of the event, said Miss Earth is an event with a cause, since applicants must submit a draft environmental care, sent to the national organization.(DressesMallAU.CO)

"Miss Earth seeks to protect and care for nature, is our little bit," he says.

Por una buena causa

The contest, which the entity is carried after 15 years, aims to raise awareness about caring for the environment, and that participants are encouraged to undertake various projects to help raise awareness .

It was recalled that at this time several Yucatecan have represented the country in the international stage, this time will be in August, venue still to be defined.

The applicants take the crown that will leave Monica Hernandez Reynaga, who these days is in Egypt to represent Mexico in Miss Earth International, is Alejandra Castilla Blanco, Adriana Castillo Martínez, Cristina Jarquín Delgadillo, Skandy pattern Palma, Ivon Canto Cabrera, Maria Davalos Hernandez, Elisa Perez Castellanos and Casandra Acevedo Vineyard.(formal dresses brisbane)

It was reported that there will be two semi-finals, one in Telchac Puerto, on Saturday 23, in which young people will be judged in swimsuit, and the other in Sucilá, May 7, in which the best recycled outfit will be evaluated, prepared by students of Fashion Design Model.

The presentation was also attended Cebada Irma Herrera, Jenni Puerto Fuentes, Mauricio Marin and designers Jose and Victor Franco.

Fashion Forward: D&G’s Rainbow Lace graces Brown Thomas


This summery starburst ensemble of shoes – flats, courts and pumps – are from Dolce & Gabbana’s new Rainbow Lace collection arriving here in an exclusive pop-up in the Designer Rooms in Brown Thomas.

In what’s called Taormina lace after the popular Sicilian tourist town, these delicious confections consist of the Belucci court shoe and the Vally slipper and come in 18 shades all embellished with Swarovski flower brooches. They cost €545 for the flats and €595 for the heels. Perfect for spring or summer weddings.(semi formal dresses online)


A bag from Livia Firth’s micro collection for M&S.   This summery starburst ensemble of shoes – flats, courts and pumps – is from Dolce & Gabbana’s new Rainbow Lace collection

Simone Rocha, whose recent show in London was described as one of the 10 best of all the winter 2016 collections shown in New York, London, Paris and Milan, has just taken up another major space in London, in the new Dover Street Store in Haymarket. The space designed in her signature Perspex on the ground floor showcases her current collection (pieces of which will be shown at the Lexus Fashion Show in Trinity College on April 29th) along with some specially designed pieces in gold for the store like this dress in gold cloque and brogues with Perspex heels.

In Ireland, her clothes can be found exclusively in Nikki Creedon’s Havana boutique in Donnybrook.


The micro collection for M&S from ethical fashion campaigner Livia Firth (wife of Colin Firth) features simple tops and dresses( made from recycled fabrics along with two leather bags; one a clutch and the other a roomier handbag complete with decorative tassel.

These have been made from sustainable Brazilian leather sourced from Mato Grosso and come with a “passport” establishing those credentials. The classic tote costing €240 comes in brown, black or khaki and can be found online at


"More often than not, the first thing someone sees is your coat, so streamlined outerwear in a superior fabric is key. Even if you’re not wearing something great underneath, no one will know. Investing in accessories such as a pair of well-made shoes or a good bag which will elevate any outfit is smart. You will get so much wear out of these three items each season that cost-per- wear they are always worth the price."


Athleisure has never been more available and as a trend, it just makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to be comfortable and look good?

Now we just have to work on getting to the gym. This Stella McCartney Blossom Run Jacket for €190 from Adidas at Brown Thomas might help.

The most beautiful fashion show was held for the elderly

Mersin, in order to finish all the donations with built Turkey's first Senior Life Center Republican Women 'themed held a beautiful show.

Turkey center commissioned by the Alzheimer's Association Mersin Branch, one of Turkey's most famous and popular fashion designer Barbaros Yildirim Mayruk full support and came Şansal. Completed the 50th year of the famous fashion designer Lightning Mayruk the Arts, 2023 story in Turkey Gala of the 25th episode of the series was announced that for the elderly. Fashion show that showcased the eye-catching outfit, Turkey, and in 2016 moved to write the story of the podium on mannequins. Income Elderly Living Center which will be donated to the construction of the tickets days before the discharged fashion, art and politics in the world met for the elderly. The mannequins on the podium almost breathtaking fashion show, appeared on the podium with the original design, the costumes from each other. Thumbs presented clothes while intense applause from the participants, particularly black-themed evening dress(sexy formal dresses) drew great attention. Write described as colorful clothing while full note of the invitation, deep chest and transparent low-cut outfit drew particularly as more natural appeal to young guests. The collection of 80 pieces from each end of the fashion show, where modern, and nicely presented a table with lightning Mayruk Barbaros Şansal certificate of appreciation.

En güzel defile yaşlılar için yapıldı

Senior Life Center is a first in Turkey, stating that the construction has been completed 90 percent of the Alzheimer's Association Branch President Aynur Libby, "Elder Living Center said they organized a fashion show on behalf of finish soon. Celebrity stylist Lightning Mayruk the 50th Gala of the 2016 Summer Turkey sewing art collection organized on the occasion of the year. Today we have a guest over 300. Lightning over an international names such as Alzheimer Mayruk We wanted to draw attention to the disease. Kerkez We are planning to open in a few months, "he said.


Commenting on Barbaros Şansal fashion show, "We are called to remember not one to be forgotten. 2023, the story we realize the Turkey premiere of the 25th episode. 13 manke 80-piece collection Say it and turns on the podium with Serenade Baðcan compositions. Type 2016, the Republic of Turkey, Turk tells the woman. 2023 stories to last until the 100th anniversary of the Republic of targeted projects. Each collection( of the country's environmental, social, a chain that carries the future by collecting cultural and political archives, "he said.

The doyen of fashion Mayruk, "we are very happy if we have the support of this. My heart is with you. I will always be with you "is heard being voiced support using express their happiness.

Great acclaimed fashion shows, supporting institutions and individuals were terminated by presenting documents thanks.