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Glamorous wedding exhibition collecting future newlyweds Flora

Romance, beauty and style will conquer Burgas and guests, 8, 9 and 10 April in the exhibition Luxury Weddings Expo. Hosted the three-day event will be an exhibition center "Flora."

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with leading representatives of wedding and event management across the country - fashion houses and stylists, wedding agencies and decorators, photographers and videographers, hotel chains, restaurants and other pyrotechnic. Foreign representation will come from Turkey in the face of an exclusive brand of wedding dresses(dresses for wedding).

Бляскаво сватбено изложение събира бъдещи младоженци на Флората

Luxury Weddings Expo meeting newlyweds with all specialists who can make their wedding day magical. Guests of the exhibition will be able to receive personal consultation, and to look at the stands, catalogs, models and proposals of the leading companies.

Arsena Andreeva makeup will demonstrate the latest trends in wedding makeup. All the latest in bridal hairstyles will present hairdressers from "N Studio" and Zhivka Naydenova from Salon "Beauty". As a model of the demonstrations will include contender contest "Mrs. Burgas 2016".

Customers will receive valuable tips from photographer Simon Varteryan in the workshop on "Organization and planning of the wedding photo shoot." Based on its long experience, the expert will share with future newlyweds all the more important to capture their unique emotions of the big day.(white formal dress)

Luxury Weddings Expo will unleash wedding ideas by presenting specialists able to implement them. Admission is free for all visitors.

Organizer of Luxury Weddings Expo is the wedding agency Magical Dreams.

Make-up artist, stylist Harystaana: The true beauty of man - this is the beauty of the soul

- "A talented person is talented in everything" - is an apt expression can be applied unreservedly to you. You are stunning designer, creative artist, makeup artist, hair stylist claimed. How did you come to this? This childhood dream? How do you manage to combine all?

- Being a makeup artist - this is my dream since childhood. Even at age 12, I am pleased to apply makeup to her friends, classmates before the discos. Now I remember it with a smile, but I already liked to make people beautiful. I was really happy by the fact that the girls were transformed before my eyes. It seems to me, with my make-up changed even their outlook, attitude towards life. And then I realized: this is exactly what I want to do in life. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the basics, learn to craft drawing. The result has been Yakut art school on a specialty "artist - a painter."

I am a very happy person, because I'm going to work with a positive attitude, full of new ideas and images. And the artist, and designer, and, finally, make-up artist - creative profession, associated with changes in the world. I am therefore not difficult to combine them, it's nice to start each morning with your favorite things.(red formal dresses australia)

- Your stage name Harystaana. Why?

- I was born on 30 October and by the Yakut calendar should be named Harystaana (Protector). I want to believe that with the help of make-up, I not only do girls more beautiful and more attractive, but also protects them from damage and the aura of the evil eye.

- Recently you have been trained by the world-famous make-up artist, stylist Gohar Avetisyan. Share Your impressions. What is the beauty industry in Moscow? Was it challenging learning? What did you learn for yourself?

- Beauty in Moscow - it is the most demanded a "product", take care and take care of themselves a lot of people, because they believe that investment in the exterior bring success. Therefore, it is in the capital, in my view, a large number of well-known make-up artists. Successful people need to be attractive and beautiful.

Education Gohar Avetisyan have been simple, but require substantial financial investment. I really admire her. She's a makeup artist who can see in every girl unique beauty, her beauty-transformation keep up with the fashion trends and amaze even skeptical people. At 21, she has already achieved a lot, it knows and loves the whole world. The communication is very simple and cheerful girl has a special magnetism. Gohar treats his students with respect and tenderness. Learning from her, I got confidence. She opened the little secrets of make-up, not only, but also imposition of makeup.

- If you have a special beauty secrets? What distinguishes your makeup style?

- My style is different from the others in that as an artist I can see the inner beauty of people and try to discover their true form. My Beauty Secrets - a smile, beautiful hair and the correct shape of the eyebrows. That's what has to "wear" every girl, and the rest - the work of a good make-up artist.

I use only professional cosmetics from MAC, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have a few key rules to adhere to. It is important to make consistent with age, the main thing is to comply with the appropriate make-up overlay technique. Always guided by a simple rule - the emphasis should be on either the eyes or the lips. Before applying make-up be sure to use a moisturizer for your skin type and give it time to soak.

I hold another canon of beauty - every season has its own peculiar color palette. This spring will be relevant bright eye makeup with convex relief elements (shade of orange, blue, green, pink shades). For those who prefer the lightness and freshness, I can advise minimalist makeup «Nude» style.(formal long dresses)

- Who for you is a role model in the beauty industry? What make-up artists, stylists?

- I watch the art of makeup different foreign and Russian beauty - masters. Undoubtedly, most of all I am impressed by the creativity Gohar Avetisyan. I like also the work of Olga Romanova.

- Do you have a huge number of paintings capture the imagination, fantasy canvases with sketches, lots of lovely hand-made knick-knacks made by your skilled hands. Where do you get your inspiration?

- As a creative person, I get inspiration from the beauty of the world: nature, people, music, books. I see inspiration in the most seemingly ordinary things. After all, life itself - is an inspiration.

- Congratulations on the big step - opening her own beauty studio! How long did you go to that? What is radically new and interesting things will be offering your studio?

- Thank you! This idea matured for a long time, and the path to it was difficult, arduous. Last year I participated in the national contest "Lena shore," where was the winner in two categories, it met with a great make-up artist, stylist Tatiana Koryakina. We immediately found a common language. We combined the dream of opening his own studio. It is our joint business, "flower", which we cultivate.

I want to make people beautiful and happy. Give them joy. Now I dream that every girl, mother and grandmother came out of our salon and winged catch yourself admiring glances.

- Do you think that a make-up suits girls with Asian appearance?

- The girl with Asian appearance may suit all kinds of make-up - from subtle to glamorous arrow Smoky eyes. At the moment, I prefer to work with the popular Hollywood makeup.

- Harystaana tell what make and style of clothing will be in fashion this spring?

- The trend - be bright and self-confident. I like the statement: "give confidence heels and red lipstick." I am convinced that it is fashionable that you are. Now the fashion is very democratic. Emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of small grant to us.

The Difficult Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane

If there is currently a fashion designer whose work splits tempers, it's Hedi Slimane. When he took over the design agendas at Yves Saint Laurent, four years ago, he moved the studio from Paris to Los Angeles. And that with a label, which is regarded in France as a national shrine.

He stroked the name Yves from Yves Saint Laurent and presented his collections from now on under the name of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. Even that came to no good everywhere. However, a real storm swept through the designer, as he presented his first collection for Saint Laurent. "Scraps that one can buy at the flea market", etched the one, "fashion for rich kiddies" the other.

What his critics had to say, did not seem to care Slimane. He even drew a little farther in their California snail back and did what he had set out to do: from the heavily loss-making fashion(formal dresses online) house Yves Saint Laurent to form a completely designed brand presence.

Schaut zwar aus wie vom Flohmarkt, kostet aber ein kleines Vermögen: Mit seinen Kollektionen für Saint Laurent hat Hedi Slimane Uniformen  für Rock-Chics entworfen.

converted to cash cow

Four years later, the critics are still not silenced. To punish them locks Slimane out of his fashion shows. You retaliate promptly with nasty comments. However, a detail also need to take note: Since Slimane is at the helm, this has to Kering Group (Gucci, McQueen, Puma) belonging luxury label converted to a real cash cow. 2011 Saint Laurent made just 354 million euros. 2015 will have nearly one billion. To all the 38 percent could increase sales last year alone.

Despite all the rumors peel around the designers do not want to fall silent (rumors after potential successor Anthony Vaccarello is already rifle at). What's going on there? The recent success story of Hedi Slimane is an example of how much the fashion world has changed. The mode itself is only one element among many that makes the success or failure of a house. From designers were Image makers. And Hedi Slimane is one of those who particularly well can. This has always been so, then at Dior Homme, where Slimane promoted to probably the most important men of fashion designers Noughties and now at Saint Laurent.

Only YSL, then Dior

1996 Yves Saint Laurent had the then 28-year-old brought into the company and laid him the design agendas of men's clothing in his hands. A real weight had menswear at YSL not, the house stood (and stands today) for elaborate crafted women's fashion. But Slimane managed with its narrow sections introduce a new silhouette that would have any.

As he moved 2000 Dior, where there was at this time men's fashion only in the form of boring ties or belts, the label quickly rose to the supplier of the indie scene. Hardly a London musician who is not squeezed into the edgy, super slim-fitting jackets and tight jeans of Slimane, many (such as Karl Lagerfeld), the extra down starved to those dimensions that allowed them to wear Slimane. From the shy young designers who shunned publicity prefer, was a fashion star with Zicke Nimbus and own Entourage.

Just as formerly Yves Saint Laurent polarized also Hedi Slimane with his radical aesthetics: Was it at Saint Laurent the then unheard acquisition of streetwear and menswear in the field of couture, it was a case Slimane as "sick" verschrieenes Size Zero Body Ideal which expressed itself not only in the campaign, but also on the catwalk in the form leptosomer youths with flat butt and hollow cheeks.

Built for Festival

This image of man is Slimane faithful until now. When he left in 2007 Dior, he worshiped him henceforth no more than fashion designer, but as a photographer. Slimane's picture books told of a life in black and white and under the spotlight, the beer bottle and the joint at your fingertips. The images that we make today of rock stars, they are strongly influenced by the photos Slimane. Tell a world of glamor and dirt must be opposites and beauty is often found in rather ugly than in a smooth brushed Photoshop aesthetics.

The question of when Slimane returns to fashion, was asked again and again in all its photographer-years. In March 2012, it was finally time. To the surprise of many Slimane took over alongside the men agendas at Yves Saint Laurent as well as those of women. Although women wore love to fashion from Dior Homme, woman collections had Slimane up to this point but no manufactured.

Until now hovering over Slimane's verdict, not really to women. Here, the designer sat at Saint Laurent really only at the point where he had once stopped at Dior Homme. Only that there is now next to the male and female rock chic(formal dresses melbourne). Wearing ripped jeans and Wellington boots, stuck in fucked up, colorful fur coats or leather jackets (a Slimane Classic), the fishnet stockings are torn, their eyes painted jet black. Wild sampled fashion, at very little new and much acts well known. Made for music festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury.

Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber

It is no wonder that musicians from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber are among the staunchest supporters Slimane. he has managed in recent years to build up a base wardrobe that fits perfectly and at the same time is easy to carry as nobody else. It is the foundation of Saint-Laurent-style, but needs to be much broader as once at Dior Homme. Within a short time Slimane changed the advertising campaigns of Saint Laurent (now are androgynous rock star's testimonials) and missed the boutiques new styling (in black and white, of course). No detail that does not have on his desk. Fashion is no longer just clothing, it expresses a way of life from. This design and meticulous control, is Slimane's passion. That, complain many critics, seems to have gone to his head. Until the end of March Slimane's contract extension at Kering in the bag must be.

Spring begins: Five trends for the new season

On March 20 he came at last spring Although Easter holidays are still a little wet in Spain and not too warm, changing wardrobe is just around the corner. So, we bring strong trends that will stick in this new season that you may be the queen of spring.

1. Denim

This iconic fabric jumps typical pants to invade all items: from dresses to shirts going even boots. Your comfort and versatility make the idonea denim texture to any outfit. Fear not join several denim in the same 'outfit', the t'otal denim look 'is one of the star combinations.

2. Pink Color

We have been uploaded to the gateway of the hand of many designers( formal dress stores ) like Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. The color of spring reaches our wardrobes stronger than ever. A cake and flattering tone that colors all kinds of garments, especially coats present.

La ropa vaquera está de moda.

3. lencero Style

The draper style jumps out of bed directly into the street. Nightgowns and pajamas inspired clothing will be your greatest allies. Lace and fabrics like satin and silk are present in sexy dresses( black formal dresses ) and tops Calvin Klein style, whose spring-summer fashion show looked like a pajama party.

4. White Sports

Since even Chanel heels for sports change in their haute-couture, the 'sneakers' are the star shoe for any occasion. In spring sports stained white and promise not to abandon neither day nor night, they are ideal to combine with jeans during a workday or for a touch 'trendy' and casual to your dress more sexy footwear.

5. Tunic 'boho'

The style 'boho-chic' is one of the trends that returns each spring, this year in the form of lace tunic and transparencies, ideal for a romantic walk on the beach.

What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding?


And now that the wedding has gone ... What do I do with my wedding dress? It is a question that we all do and the truth is that what it takes to find the perfect wedding dress ... and what it costs economically speaking, it is a little pain that we officially put only once. (Does not count the times I've been able to put home jejej)

Some have it or had very clear, but for those who are in doubt, we have compiled a few ideas to give a second life to dress day B:

Keep the dress as a souvenir.


The first option could not be other than collecting dress(cheap formal dresses) like a relic, we, like gold stash in its box or original case and of course after passing through the cleaners to leave as new. The disadvantage of this option is usually to find a place to keep it, especially if it is very bulky.

Once the decision not want to keep the dress making, arise different options depending on whether you want to capitalize on the garment or not, you show them below:

Donate dress for a good cause.


If you will not get any benefit, this is a good choice for your dress, it Donais an association and they will arrange to sell to raise funds for their cause. Simple, fast and solidarity

Rent dress


This is a good option to recover part of the value of the dress. It can be done through specialized stores that require dress is in perfect condition to offer it for rent, but you can also do yourselves through groups of resale in Facebook or websites ad and ye less and save the commission Store . To take this step, you must be clear about the price that you alquilareis, the time when you should return the dress(formal clothes) or if you permitiriais that the person concerned will make some changes.

Make a photo session "trash the dress"

If you want to undo the dress more or tear it apart (there are tastes for everything), we recommend you do a photo shoot "trash the dress". In these sessions the bride gets to dress in the sea, it is coated by sand ... or even fill it with paint or set on fire. Yes, if you read it Like! If you want to give an original end of the day dress B, this is your choice, and also You will keep the photos as memory of the moment. How about?

The best looks of Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City

If you're a fan of the American series Sex in New York you've been hypnotized more than once with any outfit of those who have worn the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw during the seasons, it's normal, it happens to all of us, so now Modalia make a review of the best looks.


Sex in New York is the fashion series and love par excellence, it has been accepted by the female sector. The series is about life, romantic relationships and friendship neoyorkinas four women who love to go out and have fun like his work and fashion. Are a treinteañeras girls with a modern life, who spend their days working on what they like, taking time to be with friends in the restaurant and to be told everything that has happened to their kids and they do not have missing their parades fashion Sunday, we ... the envy of any woman.

Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Carrie Bradshaw journalist, dedicated over the years that elapses series to tell the amorous adventures of her and her three friends. The four are big fashionistas, who are up to date on new trends and lose no parade, but including the Bradshaw protagonist surprises us with its impossible dresses(formal dresses) and shoes unbeatable.


With all this, to which we are addicted to this American series and fashion, have we delighted many outfits that Caririe has paraded through the streets of Manhattan, and we have loved even more the different models of shoes Manolo Blahnik we have seen in the feet of the protagonist.

For addicted to Sex in the City, in Modalia make a selection of the best looks of Carrie Bradshaw.


White and gold dress with flower XXL worn by Carrie in the first film of Sex in New York. The elegance of white and gold with long blond hair conquered us all.


Dress with floral print. Spring in green dress(green formal dresses) with matching bolero jacket that gives a touch of elegance and delicacy even combined with studded belt breaks with classicism.


Certainly we can not fail to mention the dress dresses, the elegance of a girlfriend who could not be more amazing the day of her wedding with a dress in white crude Vivienne Westwood, adorned with a headdress oversize turquoise and brown tones.


We will always remember the look that has walked on the facades of the bus through the streets of Manhattan, this outfit is missing on tulle frilly white top and rosewood set in suspenders. When we think many Bradshaw comes to mind this outfit.


You do not know what to wear to walk through the souk? Carrie is very clear, midi skirt in llamtivo pomposa lilac, and a T Dior is the ideal set, yes, always accompanied by good heeled sandals.


Finally ... What about these Manolos? We were left breathless when he saw them in the locker room all dream of having in that perfect house and at the right time, and even wear them at our wedding. Hangisi model, beautiful heel klein blue with bright adornment.

Jorge Juan Jewellers specializing in earrings bridal shop


Bride earrings are an indispensable accessory to complement and reinforce the look of a bride. Jorge Juan Jewellers, jewelery located on Calle Fernando el Santo in Madrid, specializes in creating jewelry designed so unique for that day.

Bride earrings are a very unique gem and although thinking of buying a single day last and can be used for special occasions throughout life. Long earrings models are the most sought after when it comes to girlfriends, and all designs have Jorge Juan Jewellers jewelry of the highest quality.

These long earrings for brides come in different models, all of them wear bright, although not the central gem, since diamonds highlight the light of each jewel. This is the case of long earrings with sapphires or long coral earrings. Other models instead are designed entirely in gold with diamonds, and range from avant-garde models, such as earrings with bright modern to more classic, as long diamond earrings designs for brides.

Bridal earrings with pearls are also a classic in great demand at weddings because it fit perfectly with the white dress of the bride(formal dresses au). Jorge Juan designs Jewellers are mounted with sophisticated Australian pearls, which have a silvery white, with bright, giving it light and perfect whiteness to this piece of jewelry.

In such a special as your wedding day, where the details make the difference, earrings can be the icing to complement your wedding dress. So Jorge Juan Jewellers offers the most exclusive collection of earrings for brides crimped with diamonds, to shine like a diamond on that special day.

The 11 trends that you should follow if you dress the bride 2016


If you're a future bride and have doubt in your bridal choice, you should know that there are dresses for every taste, chords wedding day, night, civilians, by the church, in the countryside, on the beach ... and all styles, from the most romantic and traditional to the most bohemian and modern. These are the 11 trends you should follow if you dress this 2016 wedding, bridal fashion looks this season.



If there is a combination 2016 star this certainly is what bohemian hippie and spiced with romantic overtones. What's the score? The boho style, fashion designs also present at wedding where the fringes, guipure, lace and lace are responsible dress(formal dresses online) perfect for outdoor weddings models.

Vintage dresses


Oldest is fashionable. This is a fact. A trend also moved to bridal designs: vintage style, retro, with details of inherited lace, delicate lace and even brides changing the beig white color. This is a trend that I love for weddings that respond to slow wedding buzzword, ie, simple and austere weddings.

Effect tattoo


Daring and transguesora is this trend so so sexy. What effect wedding dresses tattoo (tattoo effect) act as a second skin. Strategic transparencies and embroidery, perfectly placed and adapt so that it seems that leaves the body. We see them on necklines, backs and complete models.

20's style


The Golden Years 20 and flapper aesthetic feature is also present in bridal gowns. Straight-cut designs and low hip, accompanied by details of feathers, beads, tassels, sequins, rhinestones embroidery ... perfect to be a real flapper.

Mermaid silhouette


Brides fleeing the classic princess cut in mermaid silhouette are your best ally. Straight-cut designs, able to make a pretty female silhouette in sober version if you choose a sleek model, or something more elaborate if you bet on the lace.

It takes tulle


The tulle is more present than ever in bridal fashion. This as soft tissue is seen in many garments street-style, and could not not be seen in romantic wedding dresses princess(Princess Formal Dresses) cut, where all the attention is given to the skirt of layers and layers of tulle, typical of a ballerina with spectacular volume.

Short dresses, again 50!


Back in time to settle in the 50s style Short models and inspiration lady like fifty is another bridal fashions of the moment. Body tight dresses, marked waist and midi skirt flight, a very feminine style, ideal to bet if you want to escape from the formalities of a church wedding.

Dressed in pocket


Wedding dresses with pockets add a touch more casual, urban and youthful to look. We see a lot of volume in skirts but there are also proposals with perfectly integrated pocket in the rest of the dress.



high collars and embroideries everywhere. So are the Victorian-style dresses, made of rich fabrics loaded on tiptoe, lace and transparencies, in order to become an ethereal and delicate bride.

Brides with pants


Brides who want to look different, risk and go for the comfort of your wedding day, many firms propose outfits with pants and even monkey. female and different, perfect to wear a cosmopolitan, modern look with a masculine touch while sensuous pieces. Ideal for a civil ceremony!

Like a princess


Yes, fear not! Despite these trends, the princess dresses are still being cut. If you are of traditional brides you like gaudy creations, skirts with lots of volume and long tail, in classic fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, mikado and muslin.

Effect tattoo and sea theme, Temperley London launches the collection A / W 2017


Effect tattoo, embroidered decorations and applied on coats, evening dresses and shirts by day with boyish style, ruffle cuffs and lace details. It looks like this Temperley London the new fall / winter 2017 collection.


About eccentric outfits walkways and elegant dresses with capes that surround a single color or with ultra-colored applications, coats inspired by the army green-gray and jackets that make a striking contrast with wide trousers and ankle.


The details that recall the figure of the jaguar together with gray and an "unexpected" green-yellow mix and style nautical themes, in addition to the layered tulle, embroideries and multicolored sequins make the clothes(sequin formal dresses) of Temperley collection wearer super chic, suitable for an evening but also to an afternoon cocktail.


Jerez recorded the highest number of divorces and separations since 2006

724 breaks in the city were handled during the past 2015, representing an increase of 10.5% over the previous year Most did consensually


Yes I want is becoming less for life, or so say the figures of the General Council of the Judiciary. In the city during 2015, there were 724 ruptures between divorces and separations. This fact is especially significant when compared with previous records, since a number of outcomes so remarkable is not pointing from the years before the crisis, particularly in 2006 when the number stood at 762. Specifically, compared to the previous year , ruptures have risen 10.5%. Interestingly, the number of outcomes declines as the year progresses, the highest being the first quarter (218), followed by the second (202), third (167) and fourth (137).

The balance of the General Council of the Judiciary difference also the type of break recorded at the Jerez judicial district. Thus, the number of divorces was consensual rose the most compared to 2014, standing at 350 compared to 317 the previous year, 10.4% more. We can say that is the largest number of divorces consensus around the historic retaining the judicial institution, which makes this study since 2004. In addition, also significantly raised the number of divorces without agreement, reaching 309 cases compared with 292 in 2015 .

Compared to the number of divorces, separations of both consensus and without agree- are very far from the first. As an example, in 2015 there were 38 separations without agreement in the city, 6 more than the previous year, while consensual separations were limited to 27, 7 more than throughout 2014.

As a significant fact, Jerez has not been a marriage annulment since last 2013. Specifically, in the historical published by the General Council of the Judiciary in the city alone there have been four, two in 2004, one in 2011 and the last 2013 .

Since last 2006, the trend in the city was down as to the couples breaks. So, it went from the figure of 762 divorces and breakups until 616 2012, since in 2013 there was a slight increase of 4 cases and in 2014 was increased by almost fifty. At the provincial level, divorces and separations of the city represent just over 17% of the territory. In total numbers, the province registered a total of 4,180 ruptures between divorces and separations in 2015.

Around the Andalusian region, the number of ruptures increased, although at a much lower than in the city, a scant 2.4% relationship. In total, divorces and breakups of the autonomous community went from 24,432 in 2014 to 25,021 last year. Failure to follow this trend the national data, which encrypts the breaks of the Spaniards during 2015 129,925 while the previous year were 133,441.

Day dresses and evening Signature White


Anxiously await the arrival of good weather, as it will be when we can enjoy the best fashion garments. One of them dresses are being protagonists of the collections and that is why if you already wear them think of nothing better than discovering dresses day and night White offers us.

It seems that in the new season will enjoy a very different styles. Starting from the basic colors for the evening, we arrive at the asymmetric touches and degraded for the day effects. A perfect combination we have summarized for you and you can not lose.

Day dresses that marked trend

Options for day dresses that the company proposes, we have a wide variety of styles. Great idea for any of us run out your ideal model. On the one hand, you can enjoy short dresses(short formal dresses) and seasonal colors such as pink or blue, going through the basics.


One of the most popular styles is the right dress. Thanks to him we can have very different looks and combine it with accessories that we need at this time. Both the high heels and the dancers will be perfect for such a model. Of course, the prints will not wait and that is, when spring, floral prints are always the first is trendsetter.

While geometric always they come stomping. Something similar happens with asymmetric makings in our dresses. It is a way to break with traditional ideas, creating a new concept of fashion and looks. With short sleeves, sleeveless or strapless ... Which of them would you choose ?.


It's a pretty complicated decision because here we have another great selection of day dresses. Lace, but forms a very important role in some evening dresses, White also integrates with your choice of day in a very subtle way and staying with the white color. Midi and maxi dresses The are two great ideas for this new season.

Midi dresses, cover the knees and a straight workmanship, always will be perfect to delineate our silhouette. With maxi, we will feel the freshness of the most delicate fabrics, subtle and beautiful prints. Also, remember that the gradient effect is still very present in our womenswear.

Evening dresses, young and elegant

Elegance and begins to show thanks to one of the basic colors par excellence. The black color is always synonymous with sophistication and in these models, we checked it out clearly. In any wardrobe should be a simple black dress and we will leave many looks, simply combining it with different accessories.


A tube dress in black will be one of our great ideas for the wardrobe. In addition, at this time sensuality blooms again with the spring and hence the openings in skirts are another of the great ideas to wear leg. The somewhat retro style can also be seen in a belled sleeves accompanying a dress Flared cut.


As we see, the black color can perfectly cover the most elegant dresses(elegant formal dresses) and suits or, left accompanied by another hue that always marks the luxury. The gold will also be essential for this time and this fashion collection. On the one hand it appears as a decorative detail of a straight and tight dress, as we can see it as a dress belt flared skirt.

We can not forget the neckline and shoulders slumped transparencies on day dresses and especially in the evening. we can get an idea of ​​what awaits us go ahead and choosing the one that go with our style.

The great return of the success of Valentino

After a period of nearly decline, returns with great success the fashion house Valentino, chosen by many actresses and celebrities.


The great fashion house Valentino has contributed largely to the history of Italian fashion, he saw a period of decline, so that the mark was no longer in vogue among young women of the new generations, and was economically at a loss. But according to the latest market analysis of the same house, it seems that sales have grown by 48 percent, reaching a figure of EUR 987 million. The fuse of rebirth, there was precisely in 2011 when the designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, have given way to the founder Valentino Garavani who has left the company, founded in 1959, and made sure that the fashion house Valentino returning in shine and win back a younger clientele, thanks to new and more current proposals in line with the new youth trends, brought by the two designers.

The latter, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were already in the company since 1999 had been hired to design the accessories line, but then after the retreat of the great Valentino Garavani, who took over the reins of the creative direction and they have been able to revive the brand, however, respecting the identity, modernizzandone style, and it relevant to contemporary tastes, proposing not only dresses the red carpet but also more urban outfits, always with the elegance typical of the fashion house, but also adapts to the life of all the days.

In fact, in addition to long evening dresses and the famous red, the real news that hit the audience were the Rockstud, the highly popular shoes with heels that are born on the basis of historical tango shoes that have been able to raise with the addition of studs metal, now become a real symbol. Last fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, under a high fashion tunic dresses and under the embroidered skirts and colorful prints, was precisely the Rockstud once again the stars of the show, the beloved shoes with studs.


In recent times, many young actresses and personalities from the entertainment world, have chosen by Valentino outfit, such as Olivia Wilde and Sunrise Coigney, wife of Mark Ruffalo, with the clothes of the new spring / summer 2016.

Olivia Wilde


Sunrise Coigney


Bride 2016, the Maison Lord Collection


The French laces give the 2016 bridal collection of Maison Lord a vintage touch to any outfit. The combination of the classic chantilly with macramé gives a particular dress lightly, gently drawing the female silhouette and thus enhancing the right spots, from the hips to the neckline. The cuts of the clothes are mostly slipped or siren, or adhesions on the hips and the bodice, although there are romantic proposals with wide skirt and sweetheart strapless bodice(wedding dress).

Very chic also proposed with a skirt to the knees, for those who love the short dress.