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Roma Sposa: all the news of 2016

January 25 ended the 2016 edition of Rome between bride and special invitations, new trends and services for the 4-legged friends, here is the news.


Star of the Fiera di Roma marriage, which at Roma Sposa is enriched with innovations and new trends for 2016 to be discovered. In a time, in fact, where old traditions are struggling to stay rooted, open new paths and horizons regarding invited, preparations and construction. Do not abandon the classic, however, the wedding dresses that not only do not disappoint, but are also completely hand like atelier Antonella Brides. Among the trendiest colors of 2016 light pink and mint green.

Among the most special service JustMarriedWithDog, allowing the couple to be among those invited their friend Fido, but only after careful and thorough preparation. The dog, in fact, participate in a course "premarital" which is trained not to disturb the guests, the experts and the bride and groom, turning it into a real guest educatissimo. Regarding preparations triumph marriage shabby chic and the need for a wedding planner is increasing the number of spouses looking between the two exhibition halls of a figure to help them organize the wedding so perfect.


As for hairstyles and beauty bride remain timeless two evergreen: the bun and the wedding dress mermaid, but both enriched with details mint green or Tiffany. Among the accessories is stable hat, big and wide as the princely marriages and fasteners floral, favorite style lovers bucolic. Faiths become super romantic with hearts of diamonds in and written romantic.

Wedding dresses 2016, Simone Marulli opens to the public its showroom


Saturday, January 23, the designer Simone Marulli present, the showroom in Milan Via Scarlatti, the collections of wedding dresses and formal dresses for 2016.


It is an event that was conceived as a real "wedding day", devoted not only to the clothes for the big day, but also to everything that revolves around the wedding: makeup, hairstyle, flowers and proposed construction the location.


Together with the designer Simone Marullo, who will present his public wedding dresses 2016, there will also be other industry experts wedding in all its forms that present, to present the latest trends pre marriages that will be celebrated this year. This will certainly be a special day for the bride, but also for mothers, bridesmaids and friends of the couple will be able to try on wedding dresses by designer and style and make-up done by professionals in the beauty industry who will take part to ' event.


Collection 2016 wedding dresses Armani


The collection of formal wear Armani for 2016 offers us every year as feminine creations and sophisticated models in different lengths and shapes to enhance any type of silhouette. The Italian fashion house has decided to award in its clothing line only the colors of the tip of the year, dark shades, light or sorbet applied to mini-dresses and long dresses that conquer at first sight.

Armani, vestments courts


In the wake of collections such as formal wear Elisabetta Franchi in 2016, Giorgio Armani also wanted in his proposal especially models short minidress often very original forms that are the heart of the line is that of summer and winter fashion house. The models for the cold season are planned mainly in dark colors, silk dresses(formal dresses) with pleated skirts short or midi completed by cutting a cut-out along the bodice and combined with boleros and fur vest.


Space also minidress with flared skirts in tones more intense as the red coral, but it is above all the Spring / Summer 2016 to invest in pastel shades, in the wake of collections such as vestments Ronald Joyce 2016. Pantone elected rose quartz and blue tones Serenity as reference 2016, not surprising then to see them appear on the catwalk of Armani: the brand has made beautiful minidress in these nuances with queues going on in the back and contrasting orange bands along the bodice, over strapless dresses with pastel fantasies equally chic.

Armani, vestments and long suit


Ever-present in the collection of the brand's formal wear long, models dedicated to opportunities particularly elegant and evening parties. The clothes are made from the finest chiffon and satin bodice with strapless or one shoulder, a shaded dark blue and red tulle petticoat sticking out of the bottom profile of the dress.



Models pastel dedicated to the warm months are declined in intense shades of coral, pink, blue, magenta, salmon and even more eccentric, dresses with high waist and applications jewel along the surface.



But Armani has always shown a penchant for complete style garçon and in particular to the suit. Space even in his latest collection with a coordinated cut blazer particular cigarette pants or building, but also a jewel with bustier jumpsuit very characteristic. I like the style of the collection of wedding dresses Armani for 2016?








Dress for a wedding: 5 rules you should know


Dress for a wedding is for many a difficult choice to make. With the heat comes, as swallows that pierce the sky spring weddings of friends(bridesmaid dresses), colleagues and runners who have the pleasure of spending, along with the people they deem appropriate, the most important day of their romance. From the delivery of the invitation, up to the date of the celebration, is a question that echoes in my head of every woman: what to wear?

Well, with small and simple tips, almost basic, you can show off a perfect look and, above all, can not look too humble or too excessive.

Here are 5 basic rules to learn to dress for a wedding.

The first priority when is the color: if the bride wears white, no guest will have to wear it. The second rule is: whatever the color that the bride wore, the choice of the dress will have to fall back on a different color.

That said, it must be clear on the role that plays in marriage: the witness or close relatives have the strictest rules of elegance to follow to honor the bride and groom. In this case, it is important to remember that the charm of a woman does not depend on how many trinkets wearing, but by being able to dry as much as possible the look to make it essential and pleasantly surprising. In this case, a pastel dress tailoring, combined with jewels beady and a stiletto (no plateau, please) may be the best solution. If guests without family ties of first instance or not witnesses, the choice can be a leader elegant and refined, but not too eccentric, such as a sheath. Color can be pastel or neutral and imagination can indulge themselves on accessories.

One important thing to remember are the shoes: to meet the couple, it is important not to pour the focus on footwear vulgar or provocative; the ideal solution, bearing in mind also the place where you hold the reception and ceremony, the shoes are simple and open, with a manicure (mandatory), that highlights the shape of your foot.

The jacket or scarf is a must if the dress(formal dresses online) is very low-cut or if the double function is held in a sacred place: this not only to meet the couple, but in reverence for the location in which you are located.

Finally, it is important to remember the outside temperature: if it is so hot, it is important to opt for a dress soft, voluminous, able to make the skin breathe.

The most popular wedding dress types


Whether sumptuous ball gown or a simple shift dress - Wedding dresses come in all shapes and styles. Since it may be difficult to find the right thing. FOCUS Online presents the most popular wedding dress types.

The Vintage Wedding Dresses A-line shape

Dresses in A-line shape, the classic among the wedding dresses. The upper part of the dress is cut slim and figure-hugging and usually sleeveless. The rock, however, is issued from the waist or hips and drops it like a A. The transition from top to rock runs seamlessly in these wedding dresses, so long, vertical cut lines are formed which make the bride look taller and slimmer. This wedding dress type can be made versatile with different corsets, skirts, materials, fabrics and embellishments.

Wedding dresses in the Empire style: pure elegance

The mark of a wedding dress in the Empire style is its high waistline directly below the bust. The skirt is slightly flared, falls in narrow and light wrinkles. This is particularly lighter fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, the stress down the river from the waist are. The sleeves of these dresses can be of different lengths, and bell sleeves or a sleeveless design fit for this fashion line. Wedding dresses in the Empire style are especially good for pregnant brides.

Duchesse Bridal Gowns for the fairytale wedding


Wedding dresses in duchess-section are essential for a true fairytale wedding. This kind of wedding dress is reminiscent of a typical princess ball gown, as for example the Austrian Empress Sissi has worn. Similarly to wedding dresses A-line shape(a-line wedding dresses), the upper part is cut narrow and close to the body, the skirt is from the waist or hips. However, He is sweeping and runs from bell-shaped. A worn underneath crinoline provides the necessary volume, a train completes the overall picture. For a little less pomp the princess dress, a less pronounced form of the Duchesse Bridal Dress is recommended. Here the rock vibrates not as bell-shaped.

Dresses with A-Line: simple and beautiful

Dresses with A-Line are based on short sheath dresses of the 60s. In the bridal wear but do not end up like her predecessor as a short dress at the height of the thigh, but simply fall or issued to the floor. The shape of this skirt dresses varies between A-line, Empire or bell shape. The upper part of the case-bride dress is tight and form-fitting and is sleeveless generally. Due to its simple elegance, the shift dress is particularly well suited for a civil ceremony.

Mermaid: wedding dress for sensual curves

The wedding dress of the flamboyant style is the dress in Merjungfrau style. In this section torso, hips and thighs are formed tightly and so emphasize the curves of the bride. The rock fans out from the knees or even lower by the body and is issued to the typical "Fishtail". This feminine wedding dress model is well suited for a very feminine figure. A similar dress type is the Godet wedding dress, which is also known as a trumpet. As with the mermaid it is cut tightly over his chest, waist and hip, but the skirt is issued as early as mid-thigh.

Delicate and dainty with slim-fitting wedding dresses

Slim wedding dresses, also called H-line, extending from the top to the skirt in a straight line. Similar to the shift dress, this kind of wedding dress is cut figure-hugging and narrow. The top has a deep-seated, rather loose waist seam, which can be additionally emphasized with a belt, the skirt is not issued and falls flowing down. Slim wedding dresses have a touch of style and can be worn with or without train. The H-line is well suited for beach or summer weddings.

For Creative: two-piece dresses

A wedding dress type that is gaining in popularity, is the two-parter. Such dresses are made up of an upper and lower part which are stand-alone pieces of clothing. Classically, it is in the bridal fashion to Corsage consisting of corset and skirt. Alternatively, the shell can also be combined with an elegant pants. Dresses which consist of two parts, also allow color combinations, for example, pastel shades. Here the imagination knows no boundaries.

How to become a real boho bride


Like the bohemian and hippie style? If you are looking how to get the best look boho bride read. The main keys of this style are simple: simplicity, naturalness, romance and femininity.

These are the four maxims of this kind that, ultimately, is one of the most sought after by brides. But keep in mind that if you choose to be a bride boho all wedding elements have to be in line with this choice. The environment must also be romantic and bucolic. You can choose to hold the wedding outdoors and you should use flowers for decoration, giving a rustic touch.

Dress. The boho bride moves over conventions opt for simple lines and always looking for comfort, sensuality and reflect the style of the bride(bridal gowns). Choose an attractive and romantic dress, with lace, gauze and transparencies to cause a soft and gentle movement in each step. However, you must show your personality so you can choose from a long, short dress and even pants. Another point to consider in the dress is back. To display's sensuality this style leave your back uncovered and surprises with a rear neckline.


The shoes. As already mentioned, this style is marked by the personality of the bride so as to shoes everything is permitted. From high boots, flat shoes heels until a girlfriend barefoot on the beach. The boho bride looking for comfort, so adapt your shoes to celebrate the wedding place.

The hair. One of the main features of the boho brides are flowers in the hair, but the final decision is always yours. You can wear a crown of flowers, a headdress, or even an updo hair down in some detail with flowers. The hairstyle should not be made because we seek naturally. Many brides choose a braid with interlaced flowers, although choice is only for brides with long hair.


Bouquet. The rustic style is one that combines better with the boho bride(bridesmaid dresses online). You can choose a bouquet of wild flowers or that you like, do not forget that this style is guided by freedom.


Jewelry. Note that the boho bride looking naturalness and simplicity, you can give an ethnic touch to your look with a necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings or bracelets on land or blue. Silver is the preferred material.

The best plus size dresses Forever 21


The so-called plus size dresses are the best choice for those who need a slightly larger size than those usually seen in some stores. It is true that more and more firms are introducing the variety of sizes so that all can achieve their best clothes without the need to spend more money or give up their personal style and taste.

Today we can already look a fashionable dress regardless of the size we have. Hence, we have made a selection of the best models that the company shows. Short dresses that start from the basic colors to show their best side in the form of very sensual colors and cuts and necklines also varied you can not miss.

Short and straight dresses

Although it has always been said that straight or tight dresses(evening dresses online) not fit women who were wider or plump, always will depend on the constitution of his body. It is true that we should never go with a dress too tight or appear to carry two sizes less. We must always choose our size and even at times, especially as this type of clothing, we can even be carried away by one more.


To continue setting our body but in a subtle way, large firms opt for delicate fabrics that fit though, will not make the effect seem wider than we are. A good resource is betting on the necklines, so the focus will be on them to cover other parts of our body. The neckline peak is always a good ally and neckline dropped shoulders, but it is not too pronounced.

On the other hand, one of the great resources in this type of plus size dresses are draped. Always gently and in the waist area, we will leave a cut dissimulate all this part. Furthermore, similarly, asymmetrical cuts in the part of the foot, will create an optical effect of lengthening the figure. Remember that it is also essential to opt for solid colors. As basic black is always a firm commitment, but can also be inspired by those favoring shades such as blue or red without remorse.

Evasé dresses and empire

For all women who prefer not to wear a dress so tight to the body, have the option of cutting flared dresses. These are models that have a top that it can go Fitted, leaving from the waist, the fabric a little copper volume. Always will be minimal for comfort, since it can not, give us the contrary touch to what we want and need.


Again we have many more models with bright colors. Red and blue are once again the protagonists of some dresses that always provide the most youthful touch to our look. All we can wear both during the day and for evening events. Of course we can always choose skirts that have a series of simple draped at the front, which provide volume but not within the flared itself.

Of course, we could not forget the empire dresses. They are those with a flowing and loose tissue, which makes no distinction between upper and lower suit. In this way, it is another of the cuts that we will always favor and that we will see more formal dresses. A selection of plus size dresses that can be found at affordable prices ranging from 18 euros to 30 or so.

So the wedding was Hanna, a member of Ha * Ash


After receiving the engagement ring a few months ago and in full interview, the time finally came. Hanna and Juan Carlos are now husband and wife! Yes, as you can see, the member of the duo Ha * Ash walked toward the altar to say yes, I agree in a ceremony by those present described as unique.


Well, there have been few details have been revealed, as the singer decided to hold the wedding(satin wedding dresses) in an intimate party held outside the capital on Saturday January 9, as reported by the broadcaster Sofia Sanchez, a special guest of the ceremony and great friend of the sisters.


Although the ceremony the press was not invited, were the faithful fans of the group who, through social networks revealed details of how the emotional moment of the ceremony was experienced. So much so that even the hashtag #CongratsMrAndMrsHerrera created on the occasion of the ceremony, managed to be placed as a trend for a few hours on Twitter.


The wedding made by surprise and outdoor (like Marimar Vega and Luis Ernesto Franco) began to be planned since last November when Juan Carlos Herrera, is declared as follows Hanna.


For now, the band has not offered further details, only one shot through his official account, where you look at Hanna in her wedding dress in the style for which it was decided reveals. A wedding dress draped body, halter style accompanied with a belt with gold. While the groom declined by a dark suit with silver.


It is known that Ashley was one of the bridesmaids, and according to rumors, was the interpreter next to Joy waltz with which the couple had their first dance as husband and wife.


Hopefully soon, the duo are encouraged to share details of the wedding. And for now, we leave the few details that have been shared.

Look Nina Dobrev: Sexy Max Azria and sumptuous in the Golden Globes After Party 2016!

Nina Dobrev was not present at the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2016! But fortunately, the former actress of The Vampire Diaries was presented at the InStyle party. Discover its sublime Max Azria dress!


As every year, the end of the Golden Globes ceremony involves the appearance of new parties. Celebrations FOX, Warner and InStyle magazine continue to celebrate the big event. For this 2016 edition, there were Nina Dobrev more sublime than ever. The former actress of The Vampire Diaries was invited to the InStyle party like most stars. Also in the game, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have obviously avoided this Nina Dobrev After Party Golden Globe 2016. Anyway, the beautiful brunette has attracted all the flashes of photographers. She could say thank you to her outfit very successful ultra glamorous! And for good reason, to shine, Nina Dobrev threw his sights on a signed Max Azria Atelier dress ...


Unlike Emilia Clarke that focused on a transparent cape dress at the Golden Globes 2016, Nina Dobrev adopted the trend flowers. In fact, Elena Gilbert the former interpreter slid in a pink dress with flower shaped embroideries. Skin-tight, room Max Azria Atelier ever married the slender silhouette of the former actress of The Vampire Diaries. And that was not all, the dress features a train had semi-transparent inserts nude colors. Both say that Nina Dobrev was absolutely divine in this evening dress for the Golden Globes After Party 2016. In addition to the already sumptuous dress, fashionista provided himself Anne Sisteron jewelry and then a pair of shod heel sandals Gianvito Rossi. Not forgetting his wallet Yliana Yepez! What a beauty ! It validates holding Nina Dobrev?


A unique know-how. Maryse designs and manufactures wedding dresses in Ons-en-Bray

It is in a quiet studio near her home Maryse puts its expertise to contribute brides. At home, choosing everything from the fabric to the shape of the perfect dress.


It's in his small workshop next to her home, Maryse Stoj transforms princess wedding dresses fabrics. It answers the dreams of brides fully creating the dress for the big day. Expertise 25 years, it brings the benefit of women.

"I worked for Lolita Lempicka"

"I've always loved it since I was little I wanted to create wedding dresses" said Maryse. "I first made a sewing school in the North of France and then I worked at the chain in a sewing workshop in Beauvais." Gradually, Maryse will specialize in dresses. A Beauvais, her colleague the form at the seam. The dresses are sent to Paris and manufactured entirely by hand.

Maryse will evolve as a seamstress, she will work in the shop and receive training vendor.

"When I lost my job, I thought about what I wanted to do. I wanted to throw me a long time but I did not dare. I did not know if it would work. "

For 4 years, Maryse manufactures custom wedding dresses. "The hardest was to become known."

Inimitable mastery

Today, brides come knocking at his door. She arrived with pictures, details of dresses. "They show me what they like. I propose fabrics, models, samples, I make a sketch, a quotation and go. Bespoke does not cost more, it depends fabrics that are chosen, "said Maryse. In his studio, just Calais lace and tulle, silk, tissue Lyon. The dresses are designed according to the budget and the desire of the bride.

Back From Santa with love, shows for brides and grooms


Saturday 30 and Sunday, January 31, 2016 back From Santa With Love, the fair for prospective spouses of Santa Margherita Ligure: 14 activities, 14 professionals of Tigullio, will welcome visitors in the enchanted setting of the sixteenth-century castle overlooking the marina of the Pearl of the Tigullio.

The event, sponsored by the city, is in its second year after the onset of last year, marked by a great number of visitors and the birth of a strong team spirit among the organizers. Who have decided, therefore, to repeat the initiative by offering the city a glamorous appointment in a period of low season.

Wedding and party favors(wedding gowns), coiffeur, maritime connections with ferries and excursions, photographic service, goldsmiths, the most exclusive locations, classical music and entertainment for ceremonies, chauffeur services, investments, cakes and pastries, shooting video, floral decorations, travel. Information will be multiple opportunities for those who are planning the best day of his life, as well as numerous entertainment opportunities for those who want to spend an hour different from the usual.

"Peace and security" Rose quartz, fashion color Pantone 2016

Along with the blue serenity it has been named color of the year by the prestigious institute.

"It is a serene color dusk, blushing cheeks, a flower that has just been born."


Stylists and designers from around the world anxiously awaited the decision of the Pantone Institute on what would be the color of the new year. And Pantone has spoken: the number 13-1520, ie, rose quartz, is the key that will be in 2016.

But it is not the only voice that is present in their choice; first, the company has opted colors by mixing two colors (pink quartz Blue Serenity). The reason, according to Pantone, is that consumers are looking for "wellness as the antidote to the stress of today" and it was necessary to choose colors that produce a feeling of "peace and security". Comparing pink with a "warm embrace" and blue with "freshness". In the words of Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the institute, rose quartz "it is the color of a serene dusk, blushing cheeks, a flower that has just been born."

The major fashion houses and the most elegant celebrities have used this tonalidadad for their parades and put long. We have seen a dramatic Jennifer Lawrence collect an Oscar in 2013 with Dior dress(cocktail dresses online) in this tone, and Queen Letizia has used it for more than an official event.

The stylist Ana Capel reconone celebrities who use this color to red carpets in the coming months: "I especially like the rose quartz because it reminds me colred flowers, pink cheeks, definitely good vibes."

In the new era of fashion and trends pink it is no longer an exclusively female color: the prestigious British label E. Tautz opened his spring-summer 2016 collection with rose quartz as a banner for coats, shirts and belts for men, giving more sober delicacy in male outfits, playing with the concept of androgynous menswear that dominates European and American gateways.

The color of the red carpet

How and what to combine rose quartz? The answer is simple: almost everything. For fashion gurus, it is a color that works for any occasion for its luminosity. Sara Long stylist emphasizes that, in face of the spring, is well matched with white, beige tones and if you want to give more strength to a risky look with black. The gray days of this season are over thanks to these combinations: "It's a color that in the past two years leads tendency Famous as being frequently used in recent seasons for the red carpet or party dresses.".

Capel opts with a combination of red and pink with fuchsia pink, in addition to soft colors like pastels: "I like both women with lighter skin tones and brown skin María León or as Imma Cuesta" he says.

Long recognized as rose quartz has been used to "day celebrations" (the classic BBC: 'wedding-baptism-communion') but increasingly begins to wear for evening dresses(evening dresses online) and accessories such as handbags. It also warns that you can not wear this color with bright colors "like orange or yellow". At the end of the day, the rose has its limits in fashion.

Another strong point of this color is the makeup and cosmetics: skin combined with a clear and neutral colors can give birth to any face, but should not use too much not to fall into the styling Barbie.

Reactions to the announcement was not long in coming, and fast fashion brands of our country have been the batteries. Chains like Zara or H & M already have good clothes to dominate the sales prices have started yesterday.

A difficult decision

How do you choose which is the Pantone color of the year? Despite criticism of its arbitrariness, the company argues that the choice is the result of a heated debate among more than 40 experts from around the world that focus on social trends find time to hit the mark. Cinema, music and even serve as influence the economy.

Still, experts Pantone Institute may err in their predictions, and the color of the year is not transferred to the street. The marsala (whose name comes from a Tuscan wine) Color elected king last year, conquered part of trend scouts, but the radiant purple orchid of 2014 did not convince in parades or on the streets. We must wait until the end of the year to ensure that the precious mineral wears the clothes and accessories of this 2016.

World spouses, in Palermo for the fair on the day of the 'yes'


The Mediterranean Exhibition for three days dedicated to the world of the couple. It is called "Wedding World" event organized by Medifiere on days 8, 9 and 10 January in Hall 20 of the Exhibition of the Mediterranean, and will be presenting the latest trends of the new year in terms of ceremonies and weddings.

Companies specializing in the field of wedding the bride(plus size wedding dresses) and groom will offer a comprehensive overview of current and all they need for their special day. They will be presented in preview the new collections and the latest trends tailoring trend.

Among the stands you can admire the wedding dresses and groom the most beautiful, but also formal wear for the guests, floral decorations, make-up and hairstyles, wedding favors and investments, location for the reception, photography and video, wedding rings and jewelry, all services for the newlyweds. And more complex artistic and musical, car rentals latest fashion or vintage, and travel agents who will offer the best destinations for the long-awaited honeymoon.

The couple will benefit from the experience and professionalism of many wedding planners who will guide young people in the right choices.

And next to the exhibition areas, they will be set up spaces dedicated to fashion shows of wedding dresses and formal dresses with particular reference to the valuation of the tailors. Side events with a series of events, exhibitions and events related to the vast world that revolves around the event "marriage".

The big wedding trend in 2016!

To save you countless hassles in the preparation of your wedding, here are exclusive trends of the year.

The wedding dress. It is clear that the bustier heyday is coming to an end, and to integrate the elite fashion married in 2016, you are invited to wear light lace, transparency, an elegant halter neckline .. . For this year, the nude is honored!

What a place for my wedding? The holding is chosen, but you will not sit with your filmy dress in a hangar to accommodate your guests. Though. Atypical places have coast in 2016! Whether a disused factory or original loft, the trend has shifted to wedding frame. The decor, the same themes are found only for the dress: Remember rococo baroque, opt for something very sleek, even crude: simple branches of thyme or lavender make their small effect, believe us! That said, these are not three sprigs of thyme, which will be sufficient to satisfy the guests.

The puzzle of the menu ... Between the aunt who can not stand meat, brother in law who does not like fish and vegetarian witness, you just want to stick a green salad for everyone. But do not worry! Today, everything is simple: dinner turns into a cocktail party where everyone will find his account. Add to this small thematic bars - soup bar, sweets, ice creams ... and everyone will be happy! And the day after the wedding, bet again on the Food Truck: in addition to being THE trend that will continue to prevail in 2016, it is inexpensive (10-15 euros per guest) and can be customized to desire for a surprising result.

Wedding animations. You have lots of things to deal with before and during the big day, and you do not get bored ... but it certainly must still consider entertain your guests who do not perhaps attach the same importance to you count petit fours. In the top déclinables and simple animations to infinity: The Photobooth - an offbeat pictures area for guests, with all kinds of accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches ...). Put a tripod to them and let them express their creativity - or refinement.

And budget in? The good news is that if like most brides and grooms, you are already living in couples, farewell wedding list with delicate dishes and the food processor, and welcome to participatory wedding where your guests will invest to offer your hairstyle The DJ or costume sir.

Real wedding: the fairytale wedding in Sicily mood "Provence"

The staging of the wedding was in shades of white and taupe


We are in Sicily, within the territory of Castellammare del Golfo in Trapani where Julia and Michael have decided to set their wedding(bridesmaid dresses) in the picturesque trap of Scopello. The direction of the wedding was performed by the wedding planner Alessia Santa White Emotion. The couple adopted Milan, but currently residing in Dubai for professional reasons he chose this magical place because it is their paradise, discovered by accident during a holiday.


Marriage, mood shabby chic in shades of white and gray, was celebrated on October 2 in a church garden followed by the reception in the trap. The venue was decorated with flowers gypsophila juxtaposed with leaves of prickly pear, olive and herbs that exalted style "Provence" of the wedding. For the appetizer was created by setting "village festival" with stalls theme (dairy, fish, butchers, street food) expertly interpreted by the catering with the rich flavors of Sicily as well as after dinner with corners dedicated to the granita , beverages (inside the inn) and finally to the bakery with tasting chocolate Modica.


Everything is designed to make the special event: the candy (a bag of jute and lace) used by each guest as a "memory bag" to fill with oregano, salt of Trapani and Sicilian sweets to the cards with addresses Scopello the guests who were sent by the couple after the wedding(wedding dress) as a souvenir of an unforgettable day.



Short party dresses with big discounts


Although they have already passed key day of this time, we still have Kings Day and every night they desire us to wear short dresses for a party like that Asos shows. It is true that as day one that is sure you will be tired of so many parties, so it's a good time to rest and have a look at what follows.

Although the sales period still has not started itself, there are many shops that already have large discounts. Thus, as we can get that dress that you had his eye or perhaps make a nice gift. Anyway ... the best short dresses are here to party !.

Prom dresses with pencil skirt

When we think short dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is the shape thereof. Surely there is one of which we can not escape so easily and it always sets the trend. This is called skirt tube or pencil. A skirt that has a style close to the body and gird your curves so that you look more feminine yet. Are you thinking ?, As prices blue will be yours for 20.59 euros and 11.76 euros for mustard.


It is a kind of skirt that always tends to favor, because it will have more cuts to fit all body types. For one, you can choose the stretch fabrics that adapt as a glove. Of course, if you prefer a little hide certain details of your body, then let it be a slightly thicker fabric who complete your dress.

The surround effect will also leave us the originality and the special touch to our look at 33 euros. Something that also bring us closely necklines. The peak neckline helps us hide this upper area, but we can also opt for the classic year just ended and stoop-shouldered neckline. For the most simple and discrete parties, nothing like letting us fooled by a dress-shirt.


Which they carry the style and craftsmanship are all those short dresses that come up to the knee, but also have a perfect place to lengthen the silhouette and is about those with a slightly longer skirt model. A more sophisticated style of around 50 euros and they are perfect to accompany with high heels and a small bag or purse.

Short dresses with flared skirt

The flight volume is the protagonist of this series of short dresses for party(evening dresses). This flared skirt or skate refers to a short skirt is not attached to the body, but takes its volume starting from the waist area. With a flick or a series of folds, we can see in Asos dresses.


Yes, always they will be well accompanied by the details that will make some dresses like them more special. On one side are those who transparencies as an embroidery and lace, grant us good taste, although we can not forget the back necklines. You would not know live without them !. A subtle way to add more sensuality to every garment for about 23 and 26 euros.


For this type of clothing, fabrics like chiffon usually have more prominence. It is a very simple tissue and that lends itself to seize this volume that we mentioned earlier. Again you can choose all kinds of necklines, from the most subtle and simple to the more daring. We can not forget that besides all makes and colors, these dresses come with a great price. A perfect way to bring the best clothes at the same time we saved a few euros.