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Men and women, Teresa and Savior: marriage seems near


Teresa and Savior marry?

Let's talk about Teresa and Cilia Salvatore Di Carlo, the couple who has thrilled audiences for Men and Women at the beginning and then to Temptation Island. The two celebrated, recently, the first ten months of their love. A love that continues doing well with Teresa and Savior increasingly well together and inseparable in their new life in Rome. Yet it seems that the news does not end here, in fact. The marriage between Teresa and Cilia Salvatore Di Carlo approach seems striding.

Teresa and Savior: the clue leads to marriage.


It is no mystery that Teresa and Cilia Salvatore Di Carlo dream of marriage. Several clues come during these ten months, but now a new one arrives. It 'the same Teresa to tease the curiosity of fans on social networks. "Where are we? Good evening to all, "he writes former tronista Sicilian and adds a photo of her and Savior, in the foreground, a white dress. They are checked out to wedding ceremony? Many comments seeking confirmation: "You married?", "Wedding", "Marriage in sight", "Soon spouses". Provided, however, by Teresavvo who prefer to maintain an aura of mystery.

Teresa and Salvatore soon married?


Teresa and Cilia Salvatore Di Carlo are ready to become husband and wife? The clues seem to confirm this. Although, certainly, the shot does not go back to the choice of the wedding dress for her, given the presence of her boyfriend. We will see what will happen and that surprises the two have in reserve for their admirers.

New shapes and geometries thanks to wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016

Tired of the classic lines and traditional? Coming for you the wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016!


A 2016 full of surprises and new, especially in the bridal industry, for all those who have decided to get married. For brides from the soul more extravagant, there's the wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016, lines less conventional and more exuberant, perfect to highlight your legs and make the woman more feminine and sensual. There are several designers who have dedicated some models of their collections for next year in this particular genre, you discover with us who they are!




Among the wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016, those YolanCris are undoubtedly among the most romantic and promaverili. The most representative model of this series is made in beautiful fabrics of organza and tulle that, put together, they create games of see-through their soft movements throughout the body, completed finally by floral inserts on the entire dress. Increasingly YolanCris is the asymmetrical pattern short at the front, leaving the legs in plain sight, with a train back, a style with cleaner cut but just as stylish.

Ines di Santo



Astounds however, among the wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016 presented the latest shows, one drawn and signed by Ines di Santo. Pleated skirt embroidered, cut short at the front which leaves uncovered the legs, and continues in a single design in the tail / rear trailing gown. The wavy patterns apparel along with the applications of beads and embroidery on the bodice and straps, make this head a set of absolute elegance and beauty, all to admire.

Pnina Tornai



Pnina I went instead seeks to pay tribute to the woman and her generous shapes thanks to the style that recalls the mermaid cut of her dress, asymmetric front that leaves bare legs. Lace decorations by floral themes surrounding the skirt of the dress, while the upper part looks like a bodice with sweetheart neckline. Other asymmetric dress the designer herself instead, seems to have been designed for a modern princess, thanks to cuts in the skirt and transparencies tissue.

Rosa Clara heme and heme



Wedding gown with illusion neckline for Rosa Clara with short skirt covered with trailing skirts in tulle embroidered lace, stopped at the waist by a thick white belt and modern, traditional and modern at the same time, a true feast for the eyes of those who can admire . Short dress asymmetrical, fully embroidered and complemented by, short veil, gloves and belt for EME EME, elegant and sophisticated.

Nicole Brides


Among the models of wedding dresses asymmetrical 2016, there are those of Nicole Brides. In particular, it does not go unnoticed the magnificent white dress, slightly short on the front that reveals part of the legs and carattezzato from soft and light ruffles. Perfect for the bride who does not want to give up her to be modern but that is both romantic and sentimental.


These are just some examples of the asymmetric models presented the latest fashion shows in Barcelona, ​​New York and Milan, for the collections, 2016. In addition to the special geometric cuts, also inserts were an carraterizzante, especially floral themes and applications stones and jewelry, can transform any outfit into a beautiful object of desire.

Organize your marriage in 2016

The show dedicated to marriage took place in November in Geneva. It was you and deciphers wedding trends. No. 2: The organization of marriage


The Wedding Fair was held in Geneva in November 2015. The program includes a bridal procession on Latin tunes to tango and salsa interludes and a worthy final show of the Rio Carnival with Brazilian dancers costumes and to the support. But that's not all, exhibitors of all kinds were on hand to ensure a top wedding colors.

Wedding trends

For you, it was paraded from one stand to the other in order to know all the news Wedding level. Here is the information we have unearthed:

No. 2: The organization of marriage

In our saga dedicated to the wedding fair, our first episode was dedicated to wedding dresses. Let us now to all organizational characteristics of marriage (and we can say that there is a job!)

The guests

At present, there is very intimate weddings: the couple prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. So the guest list tends to decline to receive less but better.

A wedding planer

This concept came straight from the United States begins to attract more and more in Europe. The reason? Married wish above all enjoy their marriage and prefer to delegate the organization to avoid head shots. Mary's Wedding Farjon Riviera is one of those fairy marriage. With his wand, it can even organize a wedding abroad. But that's not all: thanks to it, you can get special rates with certain providers. But to afford the services of a wedding planer is it a luxury? Mary's response Farjon: "Many people think that this is an unnecessary expense, but in reality it saves time and money."

The animation

Increasingly, to offer its guests a memorable union, it uses animation services. For example, cocktails stalls with bartenders who juggle with fire or magicians. The company "Switch Vibration Night Concept" is the guarantor of this type of service that extends from the artistic lighting and the sound of space to dine and dance floor. They even offer equipment available such as spotlights. Their advice: if we did not really budget Aboard few bright spots which can customize light with a mobile app and voila!

What people ask them the most: live orchestras for cocktails and a DJ for dancing.

The period

While weddings are accustomed to bloom in spring and summer, the trend might be reversed. Many married now decide to get married in winter under the spell of snowflakes. This time of year is less constrained in terms of dates and is also more advantageous financially.


The new trend on the honeymoon is not so much in the choice of destination. But in the special wedding list honeymoon that married make available to guests. The travel agency "Stohler Tour 'we met such offers to married to open a wedding list at home. Thus, guests contact the agency directly and married do not have to do it. The agency even offers 5% of the amounts collected to married. Among the destinations offered by this agency, Polynesia comes top of the list but the general trend is to authorize a trip that we can not afford in normal times. So we flew to paradisiacal places such as Mauritius, Seychelles or the Maldives.

I choose what material for my wedding dress?

Your wedding dress is not just a garment. She is the symbol of new life. Hence the importance of the choice of fabric. And when you think of style and form, you must not forget to give utmost importance to the choice of material. This is often through her that passes elegance.


What matters for a summer wedding dress?

Dress lightly bride, punctuated by pristine white or colored buttons, fabrics are the summer air. Become bare shoulders, necklines are a bit more pronounced this season. We find essential materials like silk.

A wild silk wedding dress

Raw silk or silk taffeta to wear summer and winter. With timeless materials, it is the shape of the dress that sets the tone. In winter, add accessories like a small court mantle, a light shawl to warm but covering most cautious.

A cotton wedding dress

Worked dive or honeycomb or by how rumpled taffeta, cotton still inspires designers. It is fresh, young and pure, a very romantic simplicity. Even the shawl can be crafted in cotton if it is particularly light.

Linen wedding dress

Used much like cotton, it has a natural wrinkled. If you like linen but less comfort the inevitable wrinkling, prefer it mixed with a small percentage of synthetic material that will give it a little more body. It is a very fashionable material, which will be accompanied by a country wedding or country. Indeed, less often white as cotton, it has a very natural connotation.

Which material for a winter wedding dress?

Crafted in rich fabrics you wear winter outfits with as much pleasure as the summer wedding dresses. The designers play with fabrics to match the season without turning them heavy and uncomfortable outfits. Freedom of movement is as always their concern.

A velvet wedding dress

Some designers put in the spotlight this material which bears only the coldest season. Extremely rich and sweet, it will give a very couture look to your wedding dress. Often available in deaf and warm colors like plum or simply used for a shawl or small coat, it is ideal for outfits a day. Also very refined on the wrists to finish a long run.

A damask wedding dress

Often reserved for winter dresses for its rich appearance, it brings elegance and keeping to simple dresses. The choice of Damask is essential because the grounds are very visible and play with contrasts. Bright, damask does not appear in the same light by time. It may also choose for a wedding season back in September when autumn is not far off.

And the others…

Organza, lace, lace, organza, gazar, satin and beautiful embroidery are unavoidable summer and winter. At each of varying shapes and accessories to do rather lean towards one or the other of the seasons!

How to choose a wedding dress for pregnant women?


Show pregnancy well advanced on her wedding day no longer shocks. Funky, motherhood even doing quite well and find a dress suitable forms of future mother is no longer mission impossible. So no question of camouflage your small can or arriving breathless, the edgy nerves and defeat mine.

1.An outfit for two


Without trying to hide your tummy at all costs, avoid certain forms unsuitable for your state: the marked sizes, ruffles, ribbons and frilly dresses Sissi. Prefer fluid shapes, sizes or high style dresses "Empire" marked below the chest. Graze without casting with light materials: organza, chiffon, cotton. Invest in a good bra to your new size and wide straps to prevent marks.


Question color even set: simplicity. Although the flowers are trendy, beware of taking too full effects. Rather Play with accessories: a hat or a pair of gloves.


Do not go perch on pumps or heels that accentuate pain in the kidneys. Your center of gravity has shifted and your ligaments are more flexible during pregnancy. Also avoid mules take the wrong foot. Light canvas shoes with kitten heels but not too flat, not the arch collapses, will suit perfectly.

2.Measures and customized


The main challenge is to anticipate the size and shape that will take your body during these months. Purchased as late as possible, by providing broad, you can treat yourself to a traditional flowing dress (chiffon or organza for example).

Custom made

Ideally, for a unique dress and perfectly fit your anatomy, is to provide the measure. Some designers propose a model "Special pregnant women" whose final assembly is done at the last moment. Others will realize all your dreams by adapting many of their models. It takes at least four fittings. Final adjustments take place one or two weeks before the big day

3.Forms and form

To get relaxed ...

Be Pampered. There are now courses of prenatal spa to unwind and stay fit (in Deauville, Oléron, La Baule and Saint-Malo ...). Closer to home, treat yourself to a massage in a salon, do water aerobics.

Even simpler, regularly perform some moves home after a hot bath:

- To soften the ligaments: put yourself legged on the floor, back straight, soles of feet in contact before you. Breathing deeply, slowly bring the legs toward the body by relaxing the hips and spine.

- To breathe well: an original Zulu exercise is to completely fill the lungs with three consecutive breaths and exhale in one long breath to expel negative thoughts.

- To alleviate legs: massage them as soon as the need is felt with a mixture of two drops of geranium oil and lemon oil mixed with sweet almond oil, or with a suitable product .

- For the back: do the crocodile! Lie on your back, spread your legs and bend your knees. Inhale then exhale knees down one side and the head of the other then reverse. The feet remain in contact with the ground.

Last minute

To aid sleep, take the night before the wedding a few drops of chamomile flower essence in water.

4.A beautiful future mom

For the big day, put your new assets worth: your neck, your arms and legs if they remained thin. Under the action of hormones, your hair has never been so beautiful, enjoy it. In Africa, pregnant women do not nattent their hair not to symbolically tie the cord!

If you are a little too round, nothing prevents you from cheating a bit with the hairstyle or makeup. Degraded or more wisps in a bun waterfall lengthen the face. A dull complexion and gold will make you look thinner. Finally, stretch your blush at the temples rather than the cheekbones, ask eyeshadow V, not a halo not eyebrows.


Perspiration increases during pregnancy. Always have on hand a fogger, prefer natural materials such as cotton or linen, and at the last moment, rub your hands camphor alcohol.

Hairstyles marriage: which to choose with the veil?

That's what idea of ​​wedding hairstyles to fix your hair well of the bride with the veil. Whether long, short, low or diadem, follow our advice.

The ideas of wedding hairstyles are endless, but sometimes the accessories can complicate things. The veil is one of the most important of your wedding, one of the very symbols of the wedding. Everything, then, must be chosen to perfection to make sure that the result let everyone (but especially the groom) speechless!

How to choose the right film (and that will suit most hairstyles marriage)?

This choice must be made depending on the wedding dress, hairstyle and of course, it must take into account the shape of your face.

The veil is the traditional and timeless accessory of marriage. You'll find it in tulle, lace or organza. It carried short, medium length or long, in general, is in perfect harmony with a chignon, high, low or soft.

The veil should be the same color as your dress. If the latter is very load, choose a simple veil. Or, conversely, if the dress is simple you can afford to have a veil over the original and processed.

What hairstyles choose marriage with my veil?

For a classic style, choose the traditional high chignon. The veil must be fixed in the base point of the chignon. Quest'acconciatura will give a vintage and elegant. The powdered form along a cascade down her back and adds sweetness to your silhouette.

The loose hair, dropped shoulders or semi-collected with good waves, agree with the veil of any length, although the general rule is to always wear a veil over their long hair.

The veils are best suited to short silhouette minute and are usually brought under the low bun as an accessory.

If you have a round face, the veil longer, combined with clothes and hairstyles that emphasize the silhouette, are the most appropriate. Conversely, veils and voluminous hairstyles are best suited to the small faces.

But remember, the longer veils are also the most heavy to carry!